Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

Have I mentioned that October is my favorite month? Only in the last few posts? I have a secret though, as much as I LOVE October I am a little glad it is over. It was a crazy busy month and man did I need the weekend to recover. I am so looking forward to November being a low key month before the craziness goes into full force in December. :) My mom is coming next week and staying until Christmas. I am SO EXCITED! I have an awesome trip for us planned up North the week of Thanksgiving. Clinton is out of town so Mom, Aidan, and I have reservations at a seaside Bed and Breakfast in a sleepy little town. We have reservations for Thanksgiving dinner at an awesome restaurant.  A few days of nothing but down time. Ahhhh......

Halloween was awesome as usual. I dressed up at school as a kitty to match the lil munchkin I work with as her one on one assistant. Halloween night I was Princess Leia to match Aidans Darth Vader. Several of us met up at friends house. We did a potluck dinner, had some arts, crafts, and games for kiddos and then we all went trick or treating together. Our neighborhood is always a zoo on Halloween night and there is a lot of excitement. However, we had a good time with our friends.

This is what I left out for trick or treaters. There were 150 lollipops and about 75 glow in the dark bracelets. We came home to an empty pumpkin and a missing container. :( Did I mention our neighborhood is a zoo. We probably had about 300 trick or treaters. There was a haunted house a couple of houses down so it could have very well been more.
 For our potluck I brought bloody bandaids and pukin pumpkin guacamole.
 The bloody bandaids are graham crackers, icing, and strawberry jam. :)
 Getting ready to head out trick or treating.
 Princess Leia and Darth Vader.
 Doing some crafts before trick or treating.
 Our little group hat went trick or treating.
 The 2 darth vaders. This picture cracks me up. Diego is being all Rico Sauve while Aidan is just doing his "Aidan thing" and being goofy.
I had Aidans parent/teacher conference on Thursday. He is doing great with the exception of the area of attention and gross motor. No surprises there. I have pretty frequent contact with his teachers so most of the info I already new. He is really excelling at reading and math and really loves the life skills area. He is a great helper in the class and is very social. The teachers said that he is kind of the "class hero" and if anyone has any questions they say " go ask aidan". lol. The teachers said that he is "beyond his years" in many areas.  We mostly traded "funny things Aidan has done" stories. I am glad that he makes his teachers smile as much as he does me.