Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Pics!

We got back yesterday from Pigeon Forge where we celebrated Aidan's birthday. We had such a GREAT time! We got there Sunday evening and went to a Dinner/Theatre at the Dixie Stampede. It is a live show with horses. Aidan LOVED it! OK maybe he loved the first 30 minutes and then was done but he loved it nonetheless. We took him back in November and he was way more into the show this time. We then checked into our FUN hotel - The Inn at Christmas Place. So you thought Santa lived at the North Pole? WRONG! he lives at Pigeon Forge. He He. I LOVED this hotel. The entire hotel is decorated for Christmas ALL THE TIME, including our room. Once we got settled in we let Aidan open a few gifts and then took him swimming. FUN! The next morning ( his actual birthday) Aidan got to see "Santa Cwas" at breakfast. FUN! Did I mention that this place was FUN? After breakfast we hit Dollywood for a couple of hours then brought Aidan home to take a nap. When he woke up we gave him his cake. This was probably his favorite part of the day. He got soooo excited when he saw it that he ran right over and blew out his "2" candle. Next we had dinner at the Flying Horse Cafe. A cool little restaurant that has its own merry go round and Aidan got yet another cake! After dinner we went back to Dollywood and Aidan got to ride some rides for the first time sans Mama. He looked like such a big boy! We finished up Dollywood by letting Aidan play in the water sprayer. He probably played there for an hour and had a GREAT time. FUN TIMES! We made some AWESOME memories that I will cherish FOREVER!

outside Dixie Stampede
Waiting for the show to start. Did I mention that Aidan is NOT good at waiting.

opening a gift in our room
yeah swim time!

Aidan showing "his muscles"

The boy LOVES the water

Seeing "Santa Cwas". How many kids can say they sat on Santa's knee on their birthday in JULY?

Lobby of our hotel

outside our hotel in the day.....

and night.

Aidan seeing his cake for the first time. Sooo excited!

He was so cute. He used his 2 candle as a fork and ate his cake that way.

Aidan threw his 2 candle down and then said " oh no number 2"! mom just happened to take a pic at that time.

Eating dinner at the Flying Horse.

Cake number 3 for this birthday ( and still one to come)

Riding the pigs solo!

Look how proud he looks!

The bees. He wasnt to sure about this one. It went up in the air.

Playing in the water sprayer.

Closing down Dollywood on his birthday. He got so wet playing in the water that I had to change his clothes and the only thing I had were his swim trunks.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strep Throat and fly superman fly!

Aidan is feeling better and has been fever free for 2 days how. However, today I got a call from his doctor saying that his strep culture came back positive. The quick one they did in the office came back negative, but the 2 day one came back positive. I am happy to at least know what was wrong with the little bug. The bad news is that 1. the nurse said he would be considered contagious until 24 hours after his first dose of antibiotics. Can I say I have been lovin' all over the little peanut and I pray mom and I dont end up with it. 2. I gave him his first dose of antibiotic tonight and he had an allergic reaction. His entire body broke out in a rash. I will be calling the doctor in the morning for a new perscription.
The above pics were taken last week. Aidan has a pair of Superman pajamas that has an attachable cape. He likes to put on the cape and "fly" around the house.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I guess it is a virus?

It is day 4 of Aidan being under the weather. I took him to the doctor yesterday. The doctor ruled out urinary tract infection, ear infection, and strep throat ( he tested for this becuase he found blisters on his soft palate).The doc said it was a virus. I get the feeling that doctors say this when they dont know what the heck is wrong which is sooo frustrating. When Aidan runs a fever he really runs a fever. It only got up to 104 this time compared to 106 when he got sick in February. It just does not seem normal for a child to run a fever so high ( although the doc assured me it was) and for an almost 2 year old to complain about their back hurting. Although Aidans fever did not get very high last night , it was still a rough one. Today he has hardly had a fever at all but has been very cranky ( maybe because he slept so poorly). I am thinking he is on the mend now but we will see how he does tonight.

I was very proud of Aidan at the doctors yesterday. He had to go pee pee on the potty so they could get a urine sample. He did a great job and was showered in stickers from the nurse. He also did a great job tolerating the throat swab.

I am praying that Aidan gets better before this weekend. Mom and I are taking him to Pigeon Forge for his actual birthday ( Aidan not only gets a birthDAY but a birthmonth - or make that 2 months- his dad and I will be taking him to Disney next month). We are going to be staying at the Christmas Inn at Pigeon Forge which is decorated for Christmas 24/7. Our plan is to go to the Dixie Stampede for a dinner show on Sunday and go to Dollywood on Monday ( his birthday). Im sure it will be a blast. Going away will mean that Annabelle will have to be boarded ( shock) for only the second time in her life. I found a really cool place called Camp Ruff n More. The dogs get to run around and play with the other dogs. I am taking her in tomorrow for our free day care session so I can see how she likes it. I am sure that she will HATE it because she is really not into other dogs because she thinks she is human LOL. Maybe some human will take pity on her and shower her with attention- that she would LOVE!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

to funny not to post

Mom entertaining Aidan while he is sick. Needless to say, she did NOT know my camera was so close! To funny not to post! I think she would stand on her head if it made him feel better.

not feeling so hot.

Aidan has been sick since yesterday. Mom babysat for me yesterday while I went to the movies and had some "me" time. I got a phone call about 3/4 through the movie saying he was running a fever. Mom gave him some tylenol and the fever was gone by the time I got home. He started running another fever during the night and it got up to 104 degrees. He has been complaining for a couple of weeks now about his tushie hurting ( but points to his back). He also has a swollen lymph node in his groin area that has been there for about a month now. He hasnt been his normal happy self for the past couple of weeks so I am going to see if I can get him in tomorrow to see the doctor. I am thinking it may be a urinary tract infection.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

He loves to wave!

Summer fun playing in the rain.

I took this cute video of Aidan yesterday while he was playing in the rain.

Note 1- how he waves to the neighbors across the street. This boy loves to wave! Everytime I take him out walking or in his stroller he ALWAYS waves at ANYONE who drives or walks by like he is in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. All I can say is that he puts a smile on my face and on most of the people who are on the receiving end of the wave.

Note 2- how in the middle of the video he calls me Kelwey, Kelwey.. Aidan observes EVERYTHING that goes on around him. I think he has picked this up from listening to my mom call me Kelley. On occasion he will call my mom Pee Dee ( her nickname from my family) or call her "mom"- the name I call her. So funny!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More pics from Aidans birthday party

My uncle Frank emailed me some more pictures from Aidans birthday party and I finally got them loaded on my computer. His camera is way better than mine so I thought I would share them....

Aidan calls this thing a goat. It is actually one of the characters from Narnia. The park has a "Narnia Theme" and there are figures like this and houses, etc... all over the park. You enter the park through the "wardrobe" and there is a path that will take you to different stations. For example the first station is the beavers house. It has a stand there that tells about that part of the story and then you push a button and it will read it to you. It is really cool. The thing I love most about this park is that it was built so that people with various different disabilities can enjoy it too!

Aidans favorite past time - throwing rocks into the stream...
Another one of Aidans favorite things to do is to chase the ducks.

Possibly my favorite pic from the day.

cake face!

Aidan has really gotten into swinging lately. I love these swings.
My mom and her 2 sisters swinging and enjoying the shade.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Potty Time!

Aidan has decided that he is ready to be potty trained. We have been reading potty books for awhile and he has talked about "pee peeing in the potty" for a month now. I really didnt want to potty train him until he turned two and until we got back to San Diego, but Aidan had other thoughts. When we got back from our visit to Huntington my mom had bought Aidan a potty and he was soooo excited!

I have been just letting him do his own thing becuase I didnt want to force the issue. I still had him in a diaper and he used his potty whenever he felt like it. Finally I decided the other day to just bite the bullet and put him in big boy underwear. This lasted until about nap time! Aidan did great using his potty- He went 11 times SUCCESSFULLY in his potty. However, by lunch time we also had 3 accidents. He went all over the floor and my moms couch! YUCK! It seems he knows to go in his potty but doesnt care to be wet either. I now have him in a pull up ( much to my mothers urging) which I think is pretty useless because no matter how much I stress that it is just like big boy underwear he doesnt care and it is just like a diaper to him. I guess we will just take baby steps. I know for 100% sure that he will NOT go to college in a pullup! LOL

getting the potty and inspecting it.
hmm... what does this seat do?

testing it out. It feels pretty comfy!

taking a break from riding his tricycle and inspecting it some more.

sitting on the potty reading Dora.

Taking another break from riding his trike. Safety First! LOL!!!!!! and Success!