Thursday, August 18, 2011


It has been so good to be home. We spent a month in Tennessee at my moms house. It was really great to see friends and family but this time was a little different. We came home early but not because I was tired of being there but because I wanted to come home. This is honestly the first place in 3 years ( since we moved from Orange County) that has really felt like home. Living in West Virginia certainly had a homey feel and I really liked our house and loved being close to friends and family, but it just didn't feel quite right. I longed to be in San Diego most of the time we were there. It is great being together again as a family. Just being able to have dinner together makes a big difference.

I really missed the beach while we were away (although I love the mountains too!). We have been exploring our "north county" beaches- and oh my! I think they are soooo much better than the beaches we used to go to! I have a new favorite beach that has everything you could want from a beach! We have been making up for lost beach time this past week. lol!

Last week we did an overnight trip, stayed with some friends in Los Angeles, and went to Magic Mountain. Honestly, I was not that excited about it because I couldn't remember what they had for little kids and knew I wouldnt be able to ride many adult rides because of the little one. Magic Mountain used to be one of mine and Clintons favorite places to go. We both really love roller coasters and Magic Mountain has some AWESOME ones there!!! There were 9 of us total that went and it ended up being really fun! One of our friends that went didn't really like roller coasters so she entertained Aidan while we waited for an hour and 45 minutes to ride one coaster!!! Ridiculous! However- the kid in me thought it was totally worth it! lol! We then had lunch and then we ALL went on a water ride ( including Aidan). He didnt like the ride but he really loved waiting in line and playing with our friends 2 girls. lol! The rest of the adults then went and did some more big rides while I took Aidan to the kids section for a couple of hours. It wasn't crowded at all there and he pretty much got to ride whatever he wanted as many times as he wanted. Fun! For the last ride we all waited in line again and did a switch off with Aidan with our friends. So I only got to ride 3 rides the entire day but I thought it was fun, Clinton thought it was fun, and Aidan thought it was fun- so the day was a success. Aidan has already asked when we can go back.

Yesterday our Moms group did a playdate at the Zoo. These are my favorite play dates! We get to go in before the park opens, we have our own tour guide, and we get to see parts of the zoo that we normally don't visit. Each month the zoo has a theme. This time it was about reduce, reuse, and recycle. They educate the kids ( and the moms too!) on whatever theme it is for the month and always end with the guide reading the kids a story that goes with the theme. This time we got an added bonus of a free train ride. yippee!! Trains are always good and free is always good so it was a big score!

Now on to some pics....

Yes that is a bird cage Aidan is standing in- Tweeties birdcage to be exact.
riding the kids train at magic mountain...

wascally wabbit....

The kid sized teacups. I think this was one of aidans favorites.

Driving a jeep. Aidan was driving and I was sitting in the back.

THIS is my new favorite beach! Look at the view I have when I push Aidan on the swings! Nice!

They have a playground there with a play structure...

knotty trees to climb....

and even a train that goes by every hour and blows its horn. When we had a playdate there with our moms group all the boys would stop whatever they were doing when the train went by and would just stare the entire time. lol! Boys and trains.....

Its just a short walk down a little hill to get to the beach....

Eating his blue ring pop thing a mijig...

I took this picture because it was actually kind of a big deal. Aidan is going through a stage where he doesn't like the water- ocean, pool, or otherwise. The first time we went to the beach when we got home he wouldn't even get close to it. For him to actually sit in it and play was a major improvement! He was really proud of himself for doing it!

pretending he was surfing on his dads boogie board.

Getting a ride from dad!

At the zoo yesterday. See the meerkats in the background?

The boys checking out the meerkats...

I had no idea that the zoo had its own "nursery" for animal babies that for one reason or another need to be there! Complete with rocking chairs, crib beds, and an isolete.

A pic of the baby marmoset that had been staying there but I think was out when we were there with her mama.

The group of boys that hung together for most of the day. Getting ready for story time.

But first they brought out a special animal guest. That is actually a hawk she is holding. It is the smallest variety of hawk.

Ending the day with a train ride. We went through a little tunnel and all the boys held up their arms when they were going through- like they were on some type of BIG ride. to cute.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The things Aidan says.....

We have been super busy since we arrived home just over a week ago. We have been to the beach 3 days, been busy with playdates, and spent a day at Magic Mountain. I haven't even had time to upload my pics yet but will post about our adventures as soon as I do. Tonight I just wanted to take a few minutes to document a few of the funny things aidan has said this week before I forget. Have I mentioned that I LOVE his personality and he constantly cracks me up? He is such a character and so creative. It is hard to stay ahead of him sometimes because he is so stinkin' smart.....

- Aidan received some money for his birthday. I was discussing with him this week about the concept of spending a little, saving a little, and giving a little to God. He thought about it for a second and says. " Why don't I just spend it and then pray to God for more money?" Ummmm.... I don't think it works like that. lol! (but good point)

- We went to church this morning. It has been awhile since we have been to our church because we have been away all summer. As I am checking him into his room I hear him tell the teacher. " I'm only in preschool- I'm not in high school yet." To which his teacher replies, "Really? your not in high school?" although you probably have the vocabulary of a high school kid." lol!

- This evening we had our friend Christiana over for dinner who sometimes babysits Aidan. A few months ago she was working one of our events and had a tight Race car girl outfit on as part of her costume. Aidan was TOTALLY checking her out. Tonight he kept giving her kisses- over, and over and over. She said, " well aren't you just mister kissy tonight". He just looked at her and winked ( thanks mom for teaching him how to do this). We all just burst into laughter. I guess Aidan has a new girlfriend and I think I am going to be chasing the girls away when he gets older. Mr. Rico Suave. lol!

The picture above is one of Aidans 4 year old pictures. I LOVE them! Mckmama took them in June . If you haven't ever checked out her blog you should. I started following her blog when her next to youngest son Stellan was fighting for his life ( Praise to God he is fine now). She has 5 kids and she and her husband took all of them AND a cat and 2 kittens on a cross country tour in a small R.V. ( talk about entertaining reading). She went around doing photo shoots and San Diego was one of her locations. I am so happy with the results!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 years old

It has taken me a few days (ok a week) to post about Aidans 4th birthday. We are still at my moms in Tennessee so it was a little low key. I decorated my moms kitchen table the night before with balloons and a few gifts. I told Aidan that for his birthday breakfast he could have anything he wanted ( thinking along the lines of a doughnut, pancakes, etc...). He however, decided that he wanted a cupcake for breakfast! So I also ran out the night before his birthday after he went to sleep to get a cupcake for his breakfast.

He woke up and was very excited to see all the little surprises I put out for him- including his cupcake. He opened up a few gifts and took about 2 licks of his cupcake and he was done. We spent the rest of the morning watching Sprout to see if they would air the birthday card I made for him. Sure enough towards the end of the morning they showed his card on t.v.! We were both soooo excited! I'm glad I got it together this year and got it sent in!

I don't know if I have ever mentioned that my neighbor from when I was a little girl lives in the same small town as my mom. She and her sister were my first good friends. I played with them every day and followed them around everywhere! They were more like my 2 older sisters. We moved away when I was 5 but I never forgot them. Through the miracle of facebook, we reconnected a few years ago! I was shocked when I found out she lives in the same town in Tennessee as my mom ( we lived in West Virginia). She has 2 boys and 1 is just a year older than Aidan.

My plan for Aidans birthday was to invite Wendy and her boys to a kid/family oriented place that has food, mini golf, go carts, games, mini bowling etc... We were going to have lunch, let the boys play, and I arranged to get Aidan a "hot wheels" birthday cake. All was well when we arrived there but then they informed me that they would NOT let us take Aidans cake inside! Say what??? I have NEVER heard of a birthday cake NOT being allowed into a restaurant. I was buying their silly food for everyone and they don't even sell cakes there. I had a chat with the manager and she wasn't having it so I decided that we weren't staying there. So we left. Aidan was a little disappointed at first ( he REALLY wanted to play mini golf ), but then I suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese instead and he immediately perked up. So yes, Aidan had not 1 but TWO parties at Chuck E. Cheese for his fourth birthday! lol! I'm just happy that he was satisfied with going to Chuck E. Cheese AGAIN. In the long run it worked out great. All the boys had a great tine, Chuck E had no issues with bringing a cake in, and it was actually CHEAPER than had we stayed at the other place so it was a Win/ Win for everyone. :0)

We ended the day at Toys R Us. Mom didn't buy him a present this year and decided that she would just take him there and let him pick out something. He had a great time shopping! Out of the 2 million things in that store he finally decided on 2 packs of CARS and a remote control airplane from the Cars 2 movie that also holds cars! He already has 100's of cars! we have them in EVERY room in our house and EVERY room of my moms house. The boy STILL loves his cars! :) I guess he doesn't want to mess with a thing. lol!

I decorated the night before.... opening presents...

The requested birthday breakfast- a cupcake. :)

*sigh* is he really 4 years old????????

Playing at Chuck E. Cheese wearing yet another birthday crown.

His Hot Wheels cake that caused us to leave the first establishment...

blowing out his candles.... it was worth it. :)

me and the birthday boy. I love him so much!

Wendy's boys...