Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Still Downunder sorry no pics

We are still in Australia having a great time. I don't have the correct adapter to charge my camera so my battery is almost a gonner. My camera is also in the process of a slow death, so I dont have any pictures to share.

Christmas went well. I bought Aidan a couple of small gifts and his Grandma and Grandpa got him some books, small stuffed animals, and some things to play with on the beach. For Christmas dinner we got together with all of Clinton's family at his brothers house. Aidan had 7 cousins to play with and had a ball! ( most of them girls so he had a lot of little mommies around!) After we had lunch we took off for Cowes where Clintons parents have their holiday house. I got to experience some Australian wildlife immediately arriving there. We saw 2 dead kangaroo by the side of the road a mile from their house ( very sad), a big hairy brown spider as soon as we walked in the house ( vey gross), and wild parrots and cockatoos ( very beautiful). The birds feed out of the bird feeder and they are absolutely beautiful! I could watch them all day.

All the family came down for a barbecue on boxing day and we had a virtual repeat of Christmas. We spent the day at the beach and had fun with Aidan playing in the sand. We went out to dinner with the fam that night. Aidan is in the process of getting 6 new teeth at the same time so bless his heart, he was not a happy camper that night. His teeth have really been bothering him, but I have been giving him baby orajel and tylenol at night and during the day if it seems they are really bad. He went through a phase of about 4 days where he just did not eat at all ( I am assuming because of his teeth) and I began to get worried about him . However, on the way home from Cowes he ate like a horse and has been eating well since then. I think the worst has passed with his teeth and hopefully, by the time we fly home on Friday they will not be an issue.

While in Cowes we spent a lot of time at beach, went to a wildlife park where we got to feed some kangaroos, and went to the nobbies. We had a very relaxing time. Last night Clinton and I went to see the late showing of the movie Australia ( which was awesome!) while Clintons mum babysat Aidan. I am going shopping tomorrow with my 2 sister in laws and we will be having another barbecue with friends tomorrow night for New Years Eve ( these aussies love to barbecue!) We then head home on Friday. The time has flown by. I will post pictures and video when we get home and I am able to deal with my camera.

Monday, December 22, 2008

We are in Oz!

Just a quick post to say we made it to Australia. We have been having an awesome time visiting with friends and family, spending time at the beach, and sightseeing. Aidan did as well as could be expected on the flight over. There was one point about 4 in the morning that I leaned over to Clinton and said that I would NEVER take Aidan on another international flight until he could entertain himself. However when we all got a little sleep I woke up with a different perspective.

With no central heat or air, 4 minute showers, no clothes dryers or dishwashers things are just a little different here. The weather here is very unpredictable. It seems we have experienced the whole spectrum. I was very glad when it warmed up enough to go to the beach!
My first experience hanging clothes on the line to dry!
Aidan and Clinton before it was warm enough to get in the water.

Chillin' out with dada after a long day of sight seeing.
Clintons dad and 2 of his brothers work for the rail way, so we went for a ride on the train and Aidan loved it!
Aidan and Grandma on the train.
Yeah finally some HOT weather!
Aidan looved playing in the sand and sitting in the water! He was also very sociable and made friends with this little girl ( he also scared 2 other babies away because he is so outgoing! Tee Hee)

Dirty boy after a fun day at the beach.

I have more cute pics and video to share but it seems our wireless keeps going in and out because we are basically "borrowing" the neighbors and Clinton needs the computer.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aidan and I made it home from moms safe and sound the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We have been busy, busy, busy since we got home. We hosted our companies Christmas party on Friday at our house which was a BLAST! We had Christmas morning this morning since we are leaving for Australia on Tuesday. I am also cooking Christmas dinner today for 12 people! It should be so much fun!

I am just so thankful for the precious gifts and people in my life! I love this time of year and having Aidan just makes it so much more fun! He is growing up before my very eyes and is developing his gross motor skills ( although he still walks on his toes and falls ALOT!), fine motor skills, and language skills. He says new words every day and can repeat ( with approximations of course) just about anything! He is so busy these day exploring and figuring out how things work and climbing on things that you have to watch him constantly! Mom got him a lot of educational toys with letters for Christmas, so his new thing is just naming radom letters. He loves looking at signs as we are driving down the street and say P, Q, H,T, etc... Of course he is not identifying the correct letters but at least has made the corelation. He is just to stinkin' cute. He is a true joy and blessing to our family!

Here are some pics and video from this morning. For some reason my favorite video of him opening his books from Gigi will not upload, so I will attempt it again later. Now I have to get to cooking! The Christmas loot Santa left! Santa brought Aidan a "my first big wheel" I loved playing with my big wheel when I was a kid!
Spotting the goodies

soo excited! and a major case of bedhead!

Santa also bought Aidan a sorting caterpillar. I guess Santa wants him to get an early start on Word Sort!


I havent figured out my big wheel yet, but just give me time!