Sunday, October 24, 2010

Check THESE out!

Soooo cute!

Can I say "lil model"!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pics at the park 2010

Two years ago when Aidan was 15 months old, Sheri, Cara, and I took him to Ritter Park for a photo shoot. Ritter Park is a BEAUTIFUL park in Huntington that is absoloutely GORGEOUS in the fall when the leaves are changing. Cara and I took him there today for another photo shoot. Sheri of course was not able to join us as she is with Weston at the hospital ( please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is now fighting pneumonia on top of everything else he is battling).

These are the pics that I took with my camera while Cara was doing the real photos with her GOOD camera from work. I think we picked the absolute worst time of day to take the pics. The sun was bright and there were funky shadows everywhere, but we still got a few cute ones.

First- a few from 08....

and from today... Remember these are not the best quality because they are really photos of a photo shoot. lol!

Mr. GQ. I really love this one!

The light was streaming directly on him in this pic but I think it created kind of a neat effect.

Another one of my favs! I love this peacoat I bought him from Childrens Place.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treating '10

Cara and I took Aidan trick or treating at our farmers market this evening. There were some really cute kiddos in some really cute costumes! We went to this event last year and Aidan got a taste of his first sucker and has been a sucker lover ever since. lol! He was so much more independent this year and I had a hard time keeping up with him as he went vendor to vendor saying "trick or treat!" and getting his goodies. We went to the indoor part this year and I was amazed they had so much to offer- from fruits and veggies, to meats and seafood, to wines and cheese, to chocolate. I wish I would have known about this place for the past year and I would have done much of my shopping there!

We went to the Capitol afterwards and had fun wandering around inside and out. There was an awesome pile of leaves there to play in! I think Cara got some really good shots and I will post them once she sends them to me.

I'm glad that we got to go trick or treating this evening since it will be our only chance. This time next week we will be on our way to London! I am so excited. I have wanted to go to London since I was a preteen and had a HUGE fascination with Duran Duran. I asked Clinton if he thought any of the band members of Duran Duran would be walking around London- he said he didnt think so . lol!

Here is Aidan before we went to the mall yesterday. He insisted on wearing his fireman rain boots. I say sometimes you have to choose your battles -and the rain boots it was for the day. Before we left the house this evening...

posing with his pumpkin peeps once again...

First score of the evening... Junior Mints.

I LOVE taking pictures at the farmers market. I love all the shapes and colors.

Aidans favorite thing at the market- apples!

I LOVE pumpkin season!

peppers and tomatoes

baskets and onions...

It wasnt until I uploaded these pics that I noticed that this wine is from South Australia!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Giggling Girlies

This post is about all things pink and girly! The things that we don't experience all that often in our house. lol! Yesterday was Laurens 6th birthday. Sheri has been so busy with Weston in the hospital that Cara and helped in putting together a "Spa Party" for Lauren - because 6 year olds have A LOT of stress and NEED to be pampered once in awhile. bahahahaha! It was so much fun doing something "girly" and helping make the day special for Lauren. We did facials, manicures, foot spas, and the girls made their own body glitter. Aidan hung right in there with the girls and everyone had a great time! It was a light hearted and much needed fun night for everyone especially Lauren. There was tons of talking, giggling, whispering, and running around. I would say the party was a success!

The party favors

Cara set up the manicure station

Lauren decided on the name "Friendship Spa". I loved the name she chose.

hanging out waiting for things to get going.

jumping on the bed....

getting some love on the feet...

The girls after their facials.... Aidan decided that he didn't want a facial...

and that he would just eat his cucumbers instead. Funny story - I was doing some research on the internet about spa parties and Aidan asked me " mommy are we going to put pickles on Laurens face?" tee hee...

Aidan getting his nails buffed...

and his hands massaged....

and his feet pampered.

debating whether he wanted his nails painted. He decided to get just one nail painted with sparkly blue paint.

The cute birthday cake!

Birthday girl with her mommy and daddy.

blowing out the candles

and opening gifts. These are the boots I got Lauren. All the girls were oohing and aahing causing all the adults to crack up.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st MU game

Last night Cara and I took Aidan to his first Marshall football game. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to go or not because they were calling for rain all night. I decided to heck with it - this was going to be the only opportunity to take him this season so we did it. We met Cara at a local fav restaurant Chili Willies for dinner. Cara went shopping the other day and bought Aidan a black shirt that has bones on the chest and arms like a skeleton that glows in the dark. When she showed it to Aidan and asked him "What is this?" He said, "an x-ray shirt?" lol! It TOTALLY looks like an xray!

After dinner we headed to the game and it was the perfect game for Aidan. First, it was on a WEDNESDAY so it wasn't overly crowded, second it started at 8:00 pm so it wasn't hot and early enough in the season that it wasn't extremely cold. The 8:00 kickoff time worried me because Aidan decided NOT to nap yesterday and I wasn't sure how he was going to cope, but he did great. We got there early so we got to see the band, see the players run through the tunnel, and Marco ( the team mascot), and got the chance to get Aidan some popcorn. I have to say Aidan LOVED it! The whole thing! There was so much going on and he loved all the stimulation. We only got through the first quarter and then it started to rain and we had to leave, but it was long enough for a 3 year old. I thought for sure Aidan would fall fast asleep on the way home but he was to wired! It was really storming when we got home and he hates thunderstorms. After about an hour I finally got him to fall asleep in my bed.

At Chili Willies goofing around with mama
giving some lovin to Cara

before kickoff...

watching the band. We had great seats.

What is Aidan pointing at?

and watching soooo intently?....

Its Matthew Mcconaughey! Before the players run through they play a clip from the movie "We are Marshall" and I have to say it is quite awesome! Aidan was really into it.

The nasty knight. MU was playing the UCF knights and this is their mascot. He held up his index finger and waved at Aidan. He turned around a buried his face in my chest. It scared him to death! I told him whenever the knight came close to him to yell "GO HOME!". I know this is not stellar parenting but it worked. tee hee. Everytime the knight came close Aidan yelled at him "GO HOME!" I think this was one of his favorite parts of the night.

Marcos motorcycle that he rides through the tunnel.


Giving Marco a "high five"

The end of the game. At this point it was raining and we booked it back to the car.