Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Aidan and I went to a Mom and Tots St. Patricks Day party this morning and then went to the park. There were a lot of kiddos there and Aidan had a great time. He said, "It was the best party ever!". I dont know about all of that but it was nice to be able to talk to some other moms while I was there.

Aidan and I are meeting Clinton in Florida next week for a few days and I am sooo excited! I can hardly wait! We havent seen each other since January so we are taking some much needed family time together. I found a cheap flight and super cheap accomodations ( that come highly recommended)! We are going to go to Disney, Epcot, and Universal Studios. Aidan and I are getting there a few days before Clinton ( we had to travel on a certain day to get a deal on the flight) so I figured we would just hang by the pool and enjoy the sunshine! We went to Target yesterday to get some supplies. I realized that I needed a new bathing suit so we went to the bathing suit department and Aidan said " Look mommy ,boobies everywhere!" ( he calls bras "boobies" and he thought they were bras) so funny.

I dont want to jinx it but Aidan has eating MUCH better the past week. I dont know what has gotten into him but all of a sudden he is eating o.k. I wouldnt by any means call him a "good" eater yet but he is definitely doing better. Earlier this week we made cupcakes and he ate 3 of them! I couldnt believe it. Normally he would have just picked at one. Here are some pics from today. The pictures are really low quality. I have to do something about my camera and soon.

This shot is really bad but one of the only ones I have of a few of the other kids that were there. It was a really good turnout and there were about 20 kids there today.

Aidan pushing another kid
Aidan sitting in a car that is just a little to small for him. LOL!

playing at the park afterwards. Look at that hair and that tounge!

Going down the slide. The stairs to this slide are a little steep. Aidan said " I'm going up the airplane" while he was walking up them. It took me a few seconds to realize what he was talking about when I realized they are very similar to the steps you walk up when you get on a smaller plane. LOL! that's my little traveler for you.

Aidan decided that he was bored with the play structure and decided to climb the hill.... and then run down the hill. over and over and over.

and then he decided it would be more fun to roll down the hill. We left a few seconds after this picture was taken because he rolled in mud and was covered in it! He had to ride home in his tshirt and diaper. LOL! at least I had a blanket in the car to cover him up. Never a dull moment.

This was taken earlier this week. This was Aidans THIRD cupcake! as you can see he was thoroughly enjoying it!

The shamrock cupcakes I made for today's party. I made cupcakes twice this week. You can just call me Martha Stewart. LOL!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun in the sun - stuck in the house no more!

Since the weather is warming up Aidan and I are back to spending time outside. I cant tell you how much better this makes me feel! Bring on the Sunshine!!!! We have finally met the neighborhood kids. Most of them are older but are very sweet to Aidan. They always stop to talk to him and let him participate in whatever they are doing - hide and seek, kick ball, etc.. Aidan has learned about a few new things since hanging with these kids. He now knows about Razors ( scooters) and hula hoops. LOL!

Aidan learned to peddle his tricycle this winter. He got to test his new skills on the road a few days ago. There is a little boy who is 3 in the neighborhood. Aidan is really wanting to try his little bike but he is not really into sharing, so Aidan will have to wait.

We are supposed to go to an Easter Egg Hunt today but the weather is really rainy. It rained so hard last night that we lost our electricity for several hours. I dont even mind the rain but just keep the SNOW and COLD weather away! If Aidan is still awake when it is time to go we will go to a birthday party today for my friend Kelly's little boy Brody who is turning 1.

Keegan on his bike. Aidan REAAALLLY wants to ride it. But Keegan said " I dont want his germs on it". I guess he must have a germophobe mom. LOL!

Sitting on our neigbors swing

Playing at the park.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Physical Therapy

Aidan had PT yesterday. He now has his Pollywog shoes inserts to give him more input to help with the toe walking. These are just like any other shoe inserts and are not visible when he has his shoes on. I can see a difference when he has them on. He is still on his toes a little, but nothing like before. Kim, his therapist, is working on building up the muscle strength in his legs and trunk. The hypotonia causes him to have difficulties in these areas. She also worked with him yesterday on the muscles in his mouth. Aidan got to have a "parade" around the therapy center playing his straw whistle. So cute! We are going to have an OT assessment to address the feeding issues he is experiencing. Aidan loves going to PT and it bascially is a big play session for him.

Going down the slide with Ms. Kim- Aidan still lies down flat while going down the slide ( due to low muscle tone in his trunk). She is working with him on leaning forward. One of Aidans favorite games is "feed the doggy". Ms. Kim is very impressed that he knows all the numbers on the bones. LOL!

collecting the bones to feed the doggy.

Aidan having a parade with his musical straw.

Playing in the swing- his reward for working so hard!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funny things Aidan has said....

I usually post on Facebook the funny things that Aidan says or does but have not been doing a great job of sharing them on here. So here are a few off the top of my head...

- He sometimes calls me "mama girl" or other variations. The other day he told me " This ball weighs 1000 pounds". I said " you are very strong". He said "yes I am Hip Hop Harry Mama Girl".

- " yes I am". He often says this after you give him a compliment- ie. "Aidan you are so cute" he answers "yes I am"

- Little Boy Genius- this is a name he has given himself - Aidan Kai Little Boy Genius.

-The other day he unzipped my shirt and started putting his hand down my bra. When I asked him what he was doing, he said "looking for my red jeep". Little Stinker doesnt even have a red jeep.

-Aidan loves to dance! The other day he was dancing and singing " Go Aidan, its your birthday."

- Aidan also loves music. This morning he was playing in his room and "cranked up" his music. We had Nursery Rhymes blaring throughout the house. (and I didnt think we would have this problem until he was a teenager- ha!)

- The boy is obsessed with boobies. When we were at the mall the other day we were walking past Ambercrombie and Fitch ( does anyone else get nauseous walking past that store). Aidan stopped in his tracks looked at their signs ( of a scantly dressed anorexic girl doing lord knows what with the male model) and said "Look mom, boobies!"

- Aidan has a new friend "Michael" .For the longest time I thought it was another kid in his class. He kept talking about wanting to go places with Michael, having Michael go to dinner with us, sharing his toys with Michael, etc... I finally asked the teacher on Thursday about Michael. Nope. No Michael in the class. So I guess at 2 1/2 my child either has his first imaginary friend or angel. Im not sure which but am ok with either.

Thats all off the top of my head.... The weather is beautiful here today. Aidan came down with a stomach bug this weekend but is much better today. He is back to his rowdy 2 year old self, and I wouldnt have it any other way~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

what was I thinking?

There hasnt been much going on around here. Two weekends ago Aidan and I went to visit mom in Tn. Aidan ended up with an ear infection and we ended up at Urgent Care. He then had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic they gave him. It wasnt the best weekend. We drove back home to our house so mom could babysit for me so I could go to a conference and we all ended up sick. Bummer! I was the healthiest of all of us. I just needed to get a little extra rest and was fine. Aidan was finally all better the beginning of this week so I decided we needed to get out of the house. At the Clay Center ( the science museum) they have Wee Wednesdays. They have a story and activity for little ones. Aidan did surprisingly well. Much better then this summer when we went to Twos Time at the library. He sat and listened to the story. The story was about a little girl in London. They then got to make their own postcards from London. Very appropriate considering Aidans dad is in London for the month of March. We also went to the mall and I let Aidan play and we got his hair cut.

The sun has finally decided to make an appearence. It is still very cold but at least it is sunny! Yeah!!!!! It is supposed to be 50 tomorrow so hopefully we will be able to spend some time outside at the park! halleleujah! All I can say is this winter has been very HARD for me. Thank the Lord I did not move to Alaska before I met Clinton like I was considering. I dont think I would have kept my sanity. LOL! I dont think I am meant to live in a colder climate and dont know if I will spend another Winter here. Sunny California is looking better and better! I have been having lots of "what was I thinking" moments. At least this has been a great lesson for me in "the grass is not always greener". I have learned lots and am loving the class I am taking. I am so thankful that I even got to have this opportunity to do something different for a little while and am soooo thankful for a husband that will support me "no matter what". Of course I am thankful that Aidan is happy and healthy. I am also thankful for my mom and great friends- I would have NOT kept my sanity if it wasnt for them. I have attempted to make the best of this move we have made but seriously - "what was I thinking?". I have been offered the job that I applied for but have decided to decline it. I would love to get back in the classroom and get my hands on those 2 year olds! However, there are many different factors that went into the decision for me to decline it. Most of all I really want to go back to San Diego in May. I dont think it would be fair to work there for 2 months and then quit. We will be spending May in San Diego. Hopefully, Aidan and and I will be traveling with Clinton to Australia and London this summer. We will see what happens. I am locked in a lease until October but after that I am just not sure...