Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wild Animal Park

On Sunday we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was a treat for all of us since none of us had been before. My favorite part was watching Aidan feed the ducks and going on the African tour around the park. We got to see the most animals while on the tour including giraffes, rhinos, various types of deer, and leopords. I have to say I prefer the zoo over the wild animal park because it felt like we did A LOT of walking and didnt get to see that many animals ,but a fun time was definitely had by all. Aidans favorite part was feeding the ducks and running around the play area they had there. Things that he can do at your average park. LOL! Happy to be out of the stroller and to be freeeeee!

Aidan and the meerkats....

Im not sure what the Meerkats were doing here. I took this pic when we first arrived. I think they may have been sunning themselves.

Playing in the play area. In the summer, fall, and spring it is a water park but they turn off the water during the winter months.

Talking to daddy who is on the other side of the play area.

Petting zoo. Poor animals. Aidan was running around like a mad man. He would run up like a crazy person to the animals and then stop and say "gentle pats" and then pat them so gently. Im surprised they werent a nervous wreck but I guess they are used to it! LOL!

see.... gentle pats

see... wild boy! but having an awesome time!

Aidans new sweatshirt.

Pics from the African tour....

feeding the ducks. They were not shy in the least!

Self Portrait on the African Tour

Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh my goodness gracious!

Oh my goodness gracious! is what Aidan said when he saw that Santa had been there. So cute! I got it on video but for some reason blogger will not let me upload it. Here are some more pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I uploaded them in reverse order. Oops! We had a wonderful Christmas day as a family. I cooked ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, and a red velvet cake with peppermint cream cheese icing for dinner. Our friend Carol came over and had dinner with us. Aidan was so excited to show her his new toys! When I asked Aidan what his favorite part of the day was he said "playing with Carol".

Aidan and his stocking that his Nana Deuce made him!
playing with his garage- one of his fav gifts. The other is the red sports car in the pic. Clinton has a bigger version of it and he loves it becuase it is "just like daddies".

lining up his cars

close up of the stocking. I love it!

The loot Santa left

Leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Im not sure what this cheesy smile is all about. These days every time I ask him to smile I get this cheesy smile from him. LOL!

Leaving the key out for Santa and another cheesy smile!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone. Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve. I spent the day yesterday in the kitchen getting ready for todays dinner. We went to church last night. I was way to tired to drive to Orange County to go to Saddleback, so we went to the Catholic church at the end of our street. In the middle of the service Aidan yelled "Praise the Lord!" LOL! not sure what the Catholics thought of that but it was funny. We came home, ate some cookies ,and put the key on the tree in front of our house so Santa could get in last night. Aidan and I wore our matching p.j.'s. Aidan was very wound up last night and took a very long time to go to sleep. He then woke up at 5am but I didnt get him out of his bed until 5:45. Needless to say we had a very early morning. I am predicting a very long nap this afternoon, although I am not sure because of all the sugar Aidan is consuming this a.m. LOL! I will post videos of this morning a little later.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boat Parade

The other night Clinton, Aidan, and I went to Seaport Villlage to have dinner and watch San Diego's boat parade. Seaport Village is normally a very quiet place with not many people but on this night it was a mad house. We ended up parking about a mile away but the walk wasnt that bad. It was a nice evening so we actually enjoyed it. We ended up grabbing some Mexican food to go and some ice cream. By the time we ate it was time for the parade. This years theme was "Christmas at the Zoo". There were some pretty amazing boats and the pictures do not do them justice. The boats would float by and most of them were packed with people and were playing Christmas music. There were boats of all types- motorboats big and small, sailboats, pontoons, and even kayaks. Some of the boaters were getting a little rowdy and doing doughnuts and driving ( sailing?) a little reckless ( I didnt realize that sailboats could even DO doughnuts). This kind of concerned me. Sure enough we saw one of the giant sailboats get hung up in a sand bar. Even worse we learned the next day that there was an 8 year old boy one of the boats that was killed when another boat slammed into them. Such a tragedy especially this time of year.

Mama and Aidan being silly....

more silliness....

Cant you tell by looking at Aidans face that the ICE CREAM was his favorite part of the evening. He kept insisting "I do it myself" so I let him go for it. Here are the results.LOL! Miraculously he didnt spill a drop on his clothes but his jacket needs a good wash.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its been all about daddy

Aidan, Annabelle, and I got to San Diego last week after a 2 day delay because of the weather in WV. We were so happy to see daddy. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here as always with temps in the 70's in the day and 50's at night. We have been to the park just about every day. We went to Coronado Island the other night for dinner and drove around and looked at Christmas lights. Yesterday we spent the day at Seaworld and had an awesome time! As many times as Aidan and I have been to Seaworld, Clinton has never gone with us. Yesterday was the first time he had been in about 5 years. Aidan was so happy to have his daddy there! Tonight we are going to Seaport Village to watch the boat parade. They have a fireworks display and then a boat parade. The boats travel through the harbor and are all decked out in Christmas lights. This years theme is "Christmas at the zoo" so it should be interesting. It is so nice to be together as a family!

Aidan playing at Coronado Island. There were a bunch of kids there running around playing with their parents. Here Aidan is running from "the love monster" aka daddy. I love this picture of him because it is "so aidan" always in motion. LOL!

Arriving at Seaworld. It was close to nap time but he was happy to be there.

Watching the Shamu show for about the millionith time but the first time with daddy.

Snuggling up before "The Polar Express- 4 D" show.

Finally passed out after about 3 hours of being there. He slept like that for about an hour and a half. He still looks like such a baby when he is sleeping.

Wide awake just in time to take on Sesame Place.

What is it about boys that they like to "run and crash"? LOL!

Playing in the sand pit at Sesame Place

When we asked Aidan at the end of the day what his favorite part was- he promptly replied "driving". Out of all the things at Seaworld his favorite was the arcade! Playing a game that was free because we didnt insert any money. LOL!

My sweet boy.