Thursday, April 28, 2011

You can take the boy out of West Virginia....

You can take the boy out of West Virginia but you can't take the West Virginia out of the boy! Here are some pics of Aidan and his newest love- his cowboy boots. I bought them last fall when we were in Gatlinburg Tn. He has recently discovered them and has worn them every day since. Here he is in nothing but a pair of sweatpants and his boots. He has also worn them with a pair of shorts this week . lol! Speaking of West Virginia- Aidan STILL misses it. It has been 4 months since we moved and he still talks about it every day! He says "I want to go home to West Virginia" ( actually he JUST said it as I was writing the last sentence. lol!) I don't know what I am going to do with him. I am so surprised that he got so attached to it there! We were only there for a year and for 4 of those months we were in San Diego! I guess he is always going to be a West Virginia boy at heart which is fine by me because I will always be a West Virginia girl at heart! :P

My mom went home yesterday. It was so good to have her here! We are going to really miss her. Luckily, Clinto is on his way home from the airport this very second. :0)

If you are wondering WHAT Aidan is doing in these pics- He is chasing bubbles with a water bottle. A new game that he made up . lol!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fun and busy Easter weekend! So many sweet memories were created with my sweet boy. On Friday we had a playdate with our new moms group at the park flying kites. On the way home I told Aidan that we would go home, have lunch, and then make our Easter cake. He said, " I want to put hearts on it". I said, "honey it is for Easter not Valentines day" ( thinking that he was thinking about the one we made on Valentines Day. He said "no mom I want to put a heart on it to say thank you to Jesus for Easter". He blew me away and made me tear up a little! We had talked earlier in the day about the REAL reason we celebrate Easter and in his own 3 year old way I think he GETS it! Love that boy! We went home and made our bunny cake.

Saturday morning we got up and dyed Easter Eggs. What an experience this year! It was like Manic Egg Dying! Aidan was SOOO excited that we would put an egg in and 1 second later he wanted to take it out and put another one in or put 2 in at the same time. lol! He also was into mixing colors this year and putting an egg in multiple colors. We definitely had some interesting looking eggs. lol! After we dyed eggs I made lunch and then we decided to drive to Orange County to go to Saddleback for church. I was soooo glad we did! What an awesome message! Pastor Rick gave a message about rescue and hope. He had one of the Chilean Miners there. What an inspiration! When the accident occurred Jose was the only Christian in the group. He was responsible for leading prayer and actually conducted service twice a day while trapped. You might remember that one of the first things the miners requested were tiny bibles. By the time the miners were saved there were 22 other miners that were "saved" and 22 new Christians! 23 of the 30 miners had given their life to Christ! God is so good!

We got home late from Church on Saturday so we were dragging on Sunday morning. Aidan got his Easter basket and goodies the Easter Bunny left. Aidan is so sweet. My mom is still here visiting and she gave up chocolate for lent. Needless to say she has been craving chocolate all week and was REALLY looking forward to Sunday so she could fulfill her craving. The first thing Aidan pulled out of his basket was his big chocolate bunny. He immediately handed it to mom and said " here Mimi this is for you". So sweet! Of course Mimi gave it back to him but I hope he continues to keep his giving and sharing nature. After the morning goodies we got ready and went to the new church I have been attending close to our house. I signed up to volunteer to assist with the toddlers in Sunday school while mom went to the service.

We had a GREAT Easter weekend!

Our bunny cake we made. I used a Wilton pan this year and wasn't that thrilled with it. I made a pink heart on the bunny with icing after I took this picture for Jesus.
Aidan and his manic egg dyeing. lol! This is the first day that Aidan got dressed by himself without me telling him to do it. He picked out a brown pair of pants and the shirt from my 20 year reunion. He may not be making a fashion statement but I was so proud of him for getting himself dressed!

Easter at Saddleback!

Mimi and her boy

Easter Goodies!

Easter morning. Aidan fell asleep in the car on the way home from church so he I just took off his pants and he slept in his shirt from the night before.

Getting ready to go to church Sunday morning.

Me and my sweet boy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Soccer

Yesterday we had a really busy day. We started the day at an Easter Egg hunt with a new moms group that we joined. I think we are really going to enjoy it as they have several activities every week! Tomorrow morning we are meeting up with them at a park to fly kites. There are lots of kids in the group that are around Aidans age.

Yesterday afternoon Aidan had his first soccer practice! He has been looking forward to it since I signed him up last month! He had a GREAT time. It was so cute to watch the 3 and 4 year olds. I LOVE his coach. She was really high energy the entire time and changed activities every couple of minutes. Everything she did was turned into a "game" and the kids loved her. She is just what Aidan needs! She most DEFINITELY already knows Aidan's name as she had to keep saying it every couple of minutes to redirect him. lol! I think he was just so excited to be there and it was a new environment and he just wanted to do his own thing and had a difficult time paying attention. I think if she can get him to pay attention and focus he will be a good little soccer player one day. :0)

Easter Egg Hunt

Coach Colleen.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Mom and I took Aidan to Legoland last week and Oh My Goodness! the child had the BEST time. I can see that it is going to easily be our new favorite hangout. Clinton and I took him last year but a year makes a big difference and it was so much better this time! I realized when we were there this time that Legoland is totally geared towards BOYS! and LITTLE BOYS! I mean of course girls enjoy it too but there was not a princess in sight!! What they DO have is pirate ships, medevil castles, Dinosaur Digs, a room where you can shoot balls through a cannon, CARS for 3 year olds to drive, Ancient Ruins, a GINORMOUS play structure with tunnels, ropes, and caves, and not to mention tons of LEGOS to build whatever the imagination can dream up! I mean what BOY would not LOVE Legoland!! Last year when we went it was in December so the water part was not open. It was a little chilly this time but the water part was open and we had to pull Aidan away after his lips finally started to turn blue. lol! It took him a long time to get into the water. He just ran around the outskirts of it and wouldn't get IN it, but finally he just ran right through it and played the LONGEST time! They also had rides PERFECT for 3 1/2 year olds. They weren't "baby rides" but not "big" rides either. He wasn't tall enough to ride then alone yet so I had to ride with him. They were just the perfect size for them to be REALLY EXCITING for a 3 1/2 year old. It was a great day!!! Probably the only bad part was that he had one huge tantrum when we had to leave, which is totally not like him. I'm so happy that we purchased season passes so we can go again, again, and again! Aidan and Marco ( well not really but we called him Marco)! GO HERD! one of the rides we rode 3 times and I think Aidan would have ridden 20 more times if I let him. :0)
Finally "warming up" to the water

Bidet anyone???
The had a junior driving school for 3 to 5 year olds and a driving school for 6 to 8 year olds. Aidan was VERY EXCITED to do this but chickened out at the last second. Oh well- at least I got a pic. lol!
playing with some of the giant legos!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Beach Day and New Haircut

A couple of Fridays ago Aidan and I decided to head to the beach. We haven't been since we moved back in December. It was a gorgeous day and we decided to check out some of the "northern" beaches because those are the ones closer to us since we moved. We decided on Solano Beach and we loved it there. It is really different than the beaches that we normally go to which tend to be more "touristy". There is the added bonus of a playground and nice grassy area right above the beach. We spent an hour there before we even ventured down to the beach. There were 4 other boys there around Aidans age and they had a great time playing together! We ended up spending 4 or 5 hours there. We will definitely go back. My mom got here last week and I don't think we have stopped running since she arrived! It is so great to have her here. :0). Aidan had school pictures this week so one thing we did was take Aidan to get a haircut! It is the first time they have ever used the clippers to cut his hair and the shortest it has ever been . I love that I am able to style it in a cute faux hawk. I'm still not sure about it but it does look cute when I first style it. Since mom got here last Wednesday we have gotten Aidans hair cut, gone back to Solano Beach, visited the Farmers Market, gone shopping for some summer clothes for Aidan and a shirt for his pictures ( we also saw the Easter Bunny while we were there), attended our local Earth Day festival, gone to Chuck E. Cheese and went to Legoland yesterday. I will do another post about Legoland later. I think we will go to La Jolla tomorrow and then we have an Easter Egg Hunt and Art Festival this weekend. Whew...... Tomorrow is Unplugged Friday for us so everyone have a great weekend! Aidan at the beach....

Aidans new hair cut!