Friday, September 18, 2009

OC peeps!

Suzanne and Jacob came down yesterday for a visit. The boys had such a GREAT time together. They played outside for awhile, took a nap, and then we swam in the pool. 2 mommies and 2 two year olds in the pool playing ring around the rosie = fun times!! We finished the evening with Mexican food. Of course the biggest hit of the evening was the train table. Jacob LOOVES trains, just like Aidan.

This morning there was more playing with the train table and a little Yo Gabba Gabba dancing. Amy and Bella came down and we went to the miniature train museum in beautiful Balboa park. The kids were just so cute playing together. Amy and Bella headed back to the OC. Suzanne, the boys, and I came home and they took a LOOONG nap. Jacob didnt get up until 7 this evening and I imagine he will be up pretty late this evening. he he.. I took advantage of Suzanne being here and went to go pick up some boxes to start the packing process and got my car serviced while Aidan was sleeping. AHHH! the little luxuries in life when you are the mommy of a toddler! Aidan was sooo cute and didnt want Jacob and Suzanne to leave. He kept saying " Come on buddy" "come on Jacob buddy" to attempt to get him back in the house to play and not leave. I have no idea where he came up with "buddy" but it just melted my heart listening to him. I am so glad that we have these special friends and even happier that they will be in WV with us!

This week I will be busy packing up a few things and studying for the GRE. I cant believe the movers will be here next Saturday! It will be here before I know it. So much to do. I take the GRE on October 6th and it is a doozy of a test. I just have to use my time wisely and study when Aidan is napping and pack after he goes to sleep at night. I have also scheduled Aidans appointment with the Physical Therapist in WV for October 8th. I will be happy when we are able to work on his muscle strength and his balance!

Playing with the train table getting ready to hit the pool. such sweet boys!

sleepy boy this am...

Silly boys...

getting ready to go to the train museum or see the "choo choos" as Jacob says.

and what train museum is complete without a few train tables? pretty Bella hangin with the boys.

The architecture is so beautiful in Balboa Park. You could spend the day just walking around looking at all the buildings.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Chapter....

I took Aidan to the Neurologist this week and also had his developmental evaluation. He did great at both visits. The developmental evaluation said he is at age level or a little above in all areas, so he is just where he needs to be. They also tested his hearing and he passed. The Neurologist said that Aidan is Hypotonic ( which is just a fancy word meaning he has low muscle tone) but that he sees NO sign of Cerebal Palsy ( which was my concern). This is the reason he walks on his toes, to compensate. It is also the reason he falls a lot. The other day he took two bad blows to the head while we were at the park at a birthday party. He fell off the back of a bench onto the concrete. The doctor said he had a mild concussion. The poor baby was up all night vomiting. Aidan lacks the muscle tone to have good balance. This means I will have to stay on top of him at all times. The Neurologist said that he needs Physical Therapy to address these issues.

Starting in October Aidan and I will be splitting our time between West Virginia and San Diego. I will begin Grad School in January. I have found a great house for us. Clinton will come visit us and we will be spending holidays and summers in San Diego. I am really excited and nervous to start this new chapter. I will get Aidan started in PT once we get moved and settled.

My friend Suzanne and her son Jacob are coming for a visit today. We are going to let the boys play and swim. They are spending the night and then we will take the boys to the train museum tomorrow. Suzanne is another So Cal girl ( by way of West Virginia) who is moving back to WV around the same time as me. She is even going to be in same area! How is that for coincidence!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day with Shamu

I don't think that I have stopped running since Aidan and I got home. We have been busy busy and having fun fun fun! We have been spending time at the beach and today we went to Seaworld. I swear Seaworld is one of my favorite places on earth ( The only place that trumps it is where you can see the animals in the WILD) . I like it not only because it is fun but also EDUCATIONAL! Today I taught Aidan about preening ( the penguins exhibit). He also picked up a ton of vocabulary - habitat, blowhole, den, tusks, dorsal fin, etc... Usually we just hang out at Sesame Place the entire time and he plays but I wanted today to be about learning. We did go to Sesame Place for a little while but spent the majority of the time in the park learning about the animals. We finished the day at the Shamu show. Aidan loooves HIS Shamu! I also picked up some little plastic figures- whales, octopus, sea lions, sea turtles, etc that I intend on using for a sorting activity with him.

The poor little guy was soooo worn out that he fell asleep as soon as he got in the car WITHOUT his passie ( this has NEVER happened). I know I know all of you are thinking "its time to ditch the passie" but I'm just not ready yet.

On another note Aidan is constantly making me laugh. Tonight he grabbed my hand and said "nice to meet you mama". to cute.

Aidan has a couple of appointments next week. One with the neurologist and also to get a developmental assessment. I am not worried about his development because I feel he is pretty much on target in most areas but I am worried about his toe walking. He has been doing a little better lately but he still falls down a lot and I worry about his head.

Now for some pics...................

Aidan and the Beluga whale Enjoying a smoothie. YUM! ( notice the haircut)

an Egret that was hanging out at the Sea Lion exhibit waiting for some fish

Aidan and his buds....

waiting for Shamu to make his appearance..... Pardon the hair.

Aidans whale in action!

Friday, September 4, 2009


It has been HOT HOT HOT in San Diego. The end of August and September are usually really hot with temps in the triple digits some days. Aidan and I have been spending a lot of time in the pool to stay cool. We have also been to the beach , Seaworld, and Disneyland since my last post. We went to Disney as Aidans third and final 2nd birthday celebration. Wow it was a lot different then when we went in January. We started the day off at the Rainforest cafe for lunch. Aidan was terrified to say the least. He loved it last time but was so scared this time that Clinton and I had to take turns staying with him in the gift shop so we could eat. He was also MUCH more cautious this time and did not want to ride the rides. We did manage to get him on a few things and he really enjoyed "Its a Small World" , the "Winnie he Pooh" and the train rides. His FAVORITE things of the day were the parade and the Fantasma Laser show at the end. Im so glad we stayed to see it. However, by far the hit of the day was the water bottle we bought him with a fan attached. He thought this was the COOLEST thing. It was also a way to stay somewhat COOL as it was blistering hot that day. I didnt get very many good pics but here is some of what I did manage to get.

Aidan chilling by the pool eating a popsicle Running from Mickie.
Waiting in line of the first ride of the day - Peter Pan. Feeling excited.

Still waiting in line at Peter Pan and not looking so excited and actually a little nervous.

The hit of the day. He LOVED playing with this fan/ water bottle

A VERY HOT AND SWEATY mama holding her boy during the parade. He had this look on his face the entire time as he was attempting to figure out exactly what it is he was seeing.

Enjoying some fresh pineapple with dad and enjoying his fan.