Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Frustrating! WARNING ranting post!

The saga continues to get Aidan's passport. Why can't ANYTHING in the adoption world just be simple? I have been attempting to get Aidans original birth certificate for 3 weeks now. I began by getting on the website of the Nevada birth and death registry. Of course there is no phone number to actually talk to someone LIVE only a recorded message on how to obtain the certificate. I followed the instructions and mailed off my request. After 2 weeks I checked our bank account and saw that they had yet to cash my check. After this I decided to use a company called VITAL STATISTICS. What a nightmare. I thought this would be better because you actually submit your request over the web. Simple Right? Not so much. Again, there is no phone number to actually talk to a LIVE person. On the website you can track your order. I noticed my order had been cancelled so I emailed customer service ( of course they say they will get back to you in 3 working days- what bull!). I have emailed with them back and forth and they tell me that I am not entitled to Aidans original birth certificate because the adoption is not complete and that only the birth mother is entitled to it and I am entitled to his new birth certificate with his new name. Say what? In every email I have stated that the adoption is complete and I have even faxed them our documents stating the fact. If I HAD the new certificate I wouldnt need the original ( Dumb ass California for not submitting the new BC for 1 year!)So, in my last email I let them know that we are Aidans legal parents and we have every right to his birth certificate. I also asked that a supervisor call me. I doubt I will get this resolved with the company. So after this final attempt I will just contact our attorney and see if he can help us. I mean I feel I have pretty good negotiating skills but it is difficult to negotiate when you can't actually TALK to someone! Dumb Ass Vital Statistics!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rough Weekend

Poor little Aidan had a rough weekend. It started with him falling off of the stage on Thursday. Clinton had an event this weekend and we were at the venue during set up. He was playing with our assistant trainers little 7 year old girl and the next thing I know he had crawled off the stage. He didnt get hurt. I think it just scared him.

On Friday Aidan got put in time out for the first time. He is becoming more of a toddler every day and starting to test me a little. He decided he wanted to play with the dogs food in the morning. We talked about it and I kept telling him to put the food back in the dish ( which he did). While I was fixing his lunch he once again got into the dogs food. I asked him to put it in the bowl. He looked at me and then proceeded to put it in his mouth. YUCK! He had to sit in the living room floor for one minute. He did not enjoy it but he has not touched the food since then.

We wrapped up the weekend in the ER Sunday night. It was time for dinner and I was getting Aidan to come into the kitchen. so he could eat. I was standing two feet from him and he turned to run away from me ( I think because he had a very mischevious smile on his face) He fell on our Travertine floor and fell head first.He was crying inconsolably and at first I couldnt tell what was wrong with him because I thought he hurt his leg. I then saw the huge golf ball sized knot on his forehead. Not good. I drove him to the ER just to make sure he didnt have a concussion ( he didnt). They made us hang out there for awhile becuase the bump was so big they couldnt feel to see if the skull was cracked. They were looking for signs of brain damage ( vomiting, crankiness, etc...) to determine if they needed to do a CAT scan. He ended up being his happy content self after he got some food in his belly so they let us go. The swelling had gone down considerbly by the time they let us go. This morning it looked a thousand times better. It is still a little swollen and he has a huge bruise but he is fine. He has been happy and content all day. I am still a nervous wreck so I stayed on his heels all day today. It is hard to imagine that he did that much damage just walking! I really wish we had wall to wall carpet instead of the Travertine downstairs. I think I am just going to keep him upstairs ( where it is carpeted) as much as I can and put his big playpen in the living room off of the kitchen ( where we have a rug) This should keep him contained. The playpen is big enough that he can walk around without feeling confined. I wish I could just put him in a helmet and wrap him in bubble wrap! I hope our week goes better than our weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun at Seaworld - again!

We had so much fun at Seaworld last Saturday that we decided to go again yesterday with some friends visiting from the U.K. I forgot my camera of all days but I did have Aidan's picture taken with a few of the Sesame Street characters. Sally got some great pictures and I will post them as soon as I get my hands on them. We watched the Shamu show yesterday. I am having mixed emotions about Shamu now. After seeing Orcas in the wild it suddenly seems almost cruel to keep those giant beautiful creatures in a tank of blue water and training them like dogs- hmmmm.....

I am excited becuase we are throwing a big Halloween bash this year. I ordered mine and Aidan's costumes this week and Clinton has enough costumes to wear for all the Halloweens for the rest of his life. All of our costumes go together. Any guesses on what we will be for Halloween? I can't wait, but you will have to.

Here is a picture of Aidan with Telly Monster yesterday. It is just a picture of a picture so the quality is not that great but it is by far my favorite of the day. "Hey Telly- did you know that I am 1 year old?"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fun at Seaworld

Clinton took a group of people hiking yesterday in Ojai so I decided to take Aidan to Seaworld. I LOVE Seaworld and haven't been since we have lived here. Clinton even got me dolphin trainer for a day and I havent even used it yet (mainly because I haven't had a sitter).

We had an absolute ball yesterday and get this - We didnt see a single whale or dolphin the entire day. How do you go to Seaworld and not even lay your eyes on Shamu you ask? You spend your entire time at BAY OF PLAY! In case you are not familiar with this, it is a part of the park for little kids that is ALL SESAME STREET! I have to admit that I am bit of a Sesame Street freak! I loved, loved, loved, Sesame Street as a kid but then I kind of grew out it. When Aidan was born the Sesame loving kid inside of me was reignited! I love all of the characters especially the "old school" ones like Grover, Snuffie, Cookie, and Big Bird. I am talking I love them more than Mickey or any Disney character. I was watching "A baby story" the other day and the mom they were featuring worked for Sesame Street and I had a little streak of jealousy run through me. Sad I know but what a job that would be! Anyway Aidan and I spent just a couple of hours at Bay of Play and then caught a show. It was enough for the babe and I decided we needed to head home. I purchased a season pass so I have every intention of going back and having breakfast with Elmo and Lunch with Shamu!

Before I show you some Aidan cuteness I wanted to give you and update of 'Must Love Kids'. It has been moved to Saturdays at noon . Evidently TLC has decided they wanted to make the night time shows "more edgy". Also some scoop - Tracy let me know that she did NOT pick the guys they matched her with. They asked her to look at the profiles and rank the men 1 -28 in order that she would like to date them. Half of the guys were at the BOTTOM of her list and none were in her top 10. That explains a lot. In case any of you were wondering if Paris acts the way in real life the way she does on the show - the answer is YES! She is quite the handful to say the least and can leave a person exhausted after being with her for a couple of hours. She does however have her cute and sweet moments.

Now for some Aidan cuteness....

Let me see... How do you do this? Oh I figured it out.

Presenting...... All of my fav characters

Squealing in excitement! Too cute.

Some new members of the family that I had to have for myself - oh I mean Aidan. Snuffie, Grover, and Big Bird ( Aidan calls him duck). The cute one to the far left is known as Annabelle. I think she is Abby Cadabby's sister.

2 cute videos of Aidan exploring. Notice how he pats his belly when he get excited.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recap from this week

We began this week by saying good bye to some good friends. Joe and Jenni ( aidan's first baby sitters) moved to Colorado. Aidan and I went to their going away party last Sunday. We are going to miss them but will enjoy visiting them during ski season LOL!

Also this week I began interviewing nannies. We have decided to get a nanny for just a few hours a week and some weekends so I can help Clinton. Now that Aidan is walking it is near impossible to get any work done when he is awake. I think I am finally ready to " let go" just a little and let someone else take care of him for a few hours a week ( although I don't plan on being out of the house!). I really like one of the girls I interviewed but I just need to get her background check done and contact her references. We also thought a nanny could travel with us when we go to London. Frontier Trainings is taking off like wildfire over there and Clinton's name is really getting recognized in the UK. I have a feeling we will be going there at least a couple of times a year.

This week I also made the first steps in getting Aidan's passport. I ordered a certified copy of his original birth certificate. Hopefully it will be here in a couple of weeks and I can schedule his appointment with the passport agency.

Clinton , Aidan, and I went out to dinner one night this week. After dinner we let Aidan walk around the outside mall area ( where all the kiosk's are located). It was the first time we have let him walk in a public place. He was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself. He began patting his belly in excitement and squealing!

It has been a really quiet weekend. Clinton is running a sales course so we have a house full of people staying here but just from about 11:00pm to 8:00 am. The rest of the time it has been just A and myself. We went for a swim and I took him to Balboa Park yesterday. He had so much fun! Anywhere he gets to walk around these days is a big hit with him. We went to the farmers market this morning and I bought some fresh veggies and fruit. We had a very yummy lunch of artichoke and spinach feta cheese on pita, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Aidan is loving fruit these days. While at the market I just gave him a whole banana and he gobbled it up in just a few minutes. He was one happy, messy, and content boy! We are going to go visit Clinton when Aidan gets up from his nap. He will get some more walking time in but in a cool and breezy location by the bay!

Now for some pics! Be sure to watch the walking video of Aidan at the end. We will miss you Joe and Jenni! We will visit you this winter! ( Aidan was really in the need of a nap in this picture)

Aidan's new Elmo hooded towel. It cracks him up.

excited to be freeeeeeee!

Aidan pointing at a plane. If any of you have ever flown into San Diego you know the airport is right downtown. The park is really close to the airport so Aidan was pointing and saying "pane" every few minutes.

Friday, August 1, 2008

West Coast Party

Yesterday we had Aidan's "West Coast Party". It was a very warm day but lots of fun. I decided to let Aidan be all boy today and play outside. Believe it or not I have never let the poor baby just play outside. Of course we go to parks and swing and do other stuff outside. Today ( sorry mom I hope you are prepared for this) I let Aidan just play and get dirty for the first time. I know shocking isn't it. But what I learned is that it is ok for Aidan to get a little dirty once in awhile. He had a ball and cleaned up quite nicely! Here are some pics from the days event.

Outfit # 1 - Look who's 1 Aidan Kai..... How many times do I have to tell you people that I am 1!
The food.... Doesn't it look nice?

The tables....

I loved Aidans cakes. Aren't they cute! It tasted as good as it looked.

Aidan' "smash cake" In case you Aussies don't know what this is ( Clinton didn't). On a babies first birthday it is tradition to give them a cake that they can have fun digging into and eating.

Mr. Big boy on his riding toy.

Hey this is fun!

The table after we moved the food when it just got to stinkin' hot. Doesn't it look gross!

Mr. Walker. He is sooo cute walking. He looks like a little Frankenstein the way he holds his arms and hands.

Coolin' off in the pool. I had the brilliant idea of putting 3 dozen rubber ducks in the pool to float. They of course all ended up in the filter, so we gave them to Aidan.

Jacob, Don't even think about taking my riding toy.

2 happy boys

Another waking picture

Opening gifts. The first thing we opened was a sword.... Doesn't every one year old need a pirate sword? HUH? Anyway Aidan thought it made a fine chew toy.

Aidans cool pirate rocking chair we got him. On the front it says " Jolly Rocker"

More Pirate attire....

o.k. mom- enough with the pirate stuff already. I am getting bored with it.

One of my favorite pics of the day...

Aidans smash cake.

Hum... let me see what this is.....

Maybe I will play with one of these little ducks..

Oh this feels kind of weird...

So this is how you do it. Thanks for the coaching dad!

Ummm... This IS tasty!!!!

The cake after Aidan was finished with it.

Going to town eating his cake...

Mr. Monkey Face with cake all over his face. Too funny!

After eating his cake I just let him run around in his diaper. Getting dirty..

See... I told you he got dirty! Look at those knees!

Couldn't finish the post without including a picture of Miss Annabelle Leigh- Who also had a great time eating cake off the ground!