Sunday, June 2, 2013

He just wants to be grown....

It seems lately that Aidan Kai just wants to be grown up and it is killing me. His wish list for his birthday consists of a " real toolbox" with "real tools" NOT toy tools, Monopoly Millionaire ( I don't know any other soon to be 6 year old that loves Monopoly like me kid does, Beyblades and a new bike. He has grown so much that his bike looks like a toddler bike on him now.

 He LOVES money. He loves to hold money, count money, and figure out how he is going to spend his money. He is NOT happy doing chores to earn money because he feels he doesn't earn enough. lol. He worries about things like paying bills. He is 5! We had this conversation the other day....
Aidan- " Mommy I don't have to pay my own bills until I am 19 right?"
Me- " Daddy and I will pay your bills until you graduate college and then you pay your own bills"
Aidan- "First I go to college, then I get married, and then I pay my own bills?"
Me-" Yes thats right"
Aidan-" and when I'm 16 I can have my own car"
Me- "When you're 16 you will be able to drive but if you want a car you are going to have to work and pay for it yourself"
Aidan- " Oh ok, maybe I will get a job at the dealership and get a super deal for you too"
Me- "Yes that would be nice"
He makes me laugh. I swear he is like a little adult at times. If I told the kid today that he could go out and get a job I think he would be estatic!

He is also becoming very independent. He had a big day yesterday when I gave him some money at Target and let him go to the snack bar by himself  for the first time and buy a pretzel and icee while I was checking out.( dont worry he was within eye sight the entire time). He thought this was a BIG deal and couldn't stop smiling. When we got home from Target I was in his room talking with him and noticed his wallet laying there. I noticed there were some gift card looking cards in it. There were 3 and each was worth $50.00. When I asked him about them he said " I randomly found them while I was going through my dad's suitcase". lol! Im glad he "randomly" found them while he was doing something he was NOT supposed to be doing. I asked if daddy knew he had them and he said "No", so I made him ask his dad if it was ok if he had them and had a discussion  with him about not going through other people's belongings. It turns out the cards were some type of discount cards and were basically worthless as they were from Australia so his dad let him keep them. Aidan was so happy when he said yes and immediately asked to go to Target to spend them. I explained that they weren't real gift cards and they weren't really worth any money. The child had a total meltdown and was laying in the floor crying saying that he wanted his own credit cards and money. I couldn't do anything but stiffle a giggle ( and of course make a facebook post) and console him saying it was tough being 5 sometimes and not having your own money. He did something similar to this when we were at Legoland last month. He went "Mining for Gold" ( which I think was really scrap metal). He got a few pieces and then wanted to go to the gift shop to trade his gold for something in the store. LOL. You have to give the kid credit for being creative. I only pray that he ends up being a entrepreneur and comes up with a creative way to earn money at a young age.

In a few weeks it will be Kindergarten graduation. I can NOT believe how FAST this year has flown by and that I will have a kid in 1st grade next year!