Monday, January 31, 2011

so much to catch up...

I just wanted to check in. There has been so much going on in our lives lately ( all good things). I need to catch up on Monster Truck Jam, our move ( we are officially in our new house but have yet to unpack) and my 40th birthday in Vegas. I havent even had a chance yet to download any pics on my computer so I will post an update soon.
Oh and in case you were wondering... Yes that is a pciture of Aidan eating ice cream with chopsticks. Only my funny boy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

this and that....

The weather has been soooo beautiful the past week here but it has been especially warm the past two days. So much so that I put Aidan in shorts and a tshirt yesterday and I wore a skirt, short sleeve shirt and flip flops! Needless to say we have been enjoying the weather. :)

Aidan and I went to visit a couple of preschools on Thursday. The first one did not really impress me. There is something about a preschool who has a DIRECTOR that does not know phonics. I was talking with her when I first arrived and she was giving me an example of the curriculum there. She was talking about the kids learning their letters and sounds, " You know for example that "A" says oooo ( insert short "o" sound)" AAHHHH!!!! I wanted to run away at that point but Aidan was having a great time in circle so I stayed for her whole spiel. Maybe I am just a little on the sensitive side from teaching phonics for so many years but that really bugged me. Aidan already knows all of his letters and sounds ( and has since he was 2) and he knows that A does NOT say oooo and I do NOT want him to go to preschool just to be UNTAUGHT what he has already learned. The other thing she showed me was the worksheets that the kids are required to complete. I DO NOT want my kid sitting and doing worksheets at 3 years old. It is just my personal opinion but I think it is ridiculous. The second preschool visit I would consider a success. I liked the facilities, the teachers seemed genuinely interested in the kids, the director seemed knowledgeable and was extremely nice, and the kids seemed happy. The program is a "play based" program ( which is what I am looking for) with just a little academics. I am looking for a program where Aidan can learn to get along with others and share, where he can learn to be a little more independent while at the same time learn to be part of a group. I want him to work on gross and fine motor skills ( WITHOUT doing blasted worksheets), I want them to peek his curiosity and ask him REALLY good questions . I want him to explore and discover new things while being gently guided and most of all I want him to make friends and have fun. I want him to come home each day worn out and filthy dirty from exploring and learning new things. :) We have a couple of more appointments next week before I make my final decision and I know we will find the perfect fit.

Yesterday Aidan had a surprise in the mail and received some Australian themed books from Grandma Helen. Thank you Grandma!
Aidan, Clinton and I have had the opportunity to spend lots of time together this past month. It has been SO nice! but alas, Clinton had to go back to work yesterday because someone has to pay the bills. lol! I can't complain at all about Clinton working because we LOVE to visit him while he is teaching in San Diego. It would be hard to find a more beautiful spot than the Marina! I guess that is why there are so many weddings held there. Yesterday Clinton got a HUGE treat when he got his Christmas present delivered to him. His new HARLEY DAVIDSON! Now mind you he can't really drive it yet because he doesn't have his license but he HAS had the beginner class in riding a motorcycle and had a BALL driving it around the parking lot. lol!

Clinton on his motorcycle and Aidan on his motorcycle.

Aidan in the training room today playing the part of the prince during "Lords of Plantasia".

Here is a really BAD video. For some reason it is sideways and the lens is dirty. Im not sure how it ended up sideways because I shot the video the same way I shoot all of my videos. I wanted to post it because it is of Aidan riding his motorcycle today at the Marina. I think he had more fun today on his motorcycle than he has EVER had! The Marina is a PERFECT place to ride and I'm sure he rode several miles today!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Preschool bound????

Aidan and his puppy Annabelle. I can't believe he was letting her lay there like that!

Aidan and I have spent the whole afternoon at Java Mamas. It is one of my favorite places in the new neighborhood where we will be moving in March. It is a coffee house where you can buy a "play pass" and they supervise your child while he/she plays. Its geared towards the 5 and under crowd so you dont have to worry about the bigger kids. The food there is awesome. Today I got an "everything" bagel with cream cheese, pesto sauce, and tomatoes for lunch and Aidan ate a grilled cheese with cantoloupe. Yummy! Today I took my computer so while Aidan was playing I researched preschools in the area. I found a few and have scheduled to tour 4 of them in the next week. Aidan is super excited and wants to "go to school and meet some little boys to play with". There is one at a church that I think I would really like him to go to but they dont have any openings until the fall. I think he will be much happier once he gets in school and gets into a routine. He still isn't thrilled about living here and told me last night, "mommy I don't want to live here" and honestly I can't blame him because I really dont want to live in our current location either but will deal with it until March. It amazes me how articulate he is and how he does such a good job at expressing his feelings.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in San Diego and I am enjoying it so much! It is supposed to be 77 on Friday! SOOOOO much better than the cold and snow!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Happy Birthday Mimi! Today is my moms birthday. Since we couldn't be there for it we filmed a birthday greeting for her! Aidan and my mom are so close and have such a special relationship! He really misses her ( as do I) and I cant wait for her to come visit us! I hope you have a great day mom. It looks like we are going to have another January 9th baby in our family. My cousin David and his wife Daniela are at the hospital now!

In an unrelated topic... After I put Aidan to bed last night I heard a noise coming from his room. I thought he was in there crying but when I went to check on him he was actually in there giggling. He was entertaining himself by coming up with his own rhyming words and he thought it was hysterical. :) sweet boy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Difficult Transition

This move to San Diego has been hard for my sweet boy. He asks me all the time to take him home. It breaks my heart to see him so sad. I finally got his room all set up last night with his train table, cars, and all of his favorite toys so hopefully this will help a little. His bedroom is actually the biggest one he has ever had and he has a lot of room to play. He seems to do a lot better when we aren't in the apartment so my plan is to have outings every day. The weather is absolutely beautiful in San Diego so I plan on spending a lot of time at the park and outside. Next month we are going to Australia and then we will be getting a house in March. I know what he needs is stability so I can't wait to get in our new neighborhood and start getting established. He needs a routine and friends. My intention is to stay put and to lay off of the traveling for awhile- which means family and friends will need to visit us! HA! I am going to research preschools and playgroups in our new neighborhood. I am even considering finding a part time job. After we get settled in our new house we plan on staying there a LONG time.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Eve at Seaworld

We decided to spend New Years Eve at Seaworld. The plan was to stay there until the fireworks at 8:00 to ring in the New Year. We were still so tired from traveling / moving that we only made it until 6:00. We left and grabbed some dinner at Chick fil A and then headed home. While we WERE there Aidan was going full force and having a ball. His favorite part ( as always) was Sesame Place. He really enjoyed jumping and climbing the rope structure. Clinton went up with him three times and I went once. We were home and sound asleep by midnight.

We moved the last of my stuff into the storage unit today. The plan is to stay here 2 more months and then move into a house. I am SO looking forward to that day!!! To say it is a little cramped here is an understatement but totally doable for a few more months. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just because...

just because this video is so darn cute and it makes me smile :) Christmas 08.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trolley ride and balloon parade

Did you know that San Diego has the biggest balloon parade in the world? Even bigger than NYC Macys Thanksgiving Parade? NYC has 15 balloons and we have 22 balloons. I think it is one of San Diegos best kept secrets. I have never heard of it and only stumbled across it when I was looking on a "family things to do in San Diego" website. They have it every year for the "Holiday Bowl". This year Nebraska and Washington were playing. Clinton works out in the gym in the morning and my car only arrived early yesterday morning so I decided Aidan and I would take the trolley downtown to watch the parade. I have been wanting to take the trolley since we lived here so I figured this was the perfect opportunity. Of all days to forget the stroller I picked the day we had to do a lot of walking but Aidan did GREAT! I had to carry him for awhile but overall he was a trooper. The trolley ride itself was fun and an adventure. I wouldn't mind using it on a regular basis! It beats the heck out of looking for parking downtown.

The parade was truly amazing. The balloons were awesome and they had High School bands from around the country. I talked to some other people while we were waiting for it to start and they hadn't heard of it either until they stumbled across it in random places- in a magazine in a doctors office, being downtown when it was happening, etc... It was an hour and a half long but Aidan only lasted 45 minutes. He decided that he had enough so we decided to take advantage of the empty jump house, the nonexistent face painting line, and empty restaurant to grab some lunch. Score! It was such a fun day and I think we will add this to our list of yearly traditions!

getting ready to get on the trolley, It was chilly at 8 in the morning!
riding the trolley. Notice the leaf he picked up while we were waiting.
waiting for the parade to start...

The first balloon of the day? Thomas! Look at that GORGEOUS sky!

Mr. Potato Head

Bob the Builder

We were standing by a light. This is how they got Bob under it.

Seaworld Balloons

Its Shamu! We spent yesterday at Seaworld for New Years Eve. Pics coming soon.

Congratulations to the University of Washington who won the Holiday Bowl.

look at these cuties!!

Aidan had enough so we went to the jump house.

and got his face painted...

Happy New Years everyone! I hope 2011 brings Health, Wealth, and Happiness to all of you!