Sunday, April 20, 2008

My curly headed boy and San Diego House

Mom and I have had a busy week. We took a load of things down to San Diego and I will probably take another load down this week. We went back to the flea market this weekend since it was cooler and I got a couple of really cute things for Aidan. One is a huge towel with a hood that he will be able to use when he gets out of the pool. It was kind of on the cool side and a little overcast this time, so Aidan had on jeans, a tshirt, and a windbreaker ( with his hood up most of the time). I did not even think about putting sunscreen on the poor kid ( last week when it was 95 degrees he was covered from head to toe in SPF 50). I was shocked when we got home and the poor baby had a bad sunburn on his little cheeks and nose. He didn't look like he was getting any sun when we were there or I would have bought some sunblock there and applied it. I learned my lesson and I will always apply sunblock anytime we are going to be outside any length of time.

Last night mom took the night duty with Aidan so I could get up and go to church this morning. It was pure bliss and getting a full nights sleep was much needed and much appreciated.Aidan will have times that he sleeps through the night and times that he does not. Last night he did not and was up twice. I attended Mariners Church again and I really enjoyed it. Mom has been going by herself for the past couple of weeks because the time has been interfering with Aidans nap time. This week it was my turn and I went by myself. Next week I think we will attempt to go to the Saturday night service so we can both attend.

Now here are some pictures from this week...
My baby is starting to get curls in the back of his head. In this pic you can see one peeking out over his ear.
Sweet baby

Here are some pics of our house in San Diego. These are from Moms camera. I will post more once we get moved in.

This is the balcony that leads down the hall to the bedrooms. This was taken from the front door.

Outside the front of the house

View from the front door

One of my favorite parts of the house - the pool! If you look to the left of the pic you will see a little hut that is the sauna. There is also a jacuzzi to the right that mom didnt get in the pic.

This is my favorite part of the house- The master bath! It was just remodeled and I LOVE it!!! It is so big that you cant get the entire thing in one shot.

Here is some random cuteness from this week...

This was taken just before leaving for the Flea Market before the sunburn incident. Aidan is quickly growing out of his clothes and I need to go buy him a new pair of jeans however, they are not actually as short as they look.

This is one of my new favorite pictures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Major Kelleyism

Every once in awhile I have what my friends lovingly refer to as a "Kelleyism". These are events that happen to me that are totally funny because they are just stupid. I really am an intelligent person, it's just some things I do you would think otherwise. "Kelleyisms" don't happen that frequently but I had a doozie the other day.

My mom purchased a spa package for me as an early Mothers Day present ( Thanks ma!). I thought I would take advantage of my mom's babysitting services and grab some lunch before my appointments. When I got to the restaurant I realized they were closed on Mondays. As I was walking back to my car ( thinking about where I could go that could serve me fast so I wouldn't be late for my appointment), I noticed a man watching me and he kept getting closer and closer and was staring at me. I unlocked my car and quickly got in because he was kind of creeping me out. As I was closing my door, he was only a couple of feet from me. I just looked at him like "What?". He mumbled something and I said "excuse me?" He then repeated "Isn't that my car?" I looked around and turned bright red when I realized that it was his car. Doh! His car was identical to mine and parked only 2 spaces down ( he had not locked his door). The only thing I could do was laugh and apologize profusely! Luckily, he was a good sport and was laughing also. Good thing because he could have probably had me arrested!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Missing Pictures

When Aidan was born and we were in Las Vegas I took a ton of photos those first couple of days. Sadly, I did something to Clinton's computer and lost the entire directory and lost those first couple of days worth of photos. While I was able to download several photos from the blog that I had already posted, there were many that I lost including some precious ones of Aidan's birth family. Last week Clinton was working on something on his computer and mysteriously the photos reappeared! We even had our tech guy attempt to retreive them with no success. I don't know what happened but boy was I glad when the photos popped up! Here ard some of Aidans "firsts"... A very happy mama!
My sweet baby

This picture is the first time I saw baby Aidan! He was 45 minutes old and getting checked over by the nurse.

The first time Clinton held his son!

and finally Aidans first real bath!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

I know this favorite photo Friday is late, but how does the saying go- to busy livin' to be bloggin'. We had a good day. Mom and I took advantage of the beautiful So Cal Spring weather and drove to Anaheim to have lunch at Benihana. YUM! and then went to a furniture store that is going out of business. Now that we are getting a much bigger place we need some new furniture. Clinton and I have never bought furniture in the almost 6 years we have been married. Hard to believe. I didn't have much luck today but there is always tomorrow...

Now on to my favorite photos from the past couple of days....This pic is for Grandma Helen. I know she will think I am adorable in my super cute Pirate hat. I hope you feel better soon Grandma!
This picture was taken today. I decided to dress Aidan in shorts since the weather is finally warming up. Is that really my 8 month old baby sitting there? I think someone took the body of a toddler and superimposed his head!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Giggling Aidan

Mom and I went out today. When we got home Mr. A was in rare form. We got this video of him giggling. Enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Random pics from the past week

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I have been busy processing paperwork for Clinton, packing, and spending time with my mama. We move in a little over 3 weeks and I am nowhere close to being finished packing. I have made a little progress and at least have purchased some boxes and packed up some books and picutres. I am excited to get into our new house which will be at least 2 and a half times the size of our townhouse. We are quickly running out of room with all of Aidans toys. Since Clinton works from home it will be nice to seperate work space from living space.

Aidan is growing and changing it seems every day. I can't wait for his 9 month appointment to see how long he is and how much he weighs. He has been a total crackup and smiles and laughs all the time. I really think he is going to be into music. He dances all the time ( even when mom was just beating on a box the other day)

Aidan has been going through some hyper growth. He began pulling up about a week ago and started cruising around his play pen the very next day. He is also crawling quite well now and loves to be in the floor. Since he has become much more mobile he is also starting to get some boo boos. It doesn't matter if I am right there with him he always finds a way to hit his head or face. Ugh. Mr. A in his carseat
I bought this jumper for him and he loves it.

Peekaboo I see you

Cruising in his play pen

Silly boy. You can see 2 of the places on his forehead and nose where he fell and bumped his head.