Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Pumpkin House

Like I mentioned in the last post , people around these parts really get into the holidays this time of year. About 15 years ago I worked with a Psychologist who told me that I needed to drive by her house that she and her husband decorated with hundreds of pumpkins. I did and it was a sight! Fast forward 15 years and I could not believe my eyes what it has transformed into! The Griffiths now decorate with not hundreds but THOUSANDS of pumpkins! There were probably a THOUSAND people there to see their house! It has turned into a whole community event. Everyone pitches in to carve the pumpkins. They were selling food and tshirts last night! They now use the inside of all the pumpkins to make pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin cookies. All the proceeds go to the local food shelter. They have a huge wall set up beside their house that is 2 stories high and about 30 feet long. It is full of pumpkins with musical instruments carved into them. They play music and there is a light show choreograped with the music. So for example if there are brass instruments playing all the brass instrument pumpkins will light up. Truly spectacular! This year they even added a show. The news anchor from the local television station was there reading a story about the headless horseman. In part of the story she had everyone turn around and look. Across the river and up the mountain flood lights appeard and so did the headless horseman on a real horse of course. The Pumpkin House was even featured on the Ellen Degeneres show last year. The Pumpkin House has come a long way in 15 years. I dont know how they have the time to do it all. Sandy still works as a psychologist and her husband Rick owns a pharmacy and is the mayor of the town! One thing is for sure, they have really instilled a sense of community- which I LOVE! Thanks Rick and Sandy! Now for some pics which REALLY does NOT even touch what it is like to be there and experience it first hand. That is the moon behind their house.

Luckily Cara had a glow stick for Aidan to play with while we waited in the LONG line to see the house.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treating Round #2

Tonight was the official trick or treat night in this area. I took Aidan to Cara's mom and dads house in Charleston. West Virginians are really into Halloween ( at least based on my observations - Californians are no where near into the "community" that West Virginians are during this season). I love the sense of community that I got to experience tonight. Everyone in the neighborhood participates and sits at the end of their driveway handing out candy. Everyone gets really into it! Aidan had so much fun. This is really the first Halloween that he has any clue about what is going on. He really got into saying trick or treat and receiving the candy. He was the cutest puppy ever tonight. After we left there we went to my friend Sheri's Grandmothers house on the other end of town. Again, the entire community gets into it. They had close to 700 trick or treaters at her grandmothers house! I didnt get any pictures while I was there which was a shame because her daughter Lauren was the cutest "Jasmine" ever.

Aidan checking out Cara's moms goose ( cara's mom passed away last year from Leukemia). The goose has been around since Cara and I were roomates 15 years ago. It has outfits for every season and holiday and has a whole closet full of clothes! This year it was a scarecrow for Halloween. At one point I think we ( all of the room mates) were proud owners of miniature geese. One weekend Cara's coworkers abducted hers without her knowledge and took it on a road trip. They took pictures of it in various locations - kind of like the roaming nome- hilarious!

The Goose....

I just love Aidans puppy dog tail...

Getting some candy from Cara's dad Carl ( aidan calls him Carwel)

See - everyone gets into the action. There were probably a dozen dogs in costumes. Sadly, I forgot Annabelles ladybug costume in San Diego so she was costumeless this year.

The neighbor across the street sitting at the end of her driveway giving out candy.

Mommy taking Aidan trick or treating.

checking out the booty at the end of the night.

M's ( as aidan calls them)

My kids and I. Aidan looks like he is getting ready to cry but was just aggravated because I was holding him.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Aidan has been so full of himself lately...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick or Treating Round #1

I took Aidan trick or treating last night at the "Capital Market". The Capital Market is the farmers market downtown. The weather was nice last night so I wanted to take him. It has been raining a lot here and I am afraid that it will be raining next Thursday when it will be the official trick or treat night. It couldnt have been more perfect for Aidan. It wasnt crowded and there were mostly smaller children there with only a few big kids. Aidan had so much fun! He thought it was so cool that people were giving him candy! He was content after the first Tootsie Roll and ate it immediately ( I had to wash his costume as soon we got home after it had been tootsie rolled- lol). He wanted to eat ALL the candy at the end of the evening but was happy just eating a sucker. We both just sat for awhile and enjoyed watching everyone walking around in their costumes. I just love fall and all the festivities that go with it! Its by far my favorite season- Especially in WV-the leaves are breathtaking now! Is this not the cutest puppy you have ever seen?

Look Mama a tootsie roll!

I love Pumpkins!

Hanging out eating his sucker watching the other kids. Notice the big string of drool.

Trick or Treating is COOL!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogging Break

So I decided to take a little blogging break. We have moved back to WV and have been busy. After much drama with the moving company I hired ( we paid twice what our original quote was) and waiting for almost a month for my car ( hallelujah it got here yesterday) we are finally getting settled in our new house. I love the house we are renting and the neighbors seem really great! The best part is that there are a ton of kids in the neighborhood! I have 2 really close friends that live fairly close and a cousin ( also a friend) that lives a couple of miles from here! Funny story about my cousin Terri- we met my freshman year at MU and became good friends. Only after we became friends did we realize that our grandfathers were brothers! We are cousins! Doesnt really say much for the "closeness" of my family huh! LOL! The weather has been a little on the chilly side so we havent been out to play much. Also, shortly after arriving my back decided to go out and I spent every day last week at the chiropractor ( when my back goes out it REALLY goes out!). Luckily my old chiropractor is still practicing. I last saw him in 1992 ( 17 years ago for you non- matematicians). Everyone in his office still remembered me and they still had my records! I just adore Dr. Via! In my book he works magic! I am still seeing him some this week but I am about 95% healed.

I took the GRE shortly after arriving here and got my results already. I am just waiting to hear from Marshall that I am officially accepted to Grad School.

Aidan is doing well but has taken a little time to adjust. He is now in a big boy toddler bulldozer bed! It took about a week for him to actually STAY in the bed at night but now he is doing great. I took him to see the PT and they are going to have him wear shoe inserts for his toe walking. We will see the PT twice a month so she can teach us exercises to help Aidan with his muscle strength. They also recommended an OT evaluation for some sensory issues that she noted.

I havent taken one single picture since we have been here! I took Aidan to the park the other day with my camera to get some shots of him playing in the leaves but my camera was dead. Hopefully Aidan will wake up from his nap in time and I can take him trick or treating tonight at the "Capital Market" and I can get some pics. Below are some pics that I took shortly before I left. These are all the So Cal MU alumi kids- Aidan, Jacob, Bella, and Jocelyn. We got together one afternoon so we could take their pics - so cute- they were all born within 6 months so are really close in age.

MU tots holding up the wall. Hee Hee...