Thursday, January 31, 2008

Joe and Jenni - Babysitters Extraordinaire

Aidan was feeling much better yesterday so we decided to reschedule our date. It was the first time we have left Aidan and he hasn't been with his Grandma or his Nana. Our friends Joe and Jenni babysat him. They did a terrific job and I think they had a good time too. They even sent me a picture of them having fun while we were at dinner.

Clinton and I had dinner at Maestros Ocean Club. It is a super nice restaurant on PCH. I had the filet and lobster mashed potatoes. They were the special of the day so there was no price listed. Clinton and I both just about fell out of our seats when we received the bill and the potatoes were $36.00! I mean $36.00 for potatoes? Clinton and I only visit that restaurant once maybe twice a year. But you can bet that I will never order those again. They were good but not worth it. After dinner we went to see the movie Juno. I loved it! I fell in love with the character of Juno and also the part Jennifer Garner played as the adoptive mom. I could sooo relate to her!

We had a good time being out for a little while away from our dear son. I missed him and of course worried about him, but it was something we needed to do. I think we will have to start having a date night more often. But next time we will skip the lobster mashed potatoes. getting ready to go out on date night!
The Milunas' - baby sitters extraordinaire! It's time to get busy yourselves guys!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yesterday I turned 37. That means in 3 years I will be 40. That is middle aged people! I don't understand how these things happen. I guess age is all how you look at it. I can choose to be sad and depressed about it or I can choose to celebrate and say the best years are still ahead of me. I choose the later.Last year we went skiing, whale watching, and spent time with friends at the beach by the fire pit roasting marshmallows. This years birthday was not exciting or glamorous but it was by far the best birthday. Aidan went to the doctor on Monday for his 6 month immunizations and well baby visit (He now weighs 18 lbs 6 ozs and is 28 1/2 inches long. He is in the 75th percentile for his weight and 90th percentile for his height- which makes his daddy very happy.) As a result of his shots he was a very cranky and sick baby yesterday. It was the first time he has ever had a fever, so I spent my birthday taking care of a sick baby. Clinton and I arranged for a babysitter so we could go out to dinner and a movie but canceled our plans. I did manage to sneak out while Aidan was napping and get a facial ( which was incredible!). Now you may ask yourself why this years birthday was the best ever. It is because I got to take care of a sick baby. My baby! That in itself makes it the best birthday!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy 1/2 birthday angel!

6 months ago you came into our lives. A precious gift from God! What an adventure these past 6 months have been. I can not remember what life was like before we were blessed with the gift of Aidan Kai. You have taught us so many lessons in these short 6 months - patience, flexibility, perseverance, and most of all unconditional love. You touch everyone you meet with your contagious smile and easygoing personality. It has been such a pleasure watching you grow and change. It amazes me how you learn new things every single day. You have a bright future ahead of you and we can not wait to watch your life unfold! We love you very much little one. Happy 1/2 birthday angel!

mommy and daddy

Friday, January 25, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

I think this picture says... My mom dresses me like a nerd!

not sure what happened to the first video!

I am not sure what happened to the last post. It looked nothing like what was published. Anyway, here is the first video. Enjoy some Aidan cuteness!

Yummy Sweet Potatoes!

O.K. my baby is not really sick. I became intrigued last week when I was reading one of my baby books. They said that babies Aidan's age will sometimes fake a cough. They do this because 1. It is a new sound they can make and they think it is cool and 2. adults usually make a big deal when they cough and they think it is funny. I had to test this on Aidan. He had been coughing a lot and I was wondering if it was a real cough or if he was just faking me out. Now I know that part of the reason he has been coughing is because of all the saliva he is producing right now. He sometimes gets choked on his own spit but other times seem a little fishy to me. Well sure enough he has been faking me out at times. For the past couple of days we have been playing the "sick baby" game. For some reason he likes to do this when he is on his changing table. I really had him going before I got out the camera ( isn't that always how it works). He would cough, I would make a big deal out of it and he would begin giggling so hard it made me start laughing. He kept doing this over and over. Pretty funny- my little guy! I don't think this is a good thing that I am teaching him but it is funny nonetheless.

I also forgot to mention the "stroke" that Annabelle had when we were away for Christmas. My mom, aunt, myself, and Clinton were at the cabin. We were getting ready to leave and we were all standing in the kitchen. Annabelle has faked a limp before when she senses we are leaving and not taking her. However, this time she acted like she had a full out stroke. She picked up one front paw, the other front paw, then both back legs. She was shaking and acting like she couldn't walk. She looked like a drunk stumbling around. I became very worried at this point because I had never seen her that bad before. The entire time Clinton was saying, "she's faking, she's faking"I said "I'm not sure, I think she is having a stroke." I picked her up and held her close for a couple of minutes. Clinton said, "Annabelle do you want to go for a walk?" She immediately jumped out of my arms and pranced over to him. I swear that dog is going to give me a heart attack one day!

This past week

I am not sure where the time goes. I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I am not even quite sure what I have been doing this past week. Clinton has been in San Diego for the past week and a half and is coming home tomorrow night. Aidan and I did visit him there on Thursday. We had a "think tank" for our business. There were about 20 people there and I feel we got a lot of good work done. We brainstormed different ideas about marketing, coaching, etc... We discussed different resources.My main focus once we move to San Diego is to get Frontier Kids up and going. There were several people there at the Think Tank that are super excited about the idea and want to help me. Clinton and I feel so blessed to have so many people that are so excited about what we are doing and where the business is heading. We really feel God is blessing us right now in so many areas of our life.

I continued cleaning out our garage this week and took 5 boxes of "stuff" and about 10 bags of clothes and towels to GoodWill. Our garage still looks like it hasn't even been touched. Much of the stuff in the garage is equipment for Frontier Trainings and things are in general areas on shelves, but the place is still a mess. I still have more work to do.

Clinton and I just "adopted" our 50th child through the Christian Childrens Fund. We sponser kids throughout the world. I will have to post pictures of some of them some time. It feels good to know that each month we are helping 50 families throughout the world. It seems that every day we are getting letters and photos from them. We keep all of their photos on a bulletin board in our office.

Now on to our own munchkin... Aidan is doing fantastic. He is definitely keeping me on my toes. He is down to 2 naps during the day and is " on the go" when he is awake. Now granted he can only roll over and can't even crawl yet, but none the less he is still "on the go" or should I say has me on the go. He loves to explore and grab anything that is within his little hands reach. His favorite thing to go for right now is the t.v. remote. I think I am going to be in trouble once he starts getting mobile. I think I will have a child safety expert of some sort come to our house in San Diego and baby proof it before we even get moved in. There are some pretty scary stairs there and a balcony with slats that I need to do something about.

Aidan had a somewhat difficult day yesterday. He was very whiny throughout the day. He seemed to do better last night after I fed him some rice cereal and had a huge bowel movement. That poor kid only has a bowel movement every 3 days or so. When he does go I usually end up having to give him a bath because it is so bad. I hope things get better in that department once he is able to eat some real food. Today was beautiful so I took Aidan and Annabelle to the park. I can't wait until Aidan is old enough to feed the ducks and play on the equipment! But for right now I am just enjoying him being a baby!

I have to send props out to all of those single moms out there! Sometimes when it comes to the work load I feel like a single mom because Clinton works so much. I couldn't imagine being a single mom and having to worry about the financial side of it. I am learning that being a mom is tough work, although I am enjoying every minute of it. I am beginning to enjoy the time that Aidan is napping. I know that sounds terrible, but it is nice to be able to get some things done, like shower for example. LOL.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally some sun!

Finally the sun came out in So Cal! It has been rainy for for the past 3 das.I guess we are spoiled here because 3 days seemed like an awfully long time. Aidan and I stayed in all weekend and I was starting to get cabin fever. I am the type of person that likes to be out and about - I always have been. My mom used to say that I liked to " keep the roads hot" when I was a teenager. I just hate sitting at home.

Anyway, Aidan and I went out today. We went to brunch at IHOP, Target and Babies R Us. I got this Exersaucer for him today and he loves it! I think he loves the fact that he can be in a standing position and play and explore independently. The seat turns all the way around and he is able to face whichever way he chooses. He is really into grabbing and exploring these days. I think this will keep him entertained for hours! Of course I don't leave him in any position for longer than 20 minutes or so. I move him from the floor, to his swing, to holding him, etc... about every 20 minutes.

In March Clinton is speaking in Hawaii and is taking us with him. We are going to stay an extra few days and make a vacation out of it. I bought Aidan some outfits for the trip. I bought him a couple of pairs of swim trunks and a few Hawaiian shirts. Too cute!I love my Exersaucer!

A shirt just like the real surfers wear! I can't wait to spend time in the ocean and pool with Aidan.

Another pair of new trunks