Thursday, May 23, 2013

Catchup (again)

So it is time to catchup again on the goings on at the Swaine Casa since February! Let's see.... In February Aidan had a week off school so we took that opportunity to have a day at Disney, The Wild Animal Park, play with friends and just hang around the house. Just lots of living everyday life!

In March we made a last minute trip to London! Clinton was going there for work and he has like a bajillion frequent flyer miles so we made the trip with him! It was great to see old friends and to meet new ones. Aidan and I did a lot of sight seeing while daddy was working. Aidan's favorite thing on this trip was riding the tube. He loved looking at the tube map to figure out how to get to our destination, which trains to take and where to transfer. I have to say this was a GREAT life skill for him to learn. I let him pick out a tshirt before we left and he picked one out that said UNDERGROUND and then had all the stations listed. lol. What is it about getting older and disliking crowds? I was fine with taking public transportation and riding the tube, but by about the 3rd day I was OVER IT! People are like little ants running around the Underground, people bump into you, most of them are walking briskly or running in a hurry, and I just think it is stressful. I honestly don't know how people live without cars and take public transport everywhere. On this trip I fell in LOVE with my car even more. I love being able to hop in it and drive wherever I need to go. I guess I am not a big city gal. :)

The weather was cold and snowy while we were there which was pleasant at times and a pain in the butt at times. Overall, Aidan loved the snow!

Easter also happened while we were in London. I was a little sad that we weren't able to go to church but we did take a guided tour that day and found ourselves at Westminister Abbey AND St.Paul's. They both just took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.

I love the culture, people, and history of the UK. I LOVE to visit there but can't say that I would ever want to live there.

In May Aidan had his Spring Fling for school. It is like their Spring concert and was a big deal. They have music once a week and have been practicing for months now! This year had a motown theme and Aidan's class sang "Rockin Robin" and "The Way You Do the Things You Do". I have to say that Aidan and his friend Tyler stole they show. They were on stage having the best time! Everyone was laughing. I will see if I can post a video.

Also in May Aidan finished AWANA's at church. In case you don't know AWANA's stands for Approved Workman are Not Ashamed. AWANA's is for kids K-3. Aidan was able to finish the Kindergarten and 1st grade curriculum! Each week they have to memorize bible versus and learn about the bible. Aidan has such a great memory that it was a breeze for him. He was able to memorize all the books of the old and new testament.

Aidan is still doing great in school and he loves it! His reading is doing great- so much so that they have to go to the grades 1-3 class to find books for him to read. :) He also loves math. He loves figuring out math problems in his head and does this for FUN. Crazy Kid. I always HATED math. He also loves learning about geography and studying maps. We have been working hard on his hand writing and I can see a big improvement since the beginning of the school year. Everyday we work on writing 3 sentences to form a paragraph. I can't wait to see what he ends up doing when he grows up. :)

We go to see the new Radiator Springs section of Disney. One word. AWESOME!
 riding Towmater's Tractor Ride. This was Aidan's favorite.
 His Agent P Mickey Ears he insisted on having. I didn't know who Agent P even was and don't know how Aidan does either since I don't allow him to watch Phineus and Ferb.
 At the Wild Animal Park. This is Johnny, Aidan's little charge for the day. They were so cute together!
Taking time to rest and look at the park map. Look at those legs! This picture cracks me up because I think he looks like a little old man.
 Crazy Hair day at school.
 Aww... Aidan and Meg ( his UK friend) The last time they saw each other he was 3 and she was 10. Now he is 5 and she is 13! How time flies!
 Eventhough we weren't at home I still wanted to have an Easter Egg hunt for him. :) It was a bootleg one but an Easter Egg hunt nonetheless.
 This was the typical weather while we were there. It was nice as long as you didn't have to get out in it and walk for miles.
 Aidan singing Rockin Robin in his Spring Fling.
 Aidan also sang in the opening and final acts.
 Pajama Day at school
 We went to a wedding earlier this month. Look how handsome!

 AWANA'S awards night.