Monday, February 4, 2013


I am well overdue for an update so here is what has been going on since NOVEMBER! My mom came to visit for a month and we had a great visit. We took a mini vacation for Thanksgiving and it was good to get away for a few days. The month of December can only be described in one word. BUSY! We had a great Christmas holiday. Every day we were doing something fun, hence no updates during December. Also, Aidan was in his first Christmas play at our church. He did an awesome job. The kids worked very hard and practiced every weekend from October until December. Two days after Christmas Aidan had walking casts put on both of his feet. The purpose of this was to stretch out his heel cords and to retrain his brain not to walk on his toes. He did great in the casts and it did not slow him down at all! He even attempted to climb a tree while he had them on. lol. He wore them for 4 weeks and had them taken off a little over a week ago. So far, so good, and he hasn't been on his toes once! He still has an awkward gait but we are hopeful that this will be corrected in time. We also moved during New Years. It was to a house just 2 blocks from our old house but it was a BIG job and took several days. We took a break for a few hours on New Years Eve to ring in the New Year at Legoland. They have New Years for kids there. It is like a mini times square. They have different bands perform and drop a lego brick at 6pm when they ring in the new year. They then have a fantastic 3D fireworks display with lego bricks popping out of the fireworks. Way cool!

We are now settled into our new house and back to a routine with school. Aidan continues to love school and is really thriving there. I can't say enough good things about his teachers or Montessori in general. His school had a walk a thon last week. They are raising money for a new elementary building that will be used for kids 1st through 3rd grade. The currently have 50 kids in one classroom with 4 teachers. They make great use of the space but it is dark and old. They want to demo the old building and build a new one. I am praying that it is sooner than later since that is where Aidan will be next year.

Aidan just started playing basketball and they had their first game last week. The game looked like a combination of rugby, football, and basketball, but the kids had fun and learned a lot. It was so cute!  He likes it but we really need to work with him on basic skills.

I am doing well. I am no longer working but am staying busy. I volunteer 3 days a week at Aidans school  and volunteer for some other things at his school that I do from home. After experiencing Montessori it was just to hard to go  back to a public school and see the attitude of some of the teachers. I was not cut out to be a teachers assistant. I am a much better teacher than assistant. lol. I really enjoyed working with my student but am much happier now. I work with Special Needs students at church on Sundays so I am able to "get my fix". lol.

Here are some pictures from the past few months....

Christmas morning
 Clinton and Aidan on Christmas playing with his new science kit. ( Aidans not Clintons. lol)
 One of Aidans teachers is a really talented photographer. She is always taking such great pictures of the kids. Here is the frame that Aidan made us for Christmas. It is made from some of my old costume jewelry.
 You can see Aidans casts in this pictures. It is from my phone so it isn't the best. I took him to get all of his hair cut off since we couldn't really wash it while he had on his casts. I took him back once a week to get it washed.
 New spikey haircut!
 Legoland on New Years.

 Aidan at the walk a thon. I was concerned that he wouldn't be able to run because he only had his casts off a week and still has weak ankles. He thought he could only do 4 laps but ended up doing 17 and ran the entire time while most of the other kids walked at the end!
 Aidan and his one of his amazing teachers Erika. She is his first "teacher crush". He keeps inviting her over to our house for a play date. lol.