Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning in pictures and video...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

It has been a crazy week. In the past 5 days we have celebrated Christmas in Tennessee, driven 5 hours in a blizzard, packed up our WV house in a blizzard, and are now happily sitting in San Diego.

Christmas was so special this year. Clinton arrived in WV on the 20th late at night. I didn't tell Aidan that his dad was coming, because I wasnt sure if his flight would make it in with the weather. I only told him that he would have a surprise in the morning when he woke up. My cousin Terri came and sat with Aidan while I picked Clinton up from the airport. The look on Aidans face when he realized his dad was there was priceless. He was so surprised and so happy! He had a great time playing with Clinton and soaking up the attention from him. On the 22nd we drove to my moms house in Tennessee. She had her house decorated so pretty! There was not one but two Christmas trees and there were pretty decorations everywhere. My aunt came on Christmas Eve and we all went to church. It was a nice candlelight service. When we got home the Christmas Eve fun began. I put up an advent calendar for Aidan - the same one I had when I was a kid. Instead of putting candy for every day, I put candy on some days and other days I had slips of paper with different activities. The activity on Christmas Eve day was to make reindeer food using oatmeal, sugar, and red and green sprinkles. After church we had our traditional hot dog Christmas Eve dinner ( not typical I know but this is a tradition in our family even though Clinton and Aidan begged to eat at the Waffle House. lol!) Aidan got to sprinkle the reindeer food on the front lawn and leave the key out for Santa. He then took his bath and put on his special Christmas pajamas. We took some family pics and then he put out the cookies and milk for Santa. It took him forever to go to sleep Christmas Eve! Finally he fell asleep and at some point Santa visited and left lots of goodies for Aidan Kai. When he saw the loot Santa left he said- "It is everything I wanted!" I havent had the chance yet to download pics from Christmas day so that will be in the next post. My uncle and his wife came on Christmas day. It was so nice to spend the day with family! Christmas night Aidan looked at me and said "You are Santa Claus". I was really taken back and didn't know what to say so I just blew it off. That little stinker is way to smart for his own good. Hopefully we will get at least one more year that he still believes. It was a great Christmas.

It began snowing on Christmas day so we had a white Christmas. We left the day after Christmas and it snowed heavily the ENTIRE day. Andrew the Great flew in to WV the day after Christmas and on the 27th we packed up the moving fan in the snow. I wish I would have taken pictures of that day but I was just to consumed in the process. I had dinner with Cara and Sheri that night and we had one last hurrah. I sure am going to miss those girls. I haven't seen much of Sheri because she has been so busy with Weston ( which by the way he is home now with 24 hour nursing care and is on a ventilator, feeding tube, and trach. He was actually hospitalized again yesterday because his central line came out. He will have to have it reinserted next week in Morgantown. Please continue to pray for him). Yesterday we flew from WV to San Diego. Currently Andrew is somewhere in the middle of the US driving our belongings and towing my car. His goal is to be here by New Years Eve! We are still in Clintons small apartment and will be moving into a house in either Feb or March. I can't WAIT until that day comes. After we get settled I will be happy if we don't move again for YEARS!

Cuddling with dad on the couch the morning after he arrived. Aidan NEVER does this with me. He won' t stop moving long enough. Christmas Eve. Leaving out food for the reindeer.

Aidan put the key out for Santa
leaving out the milk and cookies

Santas cookie of choice is Mint Milanos at our house.

Standing in front of the tree downstairs.

in front of the tree upstairs

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bowling with Santa

Yesterday Cara and I took Aidan bowling with Santa. It was Aidans first time bowling so I wasn't sure if he would like it. He did enjoy seeing Santa but really wasn't into the bowling part. lol! We saw some friends there so we just joined them. Aidan bowled with Daisy who is 6 years old. They had the bumpers up so at least they weren't all gutter balls. I helped him with throwing the ball. A couple of times I decided to let him do it by himself. Two times the ball didn't even make it down the lane and we had to get someone to help us and once we stood there for about 5 minutes waiting for the ball to make it. lol! I think Aidan's favorite part was the air machine where the balls come out. He really enjoyed putting his face over it and letting it blow his hair. After about 30 minutes we were done and decided to go have lunch.

On the way to bowling yesterday as we were driving Aidan said, "Is that where you take ballet mom?" I looked over and he was pointing to the PRISON of all places. I busted out laughing and just said "no sweetie that is the prison." Of course I then had to explain what a prison was and how people who break the law go there. I don't know what it is with my child and him thinking I am a ballerina and take ballet. He cracks me up. Last year when Cara picked him up from daycare the first time she asked him if he knew where I was and what I was doing. He said, "yes mommy is in school learning to be a ballerina." Kids get the funniest ideas. lol!

I am about 75% packed right now. It hasn't been an easy task with all the "help" I receive from Aidan but I am getting there. The last 25% is going to be the part that really stinks. I hate packing and getting to the last little odds and ends. I am also working on getting the house clean. Clinton arrives tomorrow night and I am so excited to see him! We have been together for 9 years and this will be his second time in WV. Ever. I am going to let him entertain Aidan on Tuesday while I finish cleaning. I want the house to be perfect and ready to be moved when we get back from my moms on the 26th. Andrew is flying in on the 26th and we are loading up on the 27th. Andrew is in a big hurry to start making the drive across country because he wants to make it back to Cali for New Years Eve to spend it with his girlfriend. Hopefully if I do the majority of the cleaning now I will just have to do a quick wipe with the Chlorox wipes and vacuum each room thoroughly. I can do this while the guys are loading up the truck. Clinton, Aidan. Annablelle, and I fly out to California on the 28th where yet another chapter will begin! Telling Santa what he wants for Christmas for the FOURTH time this year. He probably thinks Santa has a bad memory. lol.

Cara and her new haircut with her "little homie".

Thats us standing there watching the ball go down the lane. After about 5 minutes it FINALLY made it and I think it knocked down one pin.

Aidans favorite part of bowling. He was in the lane next to us where no one was bowling ,so no worries about getting his fingers crushed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day!

Dear Mother Nature,

I really enjoy the beauty of the snow but really? enough already! I have things to do and places to go and I don't do well when confined to the house. I would really appreciate it if you could postpone all snow until the 29th of December. That is all.


California Girl

As you can see from the pics the only word to describe our weather is SNOWY! It has also been extremely COLD! Yesterday it actually warmed up enough ( to about 22 degrees) so I could take Aidan out to play. I packed all yesterday morning so it was a much needed break for both of us! We had a really fun time. I have to say I am looking forward to leaving this weather behind me.

Only 4 more days until Clinton gets here! I just pray that I can get to the airport to pick him up. I need to have the house totally packed up by then and at least SOME cleaning done so I have my work cut out for me this weekend. It would REALLY help if I could get out of my neighborhood to go buy some more boxes and packing supplies. We will go to my moms on Wednesday ( or maybe Tuesday), spend Christmas there, head back here on the 26th and then pack up the moving truck on the 27th. We are flying back to Cali on the 28th. Woo hoo! I am going to really miss family and friends but know that I will be back often to visit! I just choose to spend the majority of my time where the weather is beautiful 90% of the time and where there are more opportunities. It will be nice to have all three of us under the same roof again, even if Clinton does travel for half of the year.

Fun in the snow

our hillbilly sled. It is a mixing table from Home Depot. We use it as our "messy table" and a water table. Sometimes it even becomes a baby pool when it is really hot. I just attached a rope to it and it became a sled! We have gotten way more out of it then the $7.00 I paid for it!

Annabelle joined in on the fun. She actually LOVES the snow and had a great time running around.

Snow Angel

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Math, Geography, and Chemistry

When I was in school there were three subjects that I really struggled - math, geography, and chemistry ( ugh! I NEVER was able to balance equations and the thought of it sends shivers down my spine- this is probably the reason I never became a marine biologist).

I think my problem in math started in the fifth grade. I had a teacher who frankly did not enjoy teaching math so we had it about once a week ( west virginia education at its finest). Hence, my REAL problems started in the 6th grade as I aced 5th grade ( is there any doubt she gave everyone A's?). Since I have actually taught 5th grade math I see how many important foundations are laid down in the 5th grade. I can remember my 6th grade teacher asking us "how many of you had Mrs. H for math in 5th grade?" I can remember her just sighing and now I know why. Of couse I have since gotten over it and I am not intimidated by math anymore. However, just a plea to parents.. if you feel your child is not getting an appropriate education and is lacking in ANY subject area PLEASE speak up. I can remember my mom speaking up on a couple of occasions but I don't think she really knew the lack of math education we were receiving.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. I have decided to start exposing Geography to Aidan at an early age. I have bought him a couple of maps. He has a little placemat that has a map of the US on one side and the state flags on the other. We talk about state capitols, the concept of North, South, East, and West, and talk about places we have been. He is really embracing it and learning a lot! Yesterday he said, "I need to go look at my map because I need to find Egypt." I had to explain to him that he wouldn't find Egypt on his map because Egypt was not in the US. I don't think he really comprehended this but was ok with it. My plans are to buy him a giant world map for his bedroom wall once we get settled in San Diego. I think it will be fun to mark the places we have been and to mark the places where his dad is at the moment. I want him to see Geography and Math and Science as something fun! Hopefully, this will make it easier for him when he goes to school. :)

on another note- Aidan and I were driving to my moms and we were a little bored. I decided to teach Aidan the greek alphabet for fun! He slurs some of the words so for those of you who weren't greeks in college it goes - alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omricon, pi, rho, sigma, tau upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The best part of my day

We are a very touchy feely family. I tell Aidan I love him and give him hugs dozens of times a day - everyday. I think because of this ( or maybe because it is something inborn in him) he is a very touchy feely child. He actually smothers ME with dozens of kisses, hugs, and " I love yous" throughout the day. He also shows love and affection to everyone around him. I LOVE that he is this way!

Aidan is very much a morning person. He NEVER wakes up in the morning in a bad mood. He always wakes up and goes immediately to my room ( I am always still in bed because he gets up so early unless we have something to do early in the morning). He always has the biggest smile on his face and reaches up to give me the biggest hug. He says. " I love you mommy" and we cuddle for about 10 minutes and I sing to him. This is by far the best part of my day! I wouldn't trade moments like this for all he gold , money, earthly possession in the world. My heart overflows with joy and I feel so blessed! God is so good! I sure do love that little boy and I think he loves me too!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Ha! This one took me two days to figure out....

Aidan- I want chocolate milk with cordial.

Me- With cordial?

Aidan- No with cordial!

Me- with corn oil?

Aidan- No with cordial!

Me- with Corn hole?

Aidan- No!

I never figured it out...

This evening.....

Aidan- I want chocolate milk with cordial

Me- with Cordial?

Aidan- no! *sigh* let me show you.

opens up fridge...

I want the chocolate milk with the bear on it!

Me- OH! you want the chocolate milk with Corduroy on it!!

Aidan- YES!

* what he actually wanted was a chocolate Pediasure that has a picture of a bear on it that resembles Corduroy. lol!!!! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

its been awhile

Yep, It's been awhile since my last post. For some reason I have just lost my blogging mojo. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really reads this blog , but then I remember my main reason for doing it is to serve as a record of events of Aidan's life and to keep those interested updated. So here it goes.... After arriving home from London Aidan and I stayed at my moms for a couple of days and then met my aunt and cousin in Gatlinburg for our annual "girls trip". I really look forward to this trip each year because it is really the only time I get to see my cousin Sabrina. The past couple of years my aunt Rebecca (gigi) in Atlanta has joined us but was unable to this year and we really missed having her there.

Every year we do basically the same thing- we spend a day or two shopping at the outlets, spend an afternoon in Gatlinburg, eat at The Peddler restaurant, have a photo shoot in the woods and go to the Dixie Stampede. This year we skipped The Peddler because the quality of their steaks has gone down hill tremendously. Aidan and I spent one day basically just hanging out in the cabin and letting him get some much needed sleep. It was my intention to take him to Dollywood but when we got there we realized it didn't open until much later in the afternoon, so I took him to a kiddie park for a couple of hours, took him shopping for some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and called it a day.

The past couple of years we have color coordinated our photo shoot. The first year it was by accident when mom, Aidan, Sabrina, and I all had on shades of orange. Last year we all decided to wear red and this year we all wore royal blue. We always do our photo shoot in the morning and then go to the Dixie Stampede in the evening - so we always match in our "annual picture" there also. This year for the Dixie Stampede Aidan got to wear his cowboy boots and hat and looked ADORABLE! He got to participate in one of the "games" with 3 other little girls in front of about 1000 people. He was supposed to be 4 to participate but they let him do it anyways. Aidan is a stage ham and is not embarrased in the least to get up in front of a bunch of people or talk on a microphone ( his daddy has taught him well lol!) Anyway in the game he had to chase chickens ( yes live chickens) through the arena and across the finish line. His team won! However, the MC then had to do his own " Aidan chasing" at the end of the game while they were talking to the kids. He definitely earned his money that night. lol!

After we got home from Gatlinburg Aidan and I went back to West Virginia for a minute ( it seemed like a minute but was actually several days lol!) before we turned around again and went to my moms. We then drove to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Gigi . We had a great time! I always enjoy spending time in Atlanta with the family.

We have now been home for about a week and I have been busy packing up our house and decorating for Christmas - an oxymoron I know. I just couldnt bare the thought of Aidan NOT having a tree at our house this year so we went out in the snow on Saturday to purchase one. It was so much fun and we created some great memories ,so it was worth it!

Clinton is arriving here around the 2oth , we will go to my moms on the 22nd to spend Christmas there, and then we will be packing up and moving back to California on the 28th. This weather is already getting to me and it is just the beginning of winter, so I am so happy to be getting back to California! I will be happy to get back to being a family of 3. Even though Aidan and I have spent 4 months of the past year in San Diego and for the most part whenever Clinton was home, we were there. it will be nice to live on only one side of the United States!

Ok Aidan is up from his nap now, so mommy duties call!

Aidan, me, Sabrina ( ya ya) and my aunt Sue ( nana Deuce) some pics in the woods....

Aidan getting some love from ya ya.

Dixie Stampede. Check out that cowboy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

London Part 3- Harrods and Hamleys

I had about a dozen or so people tell me that I HAD to go to Harrods and Hamleys. I had heard of Harrods but never Hamleys. OH MY GOODNESS I was not prepared for either of them. Harrods is a store that is about the size of one of our shopping malls. They hand you a map when you go in and I STILL got lost. lol! The Childrens Department and Toy Department was one whole floor. You just keep walking through room after room after room after room of clothes and toys. Now mind you I didn't purchase any clothes for Aidan because with names like Armani, Chloe, and Burberry who could really afford it? I wasn't about to pay $300.00 for a pair of minature jeans. lol! The toys were normal prices so Aidan picked out 2 trains he wanted. They had a restaurant just for kids on the childrens floor that even sold baby food. They had a sweets bar and ice cream bar on another floor. There were multiple restaurants located in the store.

Hamleys is a famous toy store located in London that happens to be 5 stories tall! Yes 5 stories!!! When you walk in they hand you a shopping bag that is half the size of my body and I am 5'10.

Both of the stores sent me into sensory overload! But I really enjoyed both places.

Harrods at night....Sorry for the blurry pic.

Need an Elvis costume for your dog? You can find it at Harrods.
They had about 3 rooms dedicated to pet fashion.

The Wonderland Cafe.... Where a kid can sit at the kid size tables and have a snack.

Playing in a teepee in Harrods. I have to say Aidan could have spent HOURS in this store.

and riding one of the toy horses.

Outside of Hamleys. Now THAT is the entrance to a store.

Inside of Hamleys