Friday, July 23, 2010

aidans drawing and first time to the movies

It has been so hot that I decided to take Aidan to see his first movie this week. I was curious to see how he would do. I picked a matinee at the beginning of the week. Toy Story 3 has been out a few weeks so I was hoping that it wouldnt be crowded. I was happy to see that we had the theatre to ourselves except one other family.

I remember one of my first movie experiences. My aunt took me to see either Bambi or Snow White when I was about Aidans age. I remember crawling in her lap when there was a scary scene. I think I did pretty well and sat most of the time in my seat. I think I have LOVED movies since that day!

I explained to Aidan what would happen, how it would be dark, etc... He did pretty well in the beginning..... I got him a kids meal so he sat and happily ate his popcorn for a little while. He then decided that he had sat long enough and needed to stand. I was fine with him standing. He then started walking down the aisle. I was still ok with this. He then walked to the aisle behind us. He was still behind me and but I started to reign him in. I then discovered that he had taken off his shoes and was walking around the disgusting movie theatre floor with bare feet! YUCK! This I was NOT ok with! I took him to the potty and discussed with him why this was NOT ok and that he needed to sit in his seat the rest of the movie. When we got back he sat for awhile and then he decided to lay down on me for a little while. I brought blankie with us because I suspected he might do this. He got all comfy for a little while and then was back to standing, roaming, etc.... At the end he was sitting on the step beside the ONLY other little boy in the theater. He came to complain to me that the little boy wouldn't talk to him. I explained to him it was because the little boy was WATCHING the movie and thats what you DO when you go to the movies. I think it will be a little while before I attempt THAT again. lol! He is just to busy all the time to sit and watch a movie. However, I think he was actually watching the movie. I think he is going to be one of these kid that is off doing his own thing in the corner somewhere while he is in class. He will actually HEAR everything the teacher is saying but will APPEAR to not be paying attention. You know the kid- the one that would drive an "old school" teacher bananas! I hope he isn't because these kids can sometimes be misunderstood. However, based on my teaching experience that is my opinion at the moment.

Here is some artwork aidan created the other day using sidewalk chalk.....

Toy story 3!

happily eating his popcorn!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summa Summa Summa time!

We have been back in West Virginia for little over a week now and we are staying busy! The weather is HOT and STEAMY here. Seriously the humidity is so bad that I bought my camera out of the air conditioned house the other day, opened the lense only to find that condensation immediately formed on the lense. We have also been having lots of thunderstorms. It has been a far cry from the perfect San Diego weather we left but I will take it! I will take anything over the cold and snow.

We have been staying cool by playing in water and eating lots of popsicles! I have been taking Aidan outside to play in the morning when there is still a little shade and later in the evening. Its just to hot to go out there in the middle of the day!

We have had Lauren over to play a couple of days. Lauren is Westons big sister. Can you please continue to pray for Weston and his family? He has been in the hospital for most of the 7 months since he has been born and is now in Cinncinatti with his mama. They have him on a respirator and the doctors are at a loss as to how to help him. He is having lots of tests done and had a sleep study last night. They are hoping the sleep study will give them some more information. They talked for awhile about sending him home on the respirator with a nurse 24 hours a day but are unable to do so because they are having to keep the settings so high. There is no at home respirator that will accomodate him with the high settings. I think it is getting harder by the day for Sheri. The news they keep getting about Weston is not encouraging and she wants to be at home with her family. Right now its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Lauren is at home with her dad but is missing her mama terribly. There needs to be some devine intervention that takes place to bring Weston home and so they can be together as a family again. So please pray! I believe in my heart that anything is possible with God .

Last Thursday I took Aidan to the county fair. He had a great time riding the rides. He also won a fish playing one of the games. He named him "fishy fish". I went and bought a big fish bowl for fishy fish so he would have a nice home. Sadly, fishy fish only lasted 48 hours and I had to have my first conversation with Aidan about death.

We are picking Lauren up from vacation bible school today. I am going to take the kids out to lunch and then if the rain stays away we are going to the farmers market this evening. They are having a festival for kids and it should be a good time!

Now on to the pics....
I love love love this little face soooo much!!!!

being silly and showing me his red tongue.

ahhh..... Summer goodnes!!!!

taking time to mow the grass. lol!

of course playing in the rocks happens on a daily basis!

Lauren and Aidan playing in the sprinkler!

Lauren riding Aidans jeep that he is pretty much still terrified of....

Aidan decided to turn his water table into a baby pool . I can't say that I blame him!

riding the carousel at the fair!

and the boats.....

and the motorcycles!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 year old check up

Aidan had his 3 year old check up yesterday. He had it a bit early since we are leaving tomorrow for WV. The doctor said he is looking great! He is now 40 inches tall and weighs 34 pounds. Luckily he didn't have to have any shots yesterday! I had the doctor look at his boo boo on his leg that he got last Friday. She said I was doing a great job of taking care of it and to just keep it clean and to continue to put Neosporin on it. It is a little irritated still so we have to cover it with gauze if he is going to playing in the dirt or sand. The doctor also filled out Aidans forms that he needs for the preschool he will be attending 3 days a week in the fall.
Aidan is doing great with his potty training. He still has accidents once in awhile but hasn't had one in a long time. He still wears a pull up during his nap and at night time but wakes up dry 95% of the time. One issue we were having was Aidan stripping his pants and underwear off when he had an accident no matter WHERE we were at the time. One time he stripped at Java Mama ! Hopefully he now understands that he CAN"T do that. lol! He also will urinate ANYWHERE outside if has to go ( thanks mom). It has gotten to the point that I have had to threaten him with time out if he pees one more time off our back patio.
The whole passie situation is a different story. It has been over a month now and he STILL asks for it at least 10 times a day. It is really bad when he starts getting sleepy. He has replaced the passie with sucking his thumb and chews on anything he can get his hands on including his shoes. I decided last night that it is no longer worth the fight and broke down and bought him a new pacifier. The rule is that he can only have it in his bed at nap and at night time. This little guy obviously has some oral sensory issues and still needs his pap. He told me last night- "thank you mama for my P-A-P" .little stinker. I told him that if he was old enough to spell it that he is probably to old to have it but that he can give it up when he is ready. lol!
Some really cute things Aidan is saying now....
Pee Wo = pillow
Ordstroms = Nordstroms
maquzee = Jacuzzi
Words that Aidan knows how to read and spell...
Aidan ( he can type this on the computer- thanks dad)
men ( can read but not spell)
VW ( as in the car)
Toyota ( read but not spell)
Mimi ( read but not spell- *not consistent yet)
Aidan also knows all of his letters and sounds, can identify his colors, knows his birthdate, can count to 20, and can identify numbers to ? ( not sure about this one- he is consistently surprising me!). He amazes me every day with the things he observes and knows.

I can't believe that we have to leave tomorrow. These 2 months have flown by! They have been filled with trips to the park, picnics, trips to Seaworld and the Zoo, swimming in the pool, time at the beach, playing with friends, long walks, collecting sticks, rocks, and pinecones, stopping to look at bugs and smell the flowers, eating ice cream and overall just enjoying life! So many great memories have been created the time we have been here. Aidan has really enjoyed spending time with his daddy and I have LOVED the family time we have had together. We intend on having much more of it in the future. There is a good chance that Aidan and I will be returning to San Diego! We still be spending time on the east and west coast but it may look a little differently. We will see what the future holds.....

Monday, July 5, 2010

fourth of July festivities

Parade, snow cones, ice cream social, face painting, bubbles, new friends, music, playdough, picnic lunch, glow sticks, fireworks- that about sums up yesterdays events! I looked online to see what was going on in San Diego for the fourth. To my surprise I found a choice of 35 different activities! We narrowed it down to 2. I have fallen in love with the Scripps Ranch area of San Diego. It is the area where Aidan had his swim lessons and I had never been there until then. It is very similar to Orange County and they have a real community spirit there. I decided that we would go to the Scripps Ranch 4th of July parade followed by the ice cream social at their local park in the morning / afternoon. Aidan loved watching the parade! I think all of the cars was his favorite part. We waited for about half an hour before the parade started. Those of you who know Aidan knows that he meets friends wherever he goes and does not know a stranger. There were two little boys sitting beside of us and of course Aidan made a buddy yesterday morning named Nolan. They were about the same age and so cute together. Nolan wanted to do a "fist bump" with Aidan and he had know idea what he was talking about. So yesterday Aidan did his first ever "fist bump". After the parade everyone went to the park for festivities and the ice cream social. Aidan experienced another "first" and that was his first experience with face painting. Of all the things he could choose from he decided that he wanted a butterfly. So a butterfly it was! He had kind of a hard time sitting still so it is kind of lopsided. He liked the butterfly so much that he decided he wanted a peace sign on his other cheek. No dragons or spiders for this boy. lol!

After the parade we went home so Aidan could take a much needed nap. Yesterday evening I decided we would go to the celebration at Lake Murray. They had vendors, live music, activities for the kiddos, and fireworks. Because Aidan has friends everywhere he goes he met his friend Chloe. They played together all evening. She is 7 and was so good with him. Aidan had a good time playing football with her. I think her mama kind of fell in love with Aidan too. lol! He was talking her ear off telling her that his name was Aidan A-I-D-A-N, that is he is 2 but almost 3. He told her that he will be 3 on July 27th.-such a smart boy we have on our hands. ( ok maybe I am a little biased but I sure think he is smart!) Aidan also played in the sand and playground, played with bubbles and playdough and got to make a necklace. Fun times! We had a great Happy Birthday America day! So many great memories created yesterday!

Waiting for the parade to start. Notice the car in his hand. He is NEVER without a car in his hand. Parade...
Aidans friend Nolan. Mama's little firecracker!

lol! there was a group that went by that stopped and did push ups, so Aidan decided to do it . ( but not without the car in his hand lol!)

Eating a yummy shaved ice. Notice the car. We bought this one the other day. It was quite the choice for him to make. They had every make and model of car and truck you could imagine. Old cars and new cars. I thought it was interesting that after about 5 minutes he chose this '57 ford. I think he is going to be a boy that likes the classics!

see my face painting!

One thing I like about Scripps Ranch is the ton of Eucalyptus trees they have there. See them in the background!

Round 2 of yesterdays festivities..... Lake Murray. Playing with bubbles.

Our picnic spot.

eating ice cream. Notice Aidans boo boo on his leg. He fell in a drain hole that was not covered on Friday. We were walking the dog in a spot that Annabelle likes to go and Aidan likes to go to collect sticks, rocks, and pinecones. He was 10 feet away from me and the next thing I know he was screaming. The hole was covered with pine leaves so you really couldn't see it. I thought it was a snake hole and REALLY started to panic but Clinton went and looked at it and said it was a drain hole that needed to be covered. He ended up losing a sandal too. The poor baby got pretty scratched up!

Playing football with Chloe. It you scroll down there are 2 videos. One of Aidan eating ice cream and dancing and one of the two of them playing.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope you are having a great fourth. We spent the morning at a parade and ice cream social. Aidan is now napping. When he wakes up we are going to the lake for a picnic dinner, live music, festival and fire works. So far it is a great day! God is good!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aidan and Jacob

Aidan and Jacob have been friends since Aidan was born. Jacob is 6 months older then Aidan and they have always been buddies. Aidan and I have been spending most Sundays going to church and then visiting with Suzanne and Jacob in the afternoons. The boys have been having so much fun! I finally remembered to bring my camera last Sunday so we could get some pictures.

Yesterday they came down and we took the boys to the zoo. Going to the zoo with an almost 3 and almost 3 1/2 year old is a blast! They kept Suzanne and I cracking up all day long. One of the highlights was when we were looking at the hippos. The hippo pooped in the water and the boys thought it was HILARIOUS! They giggled for 5 minutes. It was so funny that people standing around were even cracking up at them once they realized why they were laughing. Hopefully these two will be life long friends.

I found some old photos of the 2 friends....

Jacob 17 months and Aidan 11 months, sweet babies! getting ready to go to the zoo two years ago...

swimming in the baby pool last sunday

These two were so tired. We went to dinner after the pool that day and neither one had naps. They were running around like mad men while Suzanne and I ate. ( like Aidan- Jacob also gets hyper when he is sleepy). Here they are on the ground with no shoes on doing lord knows what.

awwww........ babies at the zoo in '08- Jacob 17 months and Aidan 11 months

big boys yesterday at the zoo!

having lunch....

doing a little shopping....

aidan picked up this hat and monkey while "shopping"

The boys decided to sit down and have a chat. Aidan and Jacob traded toys before entering the zoo. Aidan is holding Jacobs car and Jacob is holding Aidans toy from McDonalds. Neither one of them put the toy down and held on to them ALL DAY LONG! lol

our 2 little monkeys....

watching the hippos....

cracking up..... notice the hippos behind is right there in their faces.