Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

I think this is my favorite because I love how Aidan is so into exploring everything around him.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dancing Machine

My boy loves to dance! Aidan dances anytime any of his toys plays music or when his Nana or Mama sing the theme to "Elmos World" ( You can tell I am a mommy now because I actually know the words to the above mentioned song!). Also, his train is his absolute favorite toy. He breaks out in a big grin anytime you pull it out. It plays lots of cute songs and he loves to play with the engine and all of the cute animals that came with it. I got a few seconds of video of him "dancing" . I need to get more video becuase he usually dances for a longer period of time - but this time he got sidetracked by the giraffe.

Today Mr. A is 8 months old. My how the time flies! We have been having a great time hanging out with Nana who has been here for 1 whole month already! We spent the day having lunch and shopping in Laguna Beach. Aidan is such an awesome little shopper! He doesn't complain at all and charms all the ladies.

Aidan is now 8 months old and is still not sleeping through the night. Last night was kind of rough because he was up 3 times! I have been feeding him oatmeal and fruit before bed so he will sleep longer and not have to get up to eat. Some nights he does great and will sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning and some nights like last night he just gets up. I think he has definitely developed a habit. Tonight when he gets up I am going to give him just water and see what happens. He hates water so it should be interesting. I hate to do it to the little guy but he needs to sleep through the night for his sake and mine.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Day for Aidan

Yesterday was a big day for Aidan. He said the word bye, waved bye bye for the first time and decided to crawl. I was in the process of taking a picture of him for Helen when he decided to crawl. Aidan is wearing a special pair of pajamas. Helen bought many pairs several years ago while she was in Singapore. All 7 of Aidans cousins in Australia have owned a pair. She just happened to have one pair left and wasn't sure what to do with them- of course until Mr. A came along! Anyway, I was in the process of taking his picture to send to her when he took off. I got these couple of pictures but was not quick enough to get it on video. Until this point Aidan has been doing the "military crawl". He gets on his stomach and crawls around on his elbows. We were beginning to wonder if this would just be his version of crawling. He crawled again tonight while Clinton and I were at the beach with friends. My mom was babysitting him and she said he crawled across the living room floor. He is fascinated with her shoes and was attempting to get them as she kept backing up.

Aidan now says the words mama ( mum, mum ,mum or mom- depending on what kind of mood he is in), Hi, Ba ( for bottle), and bye. Mama, I am out of here! I am tired of you pointing that thing at me all the time.
catch me if you can!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a great one. The Easter Bunny stopped by our house and visited Aidan and Annabelle. I am happy to report that we attended a church today that I really liked and is 5 minutes from our house. The best part is that they allow babies in the sanctuary! Yeah! I am in the process of making Easter dinner, so this is going to be short. Here are some pics from today... The Easter Bunny visited Aidan. The best was his Pooh Easter basket that says babies first easter ( wearing bunny ears ) and his train.

The Easter Bunny could not forget Miss Major Diva Annabelle.
Hangin out with dad. You can see Annabelle got a haircut and is sporting her purple Easter bows.

After church this morning

The mysterious Nana. Suzanne also got a shot of her the other day that I still need to post.

Aidan also received this Easter Basket from Cara. Thanks Aunt Cara! I have been getting this Easter Card from Cara for years now.

Aidans sippy cup from Aunt Cara with his name on it.

This picture is for Cara. Here is the Easter Bunny cake I made. Isn't it pretty?

Just Kidding. Here is the REAL cake I made. I know -don't laugh. It is only the second cake I have made in my lifetime.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patricks Day

Happy St.Patricks Day everyone. We celebrated the day by having lunch with Suzanne and Jacob and following up with shopping and a cupcake from Sprinkles - YUM. Here are some pics from the day. Here is the outfit that Aidan wore to church last night - except he didn't get to go to church because we got kicked out! I am pretty sure Jesus would have told us to "come on in".
Some Aidan cuteness from today

Some Jacob cuteness from today

Moms Lucky Charms. Suzanne and I bought Aidan and Jacob matching shirts and jeans at Old Navy. We figured that people do it all the time with their girls so we decided to do it with our boys.

And for all of you who have been asking about Annabelle. Here she is alive and well. She was in very loving hands while we were in Maui. Her groomer did cancel last week and I have not rescheduled yet so she is due for a wash and cut. I kinda like her hair this length. She is sporting the Teddy Bear look.

Fashion show at Nordies and kicked out of church!

Aidan and Jacob were in the fashion show at Nordstroms on Saturday. We started the day very early but had a good time. When Aidan went in earlier in the week for his fitting we picked out these Khaki shorts, light blue shirt, dark blue sweater vest, and the cutest pair of penny loafers. I love the shorts because they come below the knee.Jacob ended up sporting swim wear and was a doll baby. We got 15% off on that day for being in the show so I ended up purchasing the entire outfit as well as a cute Hurley outfit. I will use the outfit as his Easter outfit.

Speaking of Easter, mom and I went to church last night. I have not been in a long time. We went several times when Helen was here. Clinton is always working on Sundays and I have not been brave enough to take Aidan on my own or leave him in the nursery. When Aidan was an infant he would just sleep through the entire service. To my surprise they would not let us in last night! I was so peeved. They said no children under 5 were allowed in the service. I explained that we had been in the service several times before. The lady did not care. We were stuck sitting in a little area outside of the sanctuary, by open doors while there was a downpour outside! It was freezing! Aidan was an angel and I bet better behaved than many 5 year olds! This is the first thing that has disappointed me about Saddleback church! I am not sure what I am going to do about attending church now. We will probably go someplace different for Easter. I am just not ready to let him stay in the nursery yet. I have only left him with friends the one time. There is no way I am going to leave him with strangers! Oh well, I will have to find a new church when we move to San Diego anyway. It is a shame because I love Saddleback and Rick Warrens messages. I just became a member of the church in the fall and I was even considering making the drive from San Diego to attend. I guess I am meant to worship somewhere else.
Aidan on "the catwalk". I ended up carrying him down. We were the second ones in the show. Mom was not in a good position to take pictures so this is the only one we got of us actually in the show.

sweet Jacob

Friday, March 14, 2008

OOPS Whale watching and Luau

I am not sure what happened. Somehow I posted the pictures of the whale watching and luau before I could actually make the post. I think I need to stop blogging in the middle of the night when I am up with Aidan.

Anyway.... Clinton was working basically the entire time we were in Hawaii. He was speaking at Christopher Howards Billionaire Bootcamp and networking the remainder of the time. We did get to spend the first couple of days together. We went whale watching ( one of my favorite things to do!) while mom babysat Aidan. There were whales everywhere! We saw a baby and its mama. The baby came close to the boat but the mama herded it away.

Mom and I spent the rest of the time together with Aidan. We stayed around the hotel most of the time but did go into Lahaina to go shopping. While we were there ,I bought Clinton and I matching clothes to wear at the Luau we attended the last night we were there. We were literally sitting right on top of the stage. Aidan was mesmerized. He and daddy very much enjoyed watching the Hula girls. You can see the picture of Aidan with wide eyes watching the fire dancers. There were parts that I thought he would be scared, but he enjoyed the entire show.

Flying home was very easy. Mom and I had an empty seat between us and Clinton sat behind me. Aidan got to stretch out and slept 2 of the 5 hour plane trip. We did run into a little drama ( as we always seem to do - at least experience a little drama whenever we travel) when we landed and Clintons battery was dead in his car. We had so much luggage that we had to take 2 cars to the airport. On the way home I had to stuff all of the luggage, myself, mom, Aidan and his carseat and his big ole stroller all in my car. It was a very tight fit but we managed. Clinton was able to later get his car fixed and we arrived home around midnight.

I am glad to be home. We are taking Aidan to have his picture made with the Easter Bunny later this afternoon and he has his fashion show tomorrow at Nordies. Stay tuned for pictures...

I also goofed when I posted the montage last night ( another middle of the night post). It showed up very tiny. However, if you click on the picture it becomes big and you can watch the montage.

Have a great weekend!

Whale watching and Luau

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Aloha! We arrived home from Hawaii last Friday. I have been having computer and camera problems so I haven't been able to post. I will be making a couple of different posts about our vacation.

We had a great time on our trip. We ran into a little drama at the airport when we were leaving because both of Clintons bags were overweight by about 30 pounds! After shifting things around a little and paying some extra fees we were off. The flight there went smoothly. Aidan was awake most of the time, but between my mom and I we kept him pretty much entertained. We were very exhausted when we arrived from getting up at 4:00 AM ( Actually I had been awake since 2AM). Upon arriving we immediately could tell the difference in the weather. It was very hot and humid. My mom stripped Aidan down to his onesie and this is how he stayed much of the week. He didn't wear shoes or socks the entire time he was there.

These pictures are from the first couple of days we were there.
A very haggard mommy and Aidan the first night we arrived. We were all in bed by 8:00.
Silly Nana hiding so she wouldn't be in the picture.

A tired mom and dad

Our view from our balcony. Ready to hit the pool after a good nights sleep.

Our hotel was beautiful with waterfalls, parrots, flamingos, cockatoos, koi, and swans.

Mr. A in his crib

Everyday mom and I would take Aidan and feed him lunch by "the birds". Aidan loved to watch the waterfalls and the birds. A man just happened to be cleaning out the area for the cockatoo and brought him over to show Aidan. You can tell by his face that he was scared to death. About 30 seconds after this picture was taken Aidan started screaming his head off. He wanted nothing to do with that bird.

Relaxing with mama after a leisurely lunch by the birds.