Saturday, November 20, 2010

London Part 3- Harrods and Hamleys

I had about a dozen or so people tell me that I HAD to go to Harrods and Hamleys. I had heard of Harrods but never Hamleys. OH MY GOODNESS I was not prepared for either of them. Harrods is a store that is about the size of one of our shopping malls. They hand you a map when you go in and I STILL got lost. lol! The Childrens Department and Toy Department was one whole floor. You just keep walking through room after room after room after room of clothes and toys. Now mind you I didn't purchase any clothes for Aidan because with names like Armani, Chloe, and Burberry who could really afford it? I wasn't about to pay $300.00 for a pair of minature jeans. lol! The toys were normal prices so Aidan picked out 2 trains he wanted. They had a restaurant just for kids on the childrens floor that even sold baby food. They had a sweets bar and ice cream bar on another floor. There were multiple restaurants located in the store.

Hamleys is a famous toy store located in London that happens to be 5 stories tall! Yes 5 stories!!! When you walk in they hand you a shopping bag that is half the size of my body and I am 5'10.

Both of the stores sent me into sensory overload! But I really enjoyed both places.

Harrods at night....Sorry for the blurry pic.

Need an Elvis costume for your dog? You can find it at Harrods.
They had about 3 rooms dedicated to pet fashion.

The Wonderland Cafe.... Where a kid can sit at the kid size tables and have a snack.

Playing in a teepee in Harrods. I have to say Aidan could have spent HOURS in this store.

and riding one of the toy horses.

Outside of Hamleys. Now THAT is the entrance to a store.

Inside of Hamleys

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