Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gymnastics and Visit to the fire station

Aidan had his first gymnastics class this week. He had a great time but it was a little to chaotic and unorganized for me. It just seemed like there were to many kids in to small of space. During free play there were babies crawling around, basketballs flying (mostly by Aidan throwing them), kids colliding and crying ( again Aidan), and just your general chaos. The actual class was ok but again there were to many kids and the teacher couldn't control all 20 of them. There were kids running around everywhere and not really listening to him ( again insert Aidan's name) They practiced forward rolls, a bean bag toss, played duck duck goose and other games, and practiced weaving. Aidan had so much fun there but seemed really overstimulated and had a really difficult time focusing. We have 2 more sessions to go so I am hoping next week there will be fewer kids.

Yesterday we went on a field trip with my moms group to the fire station. All the kids were so well behaved and listened so well! The moms were also really interested in what the firemen had to say! lol! The fire station was exceptionally nice! I have seen a few and this was by far the nicest. Each fire man has his own room and own shower (thing dorm style), they had a huge movie room and a nice remodeled kitchen (done in granite) with 3 of everything. They also had a good sized gym.

Here are some pics from this week.... The pictures from gymnastics are ALL blurry because I don't think Aidan slowed down much less stopped the entire time he was there.
Practicing his forward roll. The coach had them do it 3 times- once the regular way, once with a ball under their chins, and once with a super hero cape. One thing I can say about the place is that it is kid friendly. :)
finishing his roll...
giving the coach high five after he was done.
Bean bag toss. We have been working with Aidan throwing over hand for tee ball so I hope this doesn't confuse him.
playing on the climbing ladder and ringing the bell during free play.
Sometimes Aidan makes a face where he wrinkles up his nose when he is telling me a story. It is similar to this look.
practicing stop, drop, and roll...
one thing you can count on Aidan for is to always volunteer first to do something as the kid is not shy! He volunteered to come up and show the kids what to do if you find a lighter or other thing that creates fire ( give it to a grown up). He told the entire room that we camp in our backyard and we make fires in our fire pit. lol!
Showing the kids what the firemen look like with all of their equipment on so they won't be scared if( lord for bid) they were ever needed in an emergency situation.
The awesome movie room. There were about 12 to 15 more recliners that you can't see in this picture. I want to do movie night at their place! lol.
checking out the engines...

This is a "just cause I think it is cute" picture.... All the neighborhood kids were at our house jumping on the trampoline and playing. The big kid decided to give the little kids a ride in the wagon. So sweet and cute! ( Aidan is munching on a granola bar in case you were wondering what was in his mouth)... and that plus a few trips to the park and swim lessons pretty much sums up our week. :0) Have I ever mentioned that I love my job!!