Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clintons birthday and fun at the park

Last weekend was Clintons birthday and it just happened to fall on "Rock it to the Stars" night in one of his courses. This is a night where everyone dresses up like rock stars and perform on stage. I have never participated but decided to "go for it "since it was his birthday. I performed to Shania Twains "Man I feel like a Woman". I got my makeup done at the MAC counter and they nailed it. It looked just like hers in the video. I cant believe I am even posting these pictures, but it was a great experience and tons of fun. What can I say? my husband loves his job! Ricky and cupcake - rockstars extodinaire

Performing on stage. Everyone Loved it! Thank goodness for all those years of dance!

Ricky in all his glory!

Every rockstar needs a guitar shaped cake!

Ms. Paris in all her rockstar glory performing.
Now on to the rated G pictures. I took Aidan and Annabelle to the park today and I got some really cute shots. Here is where the real cuteness comes in..........

Sweet Angel Baby!

I love this picture. He looks like a little boy.

Aidan chasing Annabelle.

Look at those teeth!

Aidan's new favorite thing to do at the park is to go down the slide.

I finally received Aidans birth certificate in the mail and we had his passport appointment last Tuesday. Everything went well and we should have it in a couple of weeks! Australia here we come!

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