Wednesday, October 1, 2008

family night , growing, and it's here!

We went to Seaport Village last night for family night. The sun was just setting and it was absolutely beautiful. Aidan enjoyed walking around. It is becoming more difficult every day to keep him in the stroller. If I stop for a second, he will flip himself over and attempt to get out through the bottom. He then gets stuck and cries. He just has so much to see in life the stroller just inhibits that curiosity and exploration. Shopping is also becoming more and more difficult but he is always a good boy. I just give him more breaks where I let him get out and walk around to stretch his legs. Aidan is still walking on his toes. This affects his balance so he falls a lot but he is becoming surprisingly fast on his toes! We always have to keep a close eye on him. Hopefully, he will outgrow this soon and will become more stable on his feet.

Aidan has been growing like a weed lately. It feels like his reach has expanded by 3 inches in the past month. We keep having to push things further and further back on desks and table tops so he can't reach them. Also, I took him to buy a new pair of shoes last week and his foot has grown 2 sizes since July! 2 sizes! I couldn't believe it. Needless to say he is sporting 2 new pair of shoes. We had a Play to Win in Los Angeles last weekend and there was a woman there with a 2 year old that Aidan had a great time playing with ( which was interesting because the baby only spoke Russian but they talked to each other in their baby talk and understood each other perfectly). The 2 year old and Aidan were the same size standing next to each other! I think I am going to have a very tall boy on my hands!

When we got home from LA on Sunday, I had a surprise waiting for me. Aidan's passport! Yipppeeee!!!! Let the traveling begin!

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Boardwalk Betty said...

It looks like Aidan had a great time in the Village! You should submit your pictures or video to my blog contest. You can win a really great prize :)

Boardwalk Betty