Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terrific Twos!

I have to say that so far the twos have been terrific! I wasnt so sure at first. The day that we left for our mini vacation to Pigeon Forge Aidan was put in time out for the first real time ( I did it once when he was one but I dont count that). He must have gotten up 25 times and I put him back in timeout 26 times. We could have been on an episode of Supernanny! He thought it was one big game but finally "got it" and stayed put for the 2 minutes. I have had to put him in time out once more since then and he knew exactly what to do - he went straight there and sat without getting up once! Success! Other than those 2 minor episodes he has been doing great! Its like some switch was turned on when he turned two! He listens and follows directions all the time ( well most of the time- he is 2 afterall! LOL) . He is also eating much much more. I was starting to get worried about him not eating. We are now able to go out and enjoy a somewhat peaceful meal! Aidan knows if he eats his food and sits and plays with his toys he gets the "good diner award" and gets a piece of chocolate at the end of the meal. He is so cute and will say chocolate? throughout the meal. I say "yes if you get the good diner award you get chocolate". He is eating a wider variety of food. Out of the blue on his birthday he reached over to my moms plate and grab a big ole piece of broccoli and has been eating it ever since! Yippeee!

Aidans language and vocabulary are increasing every day! The other day he told my mom " get out of the way" I guess she deserved this since he learned it from her from listening her talk to Annabelle. LOL! Yesterday we were driving in the car and he said "twister". I looked and we were driving by a chemical plant. The smoke coming up from the smokestack looked like a tornado. How he learned what a tornado is or the word twister I have no idea. Maybe its something he learned on Dora.

We had a great photo shoot with Aidan yesterday and I am dying to see the pictures! I found a GREAT photographer and she and her partner took pictures of Aidan in the country by an old barn. I will get a "sneak peek" in about 2 weeks but wont get to see all the proofs for another 6 to 8 weeks. They take their time and painstakenly edit the photos. You can check out their work at . Hopefully they will post Aidans pics on their blog in a couple of weeks.

Below are some pics. The first couple are of Aidan playing with his new playdough set he got for his birthday. Thanks Wendy he LOVES is. Wendy and I were neighbors when I was a LITTLE girl ( We moved when I was 5). We caught up again through Facebook and it just so happens she lives in the same little town as my mom. She has a 3 year old. We have gotten together for a few playdates and Zachary's 3rd birthday. Aidan LOVES going to "wendy's house" and talks about it all the time. He LOOVES playing with Zachary's train table and trains!

Lovin' the playdough!

Below are some pics I found on moms camera. She has taken a series of them on her bed. When I was a child I was not allowed in my parents room. The case is the same ( for the most part) for Aidan. We keep the door closed. When he IS able to go in my moms room he thinks it is a really big deal and gets excited. He thinks it is a REALLY big deal to get on her bed. Its sort of a special thing he and my mom do.

ooops. My computer was going wonky and I accidentally posted this one twice.


Anonymous said...

"Good Diner Award"... that is SOOOO something you would come up with!!! LOL (And, as always, I feel bad for Annabelle) -Cara

Wendy said...

I'm glad he loves the play-doh!!