Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Pics!

We got back yesterday from Pigeon Forge where we celebrated Aidan's birthday. We had such a GREAT time! We got there Sunday evening and went to a Dinner/Theatre at the Dixie Stampede. It is a live show with horses. Aidan LOVED it! OK maybe he loved the first 30 minutes and then was done but he loved it nonetheless. We took him back in November and he was way more into the show this time. We then checked into our FUN hotel - The Inn at Christmas Place. So you thought Santa lived at the North Pole? WRONG! he lives at Pigeon Forge. He He. I LOVED this hotel. The entire hotel is decorated for Christmas ALL THE TIME, including our room. Once we got settled in we let Aidan open a few gifts and then took him swimming. FUN! The next morning ( his actual birthday) Aidan got to see "Santa Cwas" at breakfast. FUN! Did I mention that this place was FUN? After breakfast we hit Dollywood for a couple of hours then brought Aidan home to take a nap. When he woke up we gave him his cake. This was probably his favorite part of the day. He got soooo excited when he saw it that he ran right over and blew out his "2" candle. Next we had dinner at the Flying Horse Cafe. A cool little restaurant that has its own merry go round and Aidan got yet another cake! After dinner we went back to Dollywood and Aidan got to ride some rides for the first time sans Mama. He looked like such a big boy! We finished up Dollywood by letting Aidan play in the water sprayer. He probably played there for an hour and had a GREAT time. FUN TIMES! We made some AWESOME memories that I will cherish FOREVER!

outside Dixie Stampede
Waiting for the show to start. Did I mention that Aidan is NOT good at waiting.

opening a gift in our room
yeah swim time!

Aidan showing "his muscles"

The boy LOVES the water

Seeing "Santa Cwas". How many kids can say they sat on Santa's knee on their birthday in JULY?

Lobby of our hotel

outside our hotel in the day.....

and night.

Aidan seeing his cake for the first time. Sooo excited!

He was so cute. He used his 2 candle as a fork and ate his cake that way.

Aidan threw his 2 candle down and then said " oh no number 2"! mom just happened to take a pic at that time.

Eating dinner at the Flying Horse.

Cake number 3 for this birthday ( and still one to come)

Riding the pigs solo!

Look how proud he looks!

The bees. He wasnt to sure about this one. It went up in the air.

Playing in the water sprayer.

Closing down Dollywood on his birthday. He got so wet playing in the water that I had to change his clothes and the only thing I had were his swim trunks.


Anonymous said...

The picture of him showing his muscles is too cute!! The look on BOTH of your faces is awesome! -Cara

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Looks like a great trip. I loved seeing him in his cupcake shirt!