Monday, January 11, 2010

This is how we roll these days...

We are back in WV. It is hard to be away from Clinton especially since he was able to take some time off and we had such a great month. But here we are.... Clinton is getting ready to travel for 2 1/2 months and I am getting ready to start school this week. Aidan will also start school this week. I took him in last Thursday so he could check it out. He got to stay in there for a couple of hours and loved it! They really encourage independence there with natural consequences ( for example if they spill milk while they are pouring it then they have to clean it up) which I love. I am sure Aidan will learn lots of new skills that I really dont encourage here but should - like drinking out of a cup instead of a sippy cup. I am also hoping that seeing the other kids go potty will encourage him to do so.

The weather is very cold and snowy here. We went to the store yesterday which was the first time we have been out of the house since Thursday. The sun finally came out yesterday and it warmed up past the teens ( it was a balmy 20 degrees) so I took Aidan out yesterday to play in the snow after he got up from his nap. I am still waiting on his snow pants to arrive from San Diego. I mailed them in a package along with some of his toys. When they arrive he will really get to have a good play in the snow. He enjoyed the snow and did not want to come inside! I however felt like a frozen popsicle and was more than ready to get inside to some warmth.

Poor Aidan keeps asking to go to the park. He doesnt quite get the whole "its cold and we cant spend that much time outside "thing. It is definitely a big adjustment being where its cold and not being outside much of the day. All I can say is "Hurry up Spring!" I HATE sitting in the house!

Notice the shoveled driveway behind Aidan. I shoveled that driveway for the first time EVER! I am sure I help shovel the driveway when I was a kid but just dont remember. I have always lived either in an apartment, a place where they have a homeowners association or where it is WARM my entire adult life!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz,
YEAH! I shovel snow for the first time when Cassie was little and we lived in DC. UCK!! Now you know why we went from DC to PR to MS to Gitmo to VA. No SNOW!!!

But, it sure is pretty to look at!!! And the kids love playing in it.