Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summa Summa Summa time!

We have been back in West Virginia for little over a week now and we are staying busy! The weather is HOT and STEAMY here. Seriously the humidity is so bad that I bought my camera out of the air conditioned house the other day, opened the lense only to find that condensation immediately formed on the lense. We have also been having lots of thunderstorms. It has been a far cry from the perfect San Diego weather we left but I will take it! I will take anything over the cold and snow.

We have been staying cool by playing in water and eating lots of popsicles! I have been taking Aidan outside to play in the morning when there is still a little shade and later in the evening. Its just to hot to go out there in the middle of the day!

We have had Lauren over to play a couple of days. Lauren is Westons big sister. Can you please continue to pray for Weston and his family? He has been in the hospital for most of the 7 months since he has been born and is now in Cinncinatti with his mama. They have him on a respirator and the doctors are at a loss as to how to help him. He is having lots of tests done and had a sleep study last night. They are hoping the sleep study will give them some more information. They talked for awhile about sending him home on the respirator with a nurse 24 hours a day but are unable to do so because they are having to keep the settings so high. There is no at home respirator that will accomodate him with the high settings. I think it is getting harder by the day for Sheri. The news they keep getting about Weston is not encouraging and she wants to be at home with her family. Right now its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Lauren is at home with her dad but is missing her mama terribly. There needs to be some devine intervention that takes place to bring Weston home and so they can be together as a family again. So please pray! I believe in my heart that anything is possible with God .

Last Thursday I took Aidan to the county fair. He had a great time riding the rides. He also won a fish playing one of the games. He named him "fishy fish". I went and bought a big fish bowl for fishy fish so he would have a nice home. Sadly, fishy fish only lasted 48 hours and I had to have my first conversation with Aidan about death.

We are picking Lauren up from vacation bible school today. I am going to take the kids out to lunch and then if the rain stays away we are going to the farmers market this evening. They are having a festival for kids and it should be a good time!

Now on to the pics....
I love love love this little face soooo much!!!!

being silly and showing me his red tongue.

ahhh..... Summer goodnes!!!!

taking time to mow the grass. lol!

of course playing in the rocks happens on a daily basis!

Lauren and Aidan playing in the sprinkler!

Lauren riding Aidans jeep that he is pretty much still terrified of....

Aidan decided to turn his water table into a baby pool . I can't say that I blame him!

riding the carousel at the fair!

and the boats.....

and the motorcycles!

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