Friday, July 23, 2010

aidans drawing and first time to the movies

It has been so hot that I decided to take Aidan to see his first movie this week. I was curious to see how he would do. I picked a matinee at the beginning of the week. Toy Story 3 has been out a few weeks so I was hoping that it wouldnt be crowded. I was happy to see that we had the theatre to ourselves except one other family.

I remember one of my first movie experiences. My aunt took me to see either Bambi or Snow White when I was about Aidans age. I remember crawling in her lap when there was a scary scene. I think I did pretty well and sat most of the time in my seat. I think I have LOVED movies since that day!

I explained to Aidan what would happen, how it would be dark, etc... He did pretty well in the beginning..... I got him a kids meal so he sat and happily ate his popcorn for a little while. He then decided that he had sat long enough and needed to stand. I was fine with him standing. He then started walking down the aisle. I was still ok with this. He then walked to the aisle behind us. He was still behind me and but I started to reign him in. I then discovered that he had taken off his shoes and was walking around the disgusting movie theatre floor with bare feet! YUCK! This I was NOT ok with! I took him to the potty and discussed with him why this was NOT ok and that he needed to sit in his seat the rest of the movie. When we got back he sat for awhile and then he decided to lay down on me for a little while. I brought blankie with us because I suspected he might do this. He got all comfy for a little while and then was back to standing, roaming, etc.... At the end he was sitting on the step beside the ONLY other little boy in the theater. He came to complain to me that the little boy wouldn't talk to him. I explained to him it was because the little boy was WATCHING the movie and thats what you DO when you go to the movies. I think it will be a little while before I attempt THAT again. lol! He is just to busy all the time to sit and watch a movie. However, I think he was actually watching the movie. I think he is going to be one of these kid that is off doing his own thing in the corner somewhere while he is in class. He will actually HEAR everything the teacher is saying but will APPEAR to not be paying attention. You know the kid- the one that would drive an "old school" teacher bananas! I hope he isn't because these kids can sometimes be misunderstood. However, based on my teaching experience that is my opinion at the moment.

Here is some artwork aidan created the other day using sidewalk chalk.....

Toy story 3!

happily eating his popcorn!


Nikki said...

Hehe that is really cute. I just took Jodnel, a little boy I volunteer with, to see his first movie (also Toy Story Three)- he was mesmerized!

Anonymous said...

I hope your "Anonymous Commentor" doesn't strike again with "suggestions" about movie attendance... :-)----CARA

Anonymous said...

Cara, Too funny about the Anonymous Commentor (lol)

Cuz, Have I mentioned that Duck Tape fixes almost anything....

Later Cuz.