Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just busy living life....

There really hasn't been that much to report here, we are just busy living life. I am enjoying it so much being back in California! I really love our area and neighborhood. It feels like home here. We are in a nice routine- aidan going to school 2 days a week, physical therapy 1 day a week, and usually something with our meet up group 1 or 2 days a week. I am still working out 3 to 5 times a week but my last session with my trainer was last week. He took measurements of me when I went in to workout on Tuesday. I haven't lost any weight ( I think mainly because of the new medication I am on or possibly just because I am 40 ha!) but I HAVE lost inches. yay! The biggest difference was in my triceps. I said REALLY??? my triceps??? I would have rather lost in my waist but whatever I will take the loss wherever I can get it! Aidan and I are off to my moms next week and I have found a gym there where I can work out. I hope I can keep up the momentum this summer and plan on resuming my personal training sessions in the fall.

Aidan is doing really well in physical therapy. His therapist said she has not seen so much improvement in a patient in such a short amount of time! GO AIDAN! She is working on squatting with him and practicing "heel strikes" ( the way we normally move our foot when we are walking - aidan has a difficult time with this because he is on his toes a large amount of the time when he walks). He has really tight hamstrings ( as do I) so she gave me some stretches to do with him at home this summer. I am glad the work we are doing at home is paying off! :) Aidans last day of therapy is next Monday until the fall.

When I went to pick Aidan up from school today his teacher informed me that when she was reading to the students today Aidan started to read the book. She said, "he is reading!". I said "yeah, I know!". I just love his teacher so much and am sad that Tuesday is Aidans last day. He has enjoyed school SO MUCH! I think it was one of the best decisions I have made putting him in preschool! He has really thrived in that setting. I'm sure his 4 year old teacher will be great also but we sure will miss Mrs. Thomas. I am going to continue to work on reading with him this summer as well as handwriting.

Because we are going to be in Tennessee and London for the the summer and are going to be gone for Aidans birthday next month, we are having his birthday party this weekend. I am so excited!!! It will be the first year that he will have actual "friends" there. Some of his class mates are going to be there as well as some of the kids from our meet up group. We have a total of 12 kids that have RSVP'd! A far cry from the kids I had to basically scrape together last year for his 3 year old party! :)

So thats about it for us. Jacob and Suzanne came down last week and we took the boys to Legoland. They are moving back to West Virginia this Saturday and we are so sad. :( I am happy though that we will see them this summer when we visit! :) I also took Aidan to Legoland yesterday to the water park. It was our first time to the waterpark and it was INCREDIBLE just like Legoland! It was MADE for 2 to 6 year olds. The deepest water was 2 feet! They had animals that sprayed water, 3 "waterslides", a water playground, and a lazy river made JUST for the little ones! How Cool! ( there was a section for bigger kids also but the part for the little ones was HUGE!) They also had an "imagination station". Basically it combined legos, ramps, and water. Aidan could have stayed there ALL DAY! I can tell that we are going to be spending A LOT of time there when the weather is really hot this fall!

pics from Legoland.....
getting ready to see "Bob the Builder" in 4D.

riding the jousting horses!

Aidan STILL will not drive these cars, although they are made for 3 to 5 year olds! It blows me away because Aidan LOVES cars so much. Jacob on the other hand- loved it!

The boys and their swords. Look at those faces- so serious! Mr. Tough Guys would weild their swords one minute and then be sucking their thumbs the next. lol!

Jacob and Suzanne riding the helicopters.

Dino Dig. This is right before Jacob got sick at the end of the day. Poor little guy started complaining of a headache and then began throwing up every where.

Aidan yesterday at the water park. This was the imagination station. You had to step on the pedal to get the water to spray.

Aidan had "Pony days" at school last week. They had a man bring in horses for the kids to ride and then got their pictures made. They then had a barbecue. I volunteered that day and ended up cooking hot dogs for the ENTIRE school!


Anonymous said...

Please let his hair get long again

Anonymous said...

Please keep his hair short... I love it. -CARA (LOL... I guess we just can't agree on haircuts or socks for the little guy!)