Sunday, August 14, 2011

The things Aidan says.....

We have been super busy since we arrived home just over a week ago. We have been to the beach 3 days, been busy with playdates, and spent a day at Magic Mountain. I haven't even had time to upload my pics yet but will post about our adventures as soon as I do. Tonight I just wanted to take a few minutes to document a few of the funny things aidan has said this week before I forget. Have I mentioned that I LOVE his personality and he constantly cracks me up? He is such a character and so creative. It is hard to stay ahead of him sometimes because he is so stinkin' smart.....

- Aidan received some money for his birthday. I was discussing with him this week about the concept of spending a little, saving a little, and giving a little to God. He thought about it for a second and says. " Why don't I just spend it and then pray to God for more money?" Ummmm.... I don't think it works like that. lol! (but good point)

- We went to church this morning. It has been awhile since we have been to our church because we have been away all summer. As I am checking him into his room I hear him tell the teacher. " I'm only in preschool- I'm not in high school yet." To which his teacher replies, "Really? your not in high school?" although you probably have the vocabulary of a high school kid." lol!

- This evening we had our friend Christiana over for dinner who sometimes babysits Aidan. A few months ago she was working one of our events and had a tight Race car girl outfit on as part of her costume. Aidan was TOTALLY checking her out. Tonight he kept giving her kisses- over, and over and over. She said, " well aren't you just mister kissy tonight". He just looked at her and winked ( thanks mom for teaching him how to do this). We all just burst into laughter. I guess Aidan has a new girlfriend and I think I am going to be chasing the girls away when he gets older. Mr. Rico Suave. lol!

The picture above is one of Aidans 4 year old pictures. I LOVE them! Mckmama took them in June . If you haven't ever checked out her blog you should. I started following her blog when her next to youngest son Stellan was fighting for his life ( Praise to God he is fine now). She has 5 kids and she and her husband took all of them AND a cat and 2 kittens on a cross country tour in a small R.V. ( talk about entertaining reading). She went around doing photo shoots and San Diego was one of her locations. I am so happy with the results!

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