Tuesday, August 2, 2011

4 years old

It has taken me a few days (ok a week) to post about Aidans 4th birthday. We are still at my moms in Tennessee so it was a little low key. I decorated my moms kitchen table the night before with balloons and a few gifts. I told Aidan that for his birthday breakfast he could have anything he wanted ( thinking along the lines of a doughnut, pancakes, etc...). He however, decided that he wanted a cupcake for breakfast! So I also ran out the night before his birthday after he went to sleep to get a cupcake for his breakfast.

He woke up and was very excited to see all the little surprises I put out for him- including his cupcake. He opened up a few gifts and took about 2 licks of his cupcake and he was done. We spent the rest of the morning watching Sprout to see if they would air the birthday card I made for him. Sure enough towards the end of the morning they showed his card on t.v.! We were both soooo excited! I'm glad I got it together this year and got it sent in!

I don't know if I have ever mentioned that my neighbor from when I was a little girl lives in the same small town as my mom. She and her sister were my first good friends. I played with them every day and followed them around everywhere! They were more like my 2 older sisters. We moved away when I was 5 but I never forgot them. Through the miracle of facebook, we reconnected a few years ago! I was shocked when I found out she lives in the same town in Tennessee as my mom ( we lived in West Virginia). She has 2 boys and 1 is just a year older than Aidan.

My plan for Aidans birthday was to invite Wendy and her boys to a kid/family oriented place that has food, mini golf, go carts, games, mini bowling etc... We were going to have lunch, let the boys play, and I arranged to get Aidan a "hot wheels" birthday cake. All was well when we arrived there but then they informed me that they would NOT let us take Aidans cake inside! Say what??? I have NEVER heard of a birthday cake NOT being allowed into a restaurant. I was buying their silly food for everyone and they don't even sell cakes there. I had a chat with the manager and she wasn't having it so I decided that we weren't staying there. So we left. Aidan was a little disappointed at first ( he REALLY wanted to play mini golf ), but then I suggested we go to Chuck E. Cheese instead and he immediately perked up. So yes, Aidan had not 1 but TWO parties at Chuck E. Cheese for his fourth birthday! lol! I'm just happy that he was satisfied with going to Chuck E. Cheese AGAIN. In the long run it worked out great. All the boys had a great tine, Chuck E had no issues with bringing a cake in, and it was actually CHEAPER than had we stayed at the other place so it was a Win/ Win for everyone. :0)

We ended the day at Toys R Us. Mom didn't buy him a present this year and decided that she would just take him there and let him pick out something. He had a great time shopping! Out of the 2 million things in that store he finally decided on 2 packs of CARS and a remote control airplane from the Cars 2 movie that also holds cars! He already has 100's of cars! we have them in EVERY room in our house and EVERY room of my moms house. The boy STILL loves his cars! :) I guess he doesn't want to mess with a thing. lol!

I decorated the night before.... opening presents...

The requested birthday breakfast- a cupcake. :)

*sigh* is he really 4 years old????????

Playing at Chuck E. Cheese wearing yet another birthday crown.

His Hot Wheels cake that caused us to leave the first establishment...

blowing out his candles.... it was worth it. :)

me and the birthday boy. I love him so much!

Wendy's boys...

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