Friday, January 20, 2012

my boy is growing up.

It seems like just in the past week Aidan has grown and gotten more mature. I thought I would post a few things he is doing lately so I won't forget....

-He is becoming a big help around the house :) He is doing things like bringing packages inside for me that are left by UPS when my hands are full, gathering his cups from his room, picking up the living room at night, and helping me do laundry.

-He is getting much better and more confident on his bike. It may be time to take the training wheels off soon.

-One of the many things that I love most about Aidan is that he considers others feelings. He doesn't like it when other kids become sad and is always there to help them. He is much more a peacemaker rather than a fighter. He also has a very tender heart and gets his feelings hurt easily.

-Aidan has an outstanding memory! It takes him about 5 minutes to memorize his bible verses for church and he doesn't forget them! EVER! He is always in charge of remembering where we parked the car when we go to an amusement park or the zoo. lol! He kicks my butt in the game Memory! Seriously, he wins 9 out of 10 times. We were playing the other day and I could tell that he was "letting me win". I think it goes back to the above and considering others feelings. lol!

- He is reading at I would estimate ( I haven't tested him) an early 2nd grade level. He blows my mind with the words he is able to read. He will only read when he wants to and won't always read when I ask him. I haven't been pushing this because I don't want him to feel pressure to read and I want him to enjoy it. However, I am worried about this when he starts school. He prefers to read signs and things in his environment rather than reading books.

- Aidan loves for me to read to him. Clinton bought him a set of all the Children's Classics before he was born. I recently started reading these to him at night instead of always reading his other books. We started with Alice in Wonderland and have also read a little of Treasure Island. I think TI was a little much for him because it scared him, so I put it away for later.

-Like every other kid, Aidan gets bumps and bruises throughout the day. His new thing is to tell me "its swallowing" ( it's swelling) when he gets hurt.

- I think he has a pretty high vocabulary for his age and some of the things he says blow me away.

-Aidan is eating much better than he used to. He will actually come to me and say "mom I'm hungry". Music to my ears.

- Aidan is getting stronger. I was helping him with the monkey bars the other day and I could tell a difference in his upper body strength. He wasn't as "loose" in his shoulders.

- Aidan still hates anything to do with coloring or writing. This has been a struggle for us and is another concern I have for when he starts school. He is still going to Occupational Therapy and we are working on his fine motor skills.

-I still can't take Aidan to watch a movie. He has no patience for it and will ask to go home after 45 minutes to an hour. His attention span is not the best unless he is doing something he really enjoys.

-Aidan now pumps his legs on the swings although he much prefers for him mom to push him. :)

-Aidan enjoys reading his bible. :) Some mornings I peek in at him to see if he is awake. Often times he is laying in bed reading his bible.

-I am still on the fence as to whether I am going to send him to transitional Kindergarten ( formerly known as PEPP) or regular Kindergarten next year. In some areas I feel he is more than ready for Kindergarten and other areas I feel he could use the extra year. I will be talking to his preschool teacher and OT about it and getting their opinions. Transitional Kindergarten is half a day while regular Kindergarten is full day. Some days I feel like home schooling him. sigh.

-Aidan makes me smile a hundred times a day. He has such a sweet nature to him and is so funny. He melts my heart and I couldn't be more blessed.

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