Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brick or Treat

Shew! What a busy weekend! I am tired just thinking about it. We started our weekend on Friday making Halloween cupcakes and having an early dinner at Chili's. Saturday morning I took Aidan for a haircut. We went to our usual place but man did she do a butcher job on his hair! Even Clinton noticed what a bad job she did on it. His bangs were so bad that I had to fix them before church this morning. Scissors and myself are a bad mix people. A.BAD. mix. but I just couldn't take the unevenness a second longer. We went for doughnuts after his hair appointment ( he is always such a good boy!) and I did a little grocery shopping. We then came home and I did a little house cleaning and laundry before Clinto got home from the gym.. We then put Aidan in his Halloween costume, loaded up the car, and headed to Legoland for Brick or Treat. Legoland is all decked out for Halloween. They have special shows and trick or treating trails around the park. There were costume contests and special characters out and about. It was a special time and I'm so happy we got to go this year. :) We got home late last night with a worn out little boy ( and a pretty tired mom and dad).

This morning we went to church, Christmas Play practice ( tis the season fa la la la la), and then Aidan and I met some friends at a pumpkin patch. They had some fun rides there, bounce castles, slides, and a petting zoo. It was really hot today so we only stayed about an hour and a half. 

When we got home we found that Clinton had put out our new Halloween decorations (a 6 foot tall pumpkin and ghost!) and he had a surprise for Aidan. He made a treasure hunt for him. He had to follow clues around the house. He was so excited! His treasure was a bunch of candy. They then had daddy/ son movie time and I finished laundry and did the ironing

It was a busy and awesome weekend!

Aidan decided to be Darth Vader this year.
 riding the Beetle Bounce with dad. I actually got Aidan on a roller coaster today also! He hasn't wanted to ride one since he rode a really big one when he was 3 and it scared him to death.

 I love his little hands in this picture.
 Darth Vader in the stockade.

 At the Pumpkin station at Del Mar with his buddy Conner.

 The clue we found on the door!
 running around looking for the clues.

 After 12 clues he finally found the loot!
 happy boy!
 Hot, sweaty, tired boy at the pumpkin patch.
 our new halloween decorations.

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