Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

Well it is Halloween Eve and I need to catch up on some pictures. I went to the pumpkin patch with Aidans class. They were so cute! I believe that there were as many parents as kids there. One parent took a picture of the "parent paparazzi". All the moms and dads were taking pictures of the group photo. It was to cute.

on the hayride....
 thinking hard about which pumpkin to choose....
 Ms. Annabelle Leigh all decked out for Halloween
 A miners hat that Uncle David sent Aidan. He decided to take that and the train made from WV coal that he got last summer on our trip to WV for share day.
 oops. Out of order pic. another one of the pumpkin patch
 Tonight we carved our pumpkin.
 Cleaning out the "guts"

I am so excited for tomorrow. I am dressing up as a kitty for school to match the student I work with one on one. We are then going to a friends house for a party and then going trick or treating with all of our friends. I will be going as Princess Leia to match Aidan and his Darth Vader costume. Pictures to come....

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