Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Major Kelleyism

Every once in awhile I have what my friends lovingly refer to as a "Kelleyism". These are events that happen to me that are totally funny because they are just stupid. I really am an intelligent person, it's just some things I do you would think otherwise. "Kelleyisms" don't happen that frequently but I had a doozie the other day.

My mom purchased a spa package for me as an early Mothers Day present ( Thanks ma!). I thought I would take advantage of my mom's babysitting services and grab some lunch before my appointments. When I got to the restaurant I realized they were closed on Mondays. As I was walking back to my car ( thinking about where I could go that could serve me fast so I wouldn't be late for my appointment), I noticed a man watching me and he kept getting closer and closer and was staring at me. I unlocked my car and quickly got in because he was kind of creeping me out. As I was closing my door, he was only a couple of feet from me. I just looked at him like "What?". He mumbled something and I said "excuse me?" He then repeated "Isn't that my car?" I looked around and turned bright red when I realized that it was his car. Doh! His car was identical to mine and parked only 2 spaces down ( he had not locked his door). The only thing I could do was laugh and apologize profusely! Luckily, he was a good sport and was laughing also. Good thing because he could have probably had me arrested!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE KELLEYISMS!!!! They are awesome! It could have been worse... what if the man hadn't been there and the car wouldn't start (cause it's not yours)... and you would have called AAA to have it towed... then the man would have appeared screaming that his car was being towed. Now THAT would be a Kelleyism for the ages!!! -Cara

Rhonda said...

That is soooo funny.

muminlaw said...

Well done Kelley - I don't know anyone that could top that!
Lucky for you he was a nice man!
How exciting for you to have found Aidan's early pictures, especially the ones of his birth family - I know you were sad at losing those.