Monday, April 14, 2008

Missing Pictures

When Aidan was born and we were in Las Vegas I took a ton of photos those first couple of days. Sadly, I did something to Clinton's computer and lost the entire directory and lost those first couple of days worth of photos. While I was able to download several photos from the blog that I had already posted, there were many that I lost including some precious ones of Aidan's birth family. Last week Clinton was working on something on his computer and mysteriously the photos reappeared! We even had our tech guy attempt to retreive them with no success. I don't know what happened but boy was I glad when the photos popped up! Here ard some of Aidans "firsts"... A very happy mama!
My sweet baby

This picture is the first time I saw baby Aidan! He was 45 minutes old and getting checked over by the nurse.

The first time Clinton held his son!

and finally Aidans first real bath!

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