Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday my precious baby

One year ago today you came into our lives and changed it forever! You are so special and loved by so many people. You leave your little handprint on the hearts of everyone you meet. I feel so lucky and so blessed to be called your mama. You are a beam of sunlight that lights the path everywhere you go. Your future can not be anything but bright and sunny. I love you more than words can say! Happy Birthday little one.

We have had a big weekend celebrating Aidan's birthday with more partying continuing when we get home. Here is the weekend in pictures..... Aidan had a Sesame Street " east coast party" at a park across the street from my uncles house. It rained in the morning but the weather cleared up just in time. I got Aidan a giant elmo walker that he still hasn't decided if he loves or is terrified by it.

The birtday boy with his "My first birthday" elmo crown and bib.

Aidan with Gi Gi.

If you ask Aidan how old he is he will raise one finger ( hence why we are all holding up our fingers) It was so special to be able to celebrate Aidans birthday with my family. He is really so loved by everyone and everyone put forth so much effort to be there traveling hours by plane and car to be there. Thank you everyone! You made Aidans first birthday so special!

One of my favorite pictures.

Love those little hands.

I loved being in the mountains and by the lake.

Aidan with " Deuce" or "Nana Deuce" as she likes to be called.

Aidans balloons going bye-bye at the end of the party.

Breakfast this morning at IHOP. Aidan had whipped cream, banana, and strawberry yogurt in his hair by the time we left. YUCK!

Dinner tonight at Red Lobster. Aidan loves all the Hoopla of people singing to him.

My happy birthday boy.


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Rhonda said...

You had such an adorable party for Aiden. I was thinking about him on Sunday. Remember, my niece was born one year before Aiden, on the 27th, and she is adopted. My sister celebrated Grace's 2nd birthday the weekend before her birthday. But, we re-celebrated on her birthday too. My sister has had the birthday banner up in her house for about a month now. We love that little girl.
Happy Birthday are getting so big. And Kelley, it gets even more fun year after year.