Monday, July 21, 2008

Time to play catch up!

Time to play catch up! There has been a lot going on lately. First of all my aunt and uncle came from Atlanta to visit us after the fourth. We had a great time seeing the sights of San Diego and playing with Mr.A. I had to take Aidan to the doctor while they were there because I thought he might have an ear infection. I knew I was flying back to Atlanta with my relatives and wanted to make sure Aidan would be ok to fly. He did end up having an ear infection but did great on the flight to Atlanta. My mom met us in Atlanta and that is when the trouble began...... Everyone became sick, sick, sick, sick. It began with Aidan vomiting the second night we were there. He couldn't stop so we took him to the emergency room because I thought he might be getting dehydrated. The poor baby was soooo sick. His ear infection had spread to both ears and he was so weak from vomiting. I have taught Aidan sign language and he kept signing "more drink", "more drink". I was only allowed to give him a syringe full of pedialyte every 5 minutes. He was sooo thirsty and miserable. It just broke my heart. The doctor put him on a different antibiotic for his ears and gave him medicine for the vomiting. He ended up sleeping almost the entire next day which is when I started vomiting. My aunt and uncle got sick the next day and my mom was the last to get it. We all got some nasty little virus. It lasted only 24 hours with Aidan and I but everyone else took several days to feel better. I borrowed my aunts car and took Aidan to the Aquarium in downtown Atlanta ( which was amazing!) just to get him away from all the germs in my aunts house.

Mom and I finally made it to her house in Tennessee from Atlanta on Friday. The new antibiotic Aidan is on is making him have diarrhea and vomit on occasion. He is just not his normal happy self and is somewhat cranky. He only has 3 days left of the antibiotic and I think he still has the ear infection because he keeps pulling at his ears. They gave us some numbing drops for his ears in the emergency room that I continue to give him at night so he can get some sleep.

Today is the first day mom has felt like getting out so we went and did some errands for Aidans party this weekend and hit the mall today. Aidan was cranky when we were out but was much better when we got home. He was doing some really great walking tonight! He had a little set back with his walking when he got sick but is now becoming much more confident!

I cant believe my baby is getting ready to turn 1! I am sooo excited for his "east coast party" followed by his " west coast party".

Below are some pics from when my aunt and uncle visited and everyone was healthy!
Mr. A loves to play with his Bob the Builder hat. It is how we enticed him to walk.

Coronado Island.

We rode the carousel at Seaport Village. This one went a little fast and I think a bit much for Aidan.


Mikie said...

I'm glad Aidan is feeling better. I hope you were able to enjoy your time with your family. I missed reading your blogs and seeing pics of Mr. A. I read them daily. It's nice to keep up with what's going on in your life.

Love Ya!

Farrah and Jed said...

Awe poor family...I'm so sorry everyone got sick, but it is nice to see everyone is doing okay now!

Have a great B-day Aiden