Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun in Huntington

Mom, Aidan, and I went to Huntington for Marshalls homecoming. We stayed with Sheri, Lauren, and Jeff the first night and then in a hotel the other 2 nights. Mom was so generous to babysit Aidan at the hotel while I got a chance to catch up with friends! The weather was BAD - rainy and cold and the Herd LOST ( I can not believe they lost their homecoming game! Where are the national champions?) but I got to spend time with some of my favorite people, laughed A LOT!, ate a lot of GREAT food and had a great time. Aidan and I watched the homecoming parade from underneath the awning of our hotel as it poured down buckets. I went to tailgate for about 30 minutes before I wussed out ( this California girl can not deal with cold weather any longer!) and then we totally didnt even attempt to go to the game ( like I said- buckets). I hated that we missed the homecoming festivities, but like I said we had a great time anyway.

The first day we got to Huntington it was semi warm so my friend Sheri took some shots of Aidan at Ritter Park ( a beautiful park and one of my favorite spots in Huntington). We took over 100 pictures and these are just a few of my favs.
The first night we stayed with Sheri. Aidan looved crawling through Laurens tunnel.
and riding in her red convertible mustang- Sassy!!

and her rocking truck! Lauren was little miss mommy to Aidan all weekend. Too cute.

Aidan says.... GO HERD!

Decked out for the parade.

One of my favorite pics of the weekend. Doesnt the bridge and trees look like a back drop? Like I said- Beautiful Park!

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suzanne said...

Too cute, and it makes me homesick!! I can't wait to take Jacob to Ritter Park. Aidan is so handsome in his dress-up duds, and you have to tell me where you got the adorable toddler Marshall gear.. especially the hat! Jacob has got to have an MU hat!
Call me when you get back to SoCal!