Monday, December 22, 2008

We are in Oz!

Just a quick post to say we made it to Australia. We have been having an awesome time visiting with friends and family, spending time at the beach, and sightseeing. Aidan did as well as could be expected on the flight over. There was one point about 4 in the morning that I leaned over to Clinton and said that I would NEVER take Aidan on another international flight until he could entertain himself. However when we all got a little sleep I woke up with a different perspective.

With no central heat or air, 4 minute showers, no clothes dryers or dishwashers things are just a little different here. The weather here is very unpredictable. It seems we have experienced the whole spectrum. I was very glad when it warmed up enough to go to the beach!
My first experience hanging clothes on the line to dry!
Aidan and Clinton before it was warm enough to get in the water.

Chillin' out with dada after a long day of sight seeing.
Clintons dad and 2 of his brothers work for the rail way, so we went for a ride on the train and Aidan loved it!
Aidan and Grandma on the train.
Yeah finally some HOT weather!
Aidan looved playing in the sand and sitting in the water! He was also very sociable and made friends with this little girl ( he also scared 2 other babies away because he is so outgoing! Tee Hee)

Dirty boy after a fun day at the beach.

I have more cute pics and video to share but it seems our wireless keeps going in and out because we are basically "borrowing" the neighbors and Clinton needs the computer.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kels,
So glad you made it safely to OZ. Isn't flying with kids fun?!?! Now, about that Benadryl......

I am sure Aidan was the life of the party. ;-) Enjoy it while you can!!

Hanging clothes on the line - you go girl!!! I'm very proud of you getting back to your roots.

Later Cuz,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Australian Stomper is tearing them up!