Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gymboree and Seaworld

Mom is still here are we are having a great time. This week we took Aidan to Gymboree, visited Seaworld, went shopping in La Jolla, and went to Balboa Park. Mom is lovin' her some Aidan Kai! He was so cute today when he crawled up on her lap just to cuddle. Mom babysat for me today while I went to the movies where I saw "He's not into you". It was hilarious! Here are some pics...
Last of the whale watching pics...
We went to eat at Chick Fil A after Gymboree. Aidan wanted NOTHING to do with that big ole scary cow.

Playing at Gymboree. Aidan has never really been into the parachute. Whenever Miss Andrea pulls it out he always leaves and does his own thing.

Log Roll with Miss Andrea

Bubbles! Aidans fav

"Look, did you see those bubbles?"

Another one of Aidans favorite things to do at Gymboree- Jumping on the trampoline.

Mimi just had to purchase the tunnel at Gymboree- Where is Mimi?

Aidan in his bibs that Nana Deuce bought him. Thanks Nana Deuce!

Sleepy boy at Red Lobster

Playing with Mama at Red Lobster

Playing at Seaworld....

Riding the Flying Elmo

Watching the Beluga Whales....

Walking through the polar bear cave

watching the penguins

Visiting the big Clydesdales


Anonymous said...

OMG... Is your Mom in that tube??? How funny! -Cara

Kelley said...

yes. that would be Mimi in the tunnel.