Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy 19 months Aidan Kai!

My sweet little Aidan is 19 months old today! Before I know it we will be celebrating his second birthday. Aidan is starting to talk more and more and his personality is shining through more than ever! He has changed a lot in the month that my mom has been here. Speaking of Mimi , she will be leaving tomorrow. We will be so sad to see her go. Aidan has gotten soooo attached to her. He cries whenever he thinks she is leaving. Whenever he gets up in the morning he always asks for his Mimi and he always cuddles up to her in the evenings when he starts getting sleepy.

Aidan can be a handful but he keeps us laughing all day! His favorite thing to do is to get into anything and everything he can get his hands on! He loooves to "plunder". My mom has been riding in the backseat with him during her visit and he loves to get into her purse. He also loves to get into his diaper bag.

As I mentioned up above Aidans personality is shining through more every day. Here are some pics taken in the past few days. His new thing is to squint his eyes and curl up his nose whenever he is getting his picture taken. It is his new "smile". The thing Aidan has around his neck is a monkey pillow ( like a travel pillow only a monkey). Mimi bought it for him. He loves to put it on the wrong way like a neck brace. He holds his head really still and does not move while he has it on this way.

The new "squinty smile" taken tonight at dinner

Squinty smile in all its glory.

Another funny thing Aidan likes to do - stick out his tongue and run his motor.

Aidan sitting in his armchair that Mimi bought him. He loooves it and it already looks like it has been used by 3 kids and not just one.
The sad news is that Mimi is going home tomorrow but the good news is that Clinton is coming home on Monday and Cara comes the same day! We then leave for Hawaii a few days after that!

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