Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aidans growth

Aidan is at such a fun age right now! As an educator I watch him in delight and amazement. It's so fun to watch him in action and to see the little wheels turning in his brain. Yesterday we were sitting on the couch after lunch watching Yo Gabba Gabba and I whispered in his ear " Do you want to go to the park?" I did this because I didnt want Annabelle to know that we were going to the park because frankly I just wasnt in the mood to deal with her ( having both of them can be a hand full sometimes and I feel like poor Annabelle always gets the short end of the stick). His face immediately lit up and he said " Park, Bumba Park!" Bumba is what he calls Annabelle. He then went over and started tapping her and saying "Bumba Park!" "Bumba Park!" like come on Annabelle we're going to the park! Needless to say we all three ended up at the park. When we were there I was pushing Aidan on the swing. He started saying Shamu, Shamu! ( We went to Seaworld on Saturday). I said " Yes we saw Shamu at Seaworld". He then says "whale". I said "thats right Aidan Shamu is a whale". He then points to a springy riding toy there that is a Sperm Whale and says "whale". I said, "yes thats right that is a whale too". Smart boy!

Aidans vocabulary is really starting to take off. I know that developmentally this is the time when this should be occuring, however, it still amazes me! Aidans favorite book right now is a lift the flap book of Sesame Street that teaches tons of vocabulary, colors, shapes, and letters. When we got to the shapes page he started identifying and naming all the shapes. He even named rhombus! He is even starting to be able to identify letters. I dont think it is developmentally appropriate to teach kids letters at his age, but I don't oppose toys and books that he can play with that teaches them. It is surprising how fast he is picking it up. Letters are one of his favorite things right now. The other day he brought me a block with an "F" on it and a foam letter "F". He points at each one and says "F' "F". He also likes it when he has two or more of anything that are the same. Clinton and I took him on his first hike the other day. He kept throwing off his hat. I said, "Aidan you have to wear your hat. Look daddy is wearing his hat, mommy has on her hat, and you have to wear your hat" . That is all it took and for the rest of the hike he kept pointing to each hat saying, hat, hat, hat. He wore his hat for the rest of the hike.

Aidans favorite expression right now is "No Way". I asked him yesterday "Aidan, are you going to be my snugglebug today?" his reply "No Way". I asked him this morning " Aidan, can I have a kiss?" his response " No Way". Sigh- my baby is growing up.

Maybe I am so amazed by Aidans growth because as a Special Ed teacher I am used to teaching things 20 times or more before a child actually even begins to get the concept. But, I sure think our boy is a genius!

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Nikki said...

I agree- such a fun age! The little boy I volunteer with is 3 and his language (a bit delayed) is taking off. It is interesting, and sometimes hilarious, seeing what kids say and do!