Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wowie Maui!

We got to Hawaii on Thursday. The plane ride was kind of rough for this mama. Aidan did not sleep at ALL and we wrestled around for 5 hours. The stupid people in front of us kept turning around and saying "can you please have him stop kicking my seat". I apologized and explained that I was doing the best I could. Finally the third time they turned around, I said "Look, I am doing the best I can - if you would put your seat up it would help! ( stupid lady for having her seat reclined and then whining that my 19 month old was hitting the back of her seat- actually the last time it was my knee hitting her seat when Aidan was sitting on my lap playing being a good boy!) Poor Aidan was not a happy camper and was majorly sleep deprived on the way over.

After a much needed nights sleep he woke up bright and early at 4:45 am. He has done much better the past 2 nights and slept in until 6 this morning ( actually 7 with DSL). Even with a little sleep deprivation and cloudy weather we have been having a great time. We are staying in a condo this year and have a full kitchen which has been sweet! The whales are out EVERYWHERE and we can watch them from where we lay on the lawn! Just Gorgeous! Cara, Aidan and I went for a drive yesterday ( while Clinton was working) and we bought some incredibly yummy fresh pineapple from a roadside stand. It was the best!

We have only had one minor incident since we have been here. Aidan was playing with the phone which I was not that concerned about because I had already wiped it down and sanitized it. ( as I knew it would be just to irresistable for him to leave alone) I grabbed the phone as soon as I saw him play with it but it was to late. When I picked up the phone I heard- this is the 911 operator! what are the chances that of all the numbers he would hit 911? I apologized and needless to say the phone is now disconnected.

Today we are praying the weather clears up and have plans to hang out by the pool and hit the beach. We will go into Lahaina for some shopping and dinner. Clinton is teaching today at Billionaire Bootcamp so it will just be Cara, Aidan, and myself. Tomorrow we will go to a Luau. FUN!

Yummy Pineapple!

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