Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Chapter....

I took Aidan to the Neurologist this week and also had his developmental evaluation. He did great at both visits. The developmental evaluation said he is at age level or a little above in all areas, so he is just where he needs to be. They also tested his hearing and he passed. The Neurologist said that Aidan is Hypotonic ( which is just a fancy word meaning he has low muscle tone) but that he sees NO sign of Cerebal Palsy ( which was my concern). This is the reason he walks on his toes, to compensate. It is also the reason he falls a lot. The other day he took two bad blows to the head while we were at the park at a birthday party. He fell off the back of a bench onto the concrete. The doctor said he had a mild concussion. The poor baby was up all night vomiting. Aidan lacks the muscle tone to have good balance. This means I will have to stay on top of him at all times. The Neurologist said that he needs Physical Therapy to address these issues.

Starting in October Aidan and I will be splitting our time between West Virginia and San Diego. I will begin Grad School in January. I have found a great house for us. Clinton will come visit us and we will be spending holidays and summers in San Diego. I am really excited and nervous to start this new chapter. I will get Aidan started in PT once we get moved and settled.

My friend Suzanne and her son Jacob are coming for a visit today. We are going to let the boys play and swim. They are spending the night and then we will take the boys to the train museum tomorrow. Suzanne is another So Cal girl ( by way of West Virginia) who is moving back to WV around the same time as me. She is even going to be in same area! How is that for coincidence!

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