Friday, September 4, 2009


It has been HOT HOT HOT in San Diego. The end of August and September are usually really hot with temps in the triple digits some days. Aidan and I have been spending a lot of time in the pool to stay cool. We have also been to the beach , Seaworld, and Disneyland since my last post. We went to Disney as Aidans third and final 2nd birthday celebration. Wow it was a lot different then when we went in January. We started the day off at the Rainforest cafe for lunch. Aidan was terrified to say the least. He loved it last time but was so scared this time that Clinton and I had to take turns staying with him in the gift shop so we could eat. He was also MUCH more cautious this time and did not want to ride the rides. We did manage to get him on a few things and he really enjoyed "Its a Small World" , the "Winnie he Pooh" and the train rides. His FAVORITE things of the day were the parade and the Fantasma Laser show at the end. Im so glad we stayed to see it. However, by far the hit of the day was the water bottle we bought him with a fan attached. He thought this was the COOLEST thing. It was also a way to stay somewhat COOL as it was blistering hot that day. I didnt get very many good pics but here is some of what I did manage to get.

Aidan chilling by the pool eating a popsicle Running from Mickie.
Waiting in line of the first ride of the day - Peter Pan. Feeling excited.

Still waiting in line at Peter Pan and not looking so excited and actually a little nervous.

The hit of the day. He LOVED playing with this fan/ water bottle

A VERY HOT AND SWEATY mama holding her boy during the parade. He had this look on his face the entire time as he was attempting to figure out exactly what it is he was seeing.

Enjoying some fresh pineapple with dad and enjoying his fan.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does Clinton and Aidan need to visit the local barber?

Later Cuz.

Michelle Smiles said...

Looks like a fun (but hot) day!