Friday, September 11, 2009

Day with Shamu

I don't think that I have stopped running since Aidan and I got home. We have been busy busy and having fun fun fun! We have been spending time at the beach and today we went to Seaworld. I swear Seaworld is one of my favorite places on earth ( The only place that trumps it is where you can see the animals in the WILD) . I like it not only because it is fun but also EDUCATIONAL! Today I taught Aidan about preening ( the penguins exhibit). He also picked up a ton of vocabulary - habitat, blowhole, den, tusks, dorsal fin, etc... Usually we just hang out at Sesame Place the entire time and he plays but I wanted today to be about learning. We did go to Sesame Place for a little while but spent the majority of the time in the park learning about the animals. We finished the day at the Shamu show. Aidan loooves HIS Shamu! I also picked up some little plastic figures- whales, octopus, sea lions, sea turtles, etc that I intend on using for a sorting activity with him.

The poor little guy was soooo worn out that he fell asleep as soon as he got in the car WITHOUT his passie ( this has NEVER happened). I know I know all of you are thinking "its time to ditch the passie" but I'm just not ready yet.

On another note Aidan is constantly making me laugh. Tonight he grabbed my hand and said "nice to meet you mama". to cute.

Aidan has a couple of appointments next week. One with the neurologist and also to get a developmental assessment. I am not worried about his development because I feel he is pretty much on target in most areas but I am worried about his toe walking. He has been doing a little better lately but he still falls down a lot and I worry about his head.

Now for some pics...................

Aidan and the Beluga whale Enjoying a smoothie. YUM! ( notice the haircut)

an Egret that was hanging out at the Sea Lion exhibit waiting for some fish

Aidan and his buds....

waiting for Shamu to make his appearance..... Pardon the hair.

Aidans whale in action!

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Such a lovely haricut!! Very nice.

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