Tuesday, February 9, 2010

PT and getting ready for Valentines Day!

OK so first of all I am not getting ready to jump off a cliff. Thanks for the concern though. I am fine, just feeling a little blue. I guess anyone would feel this way after experiencing winter for the first time in 8 years. I have realized that I am not really meant to live in a cold climate. I am just used to being on the go and outside most of the time. Not leaving the house days on end is starting to wear on me.

Aidan had an appointment today with the Physical Therapist. She gave me some great games / exercises I can do with him to strengthen his muscles. She also measured his foot and gave me the information about his shoe inserts. I am going to be able to order them directly from the company so they will be a little cheaper. We are having to pay for everything out of pocket since the deductible is so high on our insurance and it is REALLY expensive so any money we can save is more than appreciated. Aidan did great today and had so much FUN!

We are going to a Valentines Day party on Friday with the Mom and Tots group that we have been attending. We went to the store last night and bought some treats. I decided to make the assembling of the goodie bags a sorting and counting activity for Aidan. I began by dumping all the candy into a big bowl. Aidan sorted all the candy into piles. Next, we worked on counting the candy. We worked on the concept of "just 1" and "1 more" while putting the candy into the bags. Last, Aidan got to eat a few treats! He did great and was surprisingly patient and did not eat the candy until the end! Here are some pics. Forgive the blurriness and poor quality. I have no idea what is wrong with my camera...

Sorting the candy... ( thats annabelles head at the bottom- she decided she wanted to participate)

Goody bags

Eating a sucker...


Just a few pics I took a few weeks ago. I love these PJ's! He looks like a race car driver.

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