Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and a trip to the Science Museum

Happy Valentines Day! I am spending the day with my little Valentine! Aidan woke up bright and early this morning at 6am after passing out last night at 8pm. My mom is so sweet and called me last night to tell me that she hid some Valentines goodies in the closet. Thanks Mom!

On Friday we went to the Mom and Tots Valentines party. Its a group of local moms and their tots ages 6 months to 5. Aidan had fun playing with the other kids and it was nice to meet and get to talk to the other moms. I even got a job lead out of it at a tutoring center. Its a center owned by 2 moms. They dont advertise their job openings and like to hire other moms. Its only through word of mouth. I have the directors email and will be sending her my resume. The only down part is that I would have to find a different daycare for Aidan. The job interview I had at the preschool on Thursday went well. The job opening is in the 2 year old class so Aidan would be in my class. If it didnt work out the director said she could put him in the 3 year old class. Childcare would be FREE at the preschool but the pay is REALLY low. I havent made such little money since I was IN college. However, it would be enough money to pay a few bills and have a little spending money. The job at the tutoring center would be more than double the pay but only part time.

Yesterday Cara came over a brought Aidan some Valentine goodies. We went to visit our friend Sheri, her new baby Weston, Lauren, and Jeff. They just got home from a 5 week stay at a hospital in Morgantown. Baby Weston was finally well enough to come home. He is on oxygen and a feeding tube. He has a long road ahead of him with surgeries planned for the future. Doctors still havent given him a diagnosis but there are many issues right now with his health. Prayers for baby Weston and the Rasberry family would be appreciated. Hopefully they get to be at home for awhile before having to go back to the hospital. Weston has the most GORGEOUS head of black hair. He is such a little peanut and holding him yesterday was heaven! Cara and I took Aidan and Lauren to the Science Museum yesterday. We had a great time! There was a section for only 5 and under and was the kiddos favorite spot. So many cool things there! Aidans favorite thing was the ball pit, the wobbly bridge, and some flowers they had there that shot out air and you could put a ball on them and the balls would "float". After the museum we took the kiddos to McDonalds and then stopped by Krispie Kreme for doughnuts! YUMMO! Aidan devoured his in the car- even before Lauren! That kid may not like to eat but he can absolutely TEAR UP some doughnuts! LOL!

Aidan at the party...
Funny story about the party.... The turtle neck Aidan had one was a onesy. When I got home I found a toy cell phone in his shirt when I was changing his diaper. LOL! Evidently he had put it down his shirt and then couldnt get it out because it was a onesy. We will be returning it on Monday at the next mom and tots event.

Making his box for his Valentines....

In the ball pit at the Science Museum...

The flowers with the "floating balls"

Lauren playing in the water.

In the Mummy exhibit they had going on at the Science Museum.

Oh yeah.... When we got back to Sheri's house they decided it was time for Aidan to try on Laurens old roller skates. He had them on for 5 minutes and said "Take them off!" I think the idea of skating was more fun then having the actual skates on his feet. LOL!

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